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  • Who is the codependent person
  • Signs of codependency

  • Who is the codependent person

    Codependency - a person whose behavior is completely dependent on another person. The Meaning of Life Codependency is an unsuccessful attempt to control the actions of another person.

    Typically, co-dependent - a closerelatives of people suffering from alcoholism and gambling addicts. Codependent people have low self-esteem. They constantly feel the need to wish to save and heal others. They believe that they know better than anyone else in the family, how to develop the event and how to behave other members. Codependency try not to allow others to be themselves, and events occur naturally. Trying to take personal control of almost uncontrollable phenomenon only aggravates the situation.

    Typically, co-dependent - are extremely poor and vulnerablepeople sensitive to criticism. To improve the self-esteem they use psevdoavtoritarny communication style, often resorting to threats, shouts and insults.

    Attempts to limit the freedom and controlthe behavior of other people regularly find themselves unsuccessful. As a result, co-dependent family members of drug addicts, alcoholics suffering from gambling persons - deeply unhappy and do not believe in yourself people. They suffer severe depression. By their conduct, they not only do not solve their own problems, but also contribute to the progression of depending relatives.

    Signs of codependency

    Distorted perception of the world: self-deception and denial woes. For example, a complete denial of your loved one suffering from addiction or alcoholism. Do you think that your child can not use drugs and assure all this, since you happy family. Or do you have inspired yourself, you warm family relationships. Made-up, it is always up to date with what is happening with your child, even though it is self-deception.

    Signs of codependency person
    Your behavior is illogical. You seem to be subordinated to some unknown force. For example, you suspect that your child is using drugs. You see, he uses this money you do give it, for example, for lunch. However, you continue to give him pocket money.

    Confusion of the senses and the denial of the problem. You absolutely refuse to admit to yourself that your child is using drugs, despite all the signs of addiction. Denying the existence of drug addiction in a child, you do not take active steps to treat your child.

    Low self-esteem, bordering on self-hatred. Realizing that your child is using drugs, blame it on all others; You constantly blame their loved ones in what has happened to your child; You do not believe in themselves as much as possible to cure your child and constantly feel guilty for it. You are no longer paying attention to yourself. You will not wonder what to wear; You do not become interested in your colleagues and their problems. You began to avoid intimacy with your loved one.

    Health disorders. You are new and old diseases are aggravated, you constantly feel unwell, you will quickly get tired and need a rest.

    If your relative is suffering from drug addiction or mental, you must be aware where and what you are codependent. You can help a simple questionnaire on codependency.

    Perhaps you've found yourself at the manifestationscodependency. Simple tips can be found in the pages of this website: tips and advice to relatives of the alcoholic drug addict parents. If you've found yourself at the traits of codependency, try not to turn a blind eye. As a rule, professional help psychiatrist and psychotherapist necessary as suffering from drug addiction and dependent on his relatives.

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