Symptoms of stroke: recognize disease


Symptoms of stroke: recognize disease

Stroke symptoms generally do not representsomething difficult to detect. Of course, much depends on the shape and scope of the destruction of brain tissue. However, most cases of the disease can be detected in the first few minutes, and it is - the key to successful treatment and minimize the consequences.

Symptoms of ischemic stroke

Symptoms of ischemic stroke is very diverse. It all depends on how a blockage of the arteries feeding the brain. What is important, and the caliber of these vessels, and the area has undergone a defeat.

Typically, the disease symptoms are divided into two groups - and focal cerebral. The first group includes symptoms associated with what centers of the brain damaged.

Depending on the affected area of ​​the patient may experience:

  • paralysis and decreased skin sensitivity half of the body;
  • the appearance of paresthesias, ie tactile sensations without touching - tingling, numbness, or tingling of the skin cooling;
  • speech disorders - the patient can not speak clearly;
  • violation of the letter of functions - instead of the normal letters obtained scribbles;
  • loss of visual organs - strabismus, narrowing the field of view, its decline even blindness.

The second group includes a variety of common symptoms:

  • impairment of consciousness from mild stupor to coma;
  • a sense of "the fog in his head";
  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • a feeling of faintness, nausea and vomiting;
  • increased body temperature.

In hemorrhagic stroke is possible and the emergence of meningeal symptoms:

  • severe headaches;
  • nape of the neck muscle tension;
  • cerebral vomiting, not bringing relief.

The patient may experience symptoms and disorders of higher nervous activity:

  • disorientation;
  • memory loss;
  • loss of the ability to recognize familiar objects, events, people;
  • loss of ability to perception of his own body, etc.

Symptoms of ischemic stroke in both men andWomen rarely appear instantly. Typically, clinical disease increases for minutes and hours and often even days. When symptoms of hemorrhagic form of the disease rarely develops long. It is in this form in the old days was called "apoplexy". However, no matter how developed the disease, anyone can suspect her appearance and sound the alarm.

Symptoms of stroke: how not to be mistaken?

The appearance of any of these symptomshuman, not previously suffered anything similar, probably indicative of the occurrence of stroke. It's hard, of course, remember all the symptoms that can occur in a patient. Therefore, scientists have come up with special complex manipulations with high reliability allows to suspect illness.

This test is called FAST and stands as follows:

  • Face - «person». We need to ask the patient to smile and show their teeth. At a stroke the face is asymmetrical, the smile curve, takes the shape of his mouth drop. This feature is called "symptom of a tennis racket."
  • Arm - «hand." We ask the person to raise both arms forward and hold for 5 seconds. If a positive result is one of the hands spontaneously falls ahead of time or do not rise.
  • Speech - «it». We ask the patient to say a simple phrase such as: "I'm going to go home."

Symptoms of stroke: recognize diseaseIf he did not understand the request, or he made it incorrectly or indistinctly pronounced sentence, swallowing parts of words or whole words - he had a stroke.

In Russia, this test is to remember the convenience was called SLM test. Explanation is simple: to smile / speak / raise their hands.

If the result of any of the paragraphs of this test method should not be wasting a minute to call an ambulance!

List all the symptoms of a stroke is very difficult. Yes this is not necessary. It is enough to understand that any change in the health of the person must immediately alerted. Visual impairment and speech, motor functions and sensitivity, much less loss of consciousness - these are the first reasons to call your doctor. Do not neglect this, because immediately the price may be too high.

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