Women's hormonal violations

The health of the whole organism also depends on the hormonal background, especially the sexual sphere. And, in addition, the hormonal balance affects the mood, reaction and ultimately on the character of a woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of divorces «incomprehensible reasons», actually occur due to violation of the activity of the thyroid gland.

Hormonal background of women is something that solves all her life. It forms appearance: growth, weight, skeletal structure, skin and even hair color.

Interesting Fact: Scientists found out that the increased content of female sex hormones that are also responsible for the work of the reproductive function, paint the hair of a woman in light color. That is why men at the subconscious level prefer blondes brunettes.

The health of the whole organism also depends on the hormonal background, especially the sexual sphere. And, in addition, the hormonal balance affects the mood, reaction and ultimately on the character of a woman. So, for example, scientists say that the lion's share of divorces «incomprehensible reasons», actually occur due to violation of the activity of the thyroid gland. Women complain on headaches, sharp drops of mood and irritability. Not to mention the intimate life, the intensity and quality of which is absolutely subordinate to the action of hormones.

Hormones and hormonal background

These biologically active substances are produced in many women, such as heart, liver, brain, adipose tissue. But their main producers are inland secretion glands, combined into a common endocrine system:
Hormones are produced in many organs of a woman, for example, heart, liver, brain, adipose tissue

  • thyroid;
  • parachitoid glands;
  • pancreas;
  • adrenal glands;
  • ovaries;
  • pituitary;
  • hypothalamus;
  • thymus.

The glands allocate hormones that are transferred to the blood to various organs and have an impact on them, determining the functioning of the entire body.

There are more than 60 hormones, the balance between which is called the hormonal background. Unfortunately, the balance of this is very fragile and extremely subject to the influence of various factors to which include:

  • age;
  • stress (especially long);
  • viral diseases;
  • medications;
  • sleep disorders;
  • heart attacks;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • tumors;
  • heredity;
  • weight impairment;
  • smoking and addiction;
  • indigestion;
  • parasites.

In this article, our site will consider the most common female diseases caused by a violation of a hormonal background.

Hormonal disorders during puberty

For the first time, face to face, the girl faces the power of hormones over himself in, the so-called transition period. Dear Moms! Take the attention to your daughters in this difficult time for them. The body of the girl is experiencing physical rebirth in the body of a young woman capable of the birth of a new life. This is not a simple process. And very often, at this time, the hormonal system gives the first failures leading to such anomalies as premature sexual development, its delay or absence caused by a disadvantage or excess hormones in the body.

Premature sexual development

For the first time the girl faces the power of hormones over himself in, the so-called transition period
Communicates due to violation of the secretion of a number of hormones, including the regulatory functions of the genital glands. The reason for this is chronic infections, frequent colds, generic injuries, alcohol intoxication and other substances. The most dangerous age for this disease from 12 to 14 years.

Mom should pay attention to the daughter's nutrition, especially if food intake is increasing, but the child still complains of hunger. In addition, a very rapid growth should be alert, the appearance of acne is not only on the face, but also back, chest. The girl may experience airsdown in the form of dizziness, fast fatigue, possibly headaches. The manifestation of secondary sexual signs begins prematurely, despite the impairment of the menstrual cycle. Many disturbed arterial pressure problems. There are some disorders in psycho-emotional plan, which in common and customary call «transitional period». This is usually expressed in the form of excessive aggression against the background of some depression, the tendency to depression, excessive sensitivity to the actions and words of others.

Treatment of this disease begins with weight loss (diet, physical education, physiotherapy). Be sure to get rid of chronic infections. But, sometimes it still has to resort to drug treatment, which only the doctor defines.

Delay in sexual development
It comes due to lack of genital hormones in the body of a teenager. Mom should start worrying about it when, when in 15-16 years old, it becomes apparent underdevelopment of secondary sexual signs in the girl, and menstruation is rare or do not occur at all. The reasons are, first of all, the problems of the nervous system (neurosis, strong stress), diseases of the brain (encephalitis, meningitis, injuries, etc.), inflammatory processes, as well as physical reboots and defective nutrition.

Treatment of sexual delays in girls is carried out by genital hormone drugs. Sometimes the cause of the disease can be a violation of weight (dystrophy or obesity), cured which, the delay is eliminated. However, moms should be remembered that the reception of drugs can be carried out only by appointment of a doctor - endocrinologist.

On the sexual development of the girl strongly influence the full healthy nutrition and reasonable physical exertion. Therefore, the mother must closely monitor the diet of his daughter and not overload it with sports.

In addition, psycho-emotional state has an active impact on sexual development. Therefore, for prevention, and in the complex of treatment, it is desirable to add consultations of the psychotherapist.

Diseases of the thyroid gland

Thyroid gland plays one of the leading roles in the health of women
Thyroid gland plays one of the leading roles in the health of women. At the rate of metabolism affect the hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and tetraiodinine (T4) secreted by the thyroid gland. And the regulation of calcium and phosphorus exchange is carried out due to the hormone extracted by parachitoid glands (adjacent to the thyroid).

Unfortunately, in the female body, the thyroid gland is often a weak link. According to various data, the diseases of the thyroid gland are found among women in most cases.

In the CIS of the thyroid disease, residents of Belarus, the Central and Eastern regions of Ukraine, the republics of Central Asia and the Transcaucasia, the regions of Siberia, the Urals, the Middle Volga region are most susceptible to the CIS diseases of the thyroid gland.

There are several thyroid disorders, on the symptoms of which you need to pay attention.

Hypothyroidism - Insufficient function of the thyroid gland, which leads to a low content of thyroid hormones in the blood. Its reasons may be congenital disorders, heavy deficiencies of iodine, surgical intervention, radiation tumor therapy.

Symptoms: inhibition, memory violation, depression, constipation, may have anemia. The skin becomes dry and edema, hair often falls out and become brittle.

Regardless of the causes of hypothyroidism treats thyroid hormones. In parallel, drugs that contribute to the work of the liver, lowering the content of fats in the blood, and vitamins A and E are prescribed.

If hypothyroidism is not treated, it can develop his life-threatening form - a hypothyoid coma. It can cause hypoints, physical injuries, stress, acute, poisoning. In the blood becomes extremely few thyroid hormones responsible for metabolism. And this leads to a strong impairment.

Symptoms can appear gradually. Some of the first are weakness, swelling and dry skin, speech slowdown, pressure reduction. Next may develop oxygen starvation, violation of cardiac and renal activities. From this kind of coma derive only in intensive care, using synthetic hormones and iodine preparations.

Thyrotoxicosis - excessive function of the thyroid gland, the most common cause is goiter.

Symptoms: nervousness, emotional impassable, increased excitability, tremor. Women worries high sweating, feeling of internal stress, inability to focus, problems in communication. The main symptom of thyrotoxicosis is tachycardia. Woman begins to look exhausted, she has muscle weakness when walking and cramps. Due to violation of metabolism, an uncomfortable appetite often arises, but the woman does not recover. There is, however, one pleasant symptom is that the skin becomes moistened and velvety, like children.

The extreme degree of thyrotoxicosis is thyareoxic adenoma - benign tumor. Its consequence becomes very high content in blood hormones of the thyroid gland. In women, this disease is 4 times more often than in men, especially between 40-60 years. Treatment of the tumor is carried out either by a surgical method or radioactive iodine. The latter method is highly efficient and at the same time not dear.

Thieroidites - Inflammation in the thyroid gland.

a) subacute thyroiditis is inflammation of the thyroid gland, with the destruction of its cells. Especially strong this disease is common among women from 20 to 50 years. As a result of a transferred viral infection, the follicles of the thyroid gland are damaged and burst, which leads to the emission of hormones into the blood and the occurrence of thyrotoxicosis, which is later replaced by hypothyroidism. Most often, the disease begins with unpleasant sensations while moving the neck and when swallowing. After putting a diagnosis of thyroiditis, the doctor prescribes hormones for his treatment - prednisone, dexamethasone, Kenakort, Metipred (no more than 2 months). The acute form of the disease can flow up to 2 to 6 months, however, if the subacute thyroiditis does not treat, then it can proceed to two years and, as a result, go to the chronic form!

b) autoimmune lymphomatous thyroiditis - the most common disease of the thyroid gland, which happens in women is 10 times more often than in men. And, despite the fact that it is mainly fixed from 40 to 50 years, recently, more and more women of young and even children suffer from this ailment.

An autoimmune thyroiditis is damage to the thyroid cells by antibodies and lymphocytes. The cause of the disease is heredity, and a provocateur - respiratory viral diseases, chronic respiratory tract infections, caries, radiation.

For a long time, autoimmune thyroiditis may not give anything about himself. Sometimes there may be an unpleasant sensation or weak pain in the field of thyroid gland, the feeling of coma in the throat when swallowing.

At the initial stage of the disease, hyperthyroidism may appear with the symptoms inherent in it (see. thyrotoxicosis). However, over time, after 5-15 years, it is replaced by hypothyroidism, the degree of which is enhanced by reducing immunity.

Treatment is carried out by drugs only by appointment of a doctor, and depends on the form of the disease. If the thyroid function is increased, thyaretics are prescribed, reduced blood hormone levels (thiamazole, mercazolyl), beta-adrenoblays. In addition, they try to reduce the amount of antibodies produced using such drugs as a voltar, indomethacin, etc. Nonteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Additionally, it is necessary to apply drugs that increase immunity.

If the function of the thyroid is reduced, the treatment is to adopt synthetic hormones of the thyroid gland.

This disease never passes to the end. But against the background of treatment, its progression is significantly slowed down and manages to reach a long remission.

Important! Effective prevention of thyroid diseases is eating sea products that are so rich in iodine, and use in the daily life of iodized salt. Residents of the doctors remote from the seas and oceans are advised to periodically take iodine-containing drugs, such as «Yodomarin». The main thing, remember that the daily rate of iodine intake - from 100 to 200 micrograms. The uncontrolled use of iodine-containing drugs can adversely affect the functioning of the thyroid gland and, on the contrary, provoke the above-described diseases!


Symptom hyperandrode is the appearance of a woman's mustache and beards
This is an elevated content of men's sex hormones in the blood of a woman. According to statistics, they suffer 5% of women, but in practice, this percentage is much higher, since women, not knowing the root causes, try to deal with the manifestations of the disease with cosmetic means or not to pay attention to them. In vain! If not to treat hyperandrode, then its consequences can be, first of all, infertility, the impossibility of making a child, as well as baldness, the formation of a cyst and a risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, before the start of problems with pregnancy should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • reinforced hair growth on hand, legs, chest, back, appearance of mustache and beard;
  • late arrival of menstruation in girls;
  • irregular periods - delays alternating with abundant discharge;
  • the appearance of acne;
  • Low voice timbre.

Hyperandrogenation can be transmitted by inheritance, and may arise due to tumors of adrenal glands and ovaries or pathology of other organs of the endocrine system. However, it may not manifest themselves without special conditions such as long-term stress, changing climatic belts, overload.

If the cause has become tumors, then surgical treatment is carried out. If the disease is caused by other reasons, then the prescription of the doctor is carried out therapy, which depends on the cause and purpose of treatment. When it is necessary to get rid of external manifestations of hyperandrode, normalize the menstrual cycle and pass the prevention of infertility, then hormonal contraceptives with antidegengenic effect (Yarina, Zhannin, Diana-35, etc. are prescribed.

In the event that a pregnancy is planned or it has already come, the doctor defines a hormonal program for the entire period of pregnancy (these may be preparations like Methipred, Dexamethasone, Duphaston).

If a woman still managed to give birth to a child, and better than two, then the hormonal background, as a rule, is normalized. Therefore, the birth of children is a kind of treatment of hyperandrode.

Hormonal violations when climax

Female Climax is a period of extrusion of the childbearing function of the sexual system, accompanied by a turbulent hormonal perestroika
Female Climax is a period of extrusion of the childbearing function of the sexual system, accompanied by a turbulent hormonal perestroika. The process occurs over the years - menstrual and childbearing functions are reduced and in the end go to no. At this time, a woman occurs strongest hormonal shifts that can lead to severe consequences. First of all, the production of female sex hormones ceases, so more male becomes in the body. The consequence of changes in all organs of the female body.

The most typical manifestations of Klimaks are «riding», which may appear after 40 years. This state duration from 20 seconds to 3 minutes, during which a strong fever sticks to the face and the entire top of the body, it comes a strong sweating. Attacks can be exacerbated by the feeling of the lack of air, violation of cardiac activity, unmotivated anxiety, and.

In addition, the climax is accompanied by a lot of unpleasant symptoms: headaches and dizziness, tremor, insomnia, chronic fatigue. Hypothyroidism and diabetes may occur, diseases of the heart and urogenital sphere. Climax always accompanies the impairment of the nervous system, as a result of which the woman becomes irritable, plastic, depressive.

To date, there are ways to help if you do not get rid of the unwanted manifestations of Klimaks, then significantly reduce them. The basis of prevention and treatment are hormonal preparations containing estrogens (female sex hormones). Today, doctors advise them to take them after 40 years. As a rule, oral contraceptives are appointed. In this case, it is necessary to control the content of hormones in the blood at no less than once a year. Next are already prescribed special drugs for climatic. The complex of medical measures includes a diet, reception of vitamins and trace elements, homeopathic preparations, psychotherapy. In more complex cases, psychotropic drugs or neuroleptics, beta-adrenoblays, potassium-containing drugs, parlorodel can be applied.

Woman herself can also help himself in this difficult period. It is necessary to comply with the regime of labor and recreation, maintain physical activity, avoid situations trauming psyche.

I hope that all of the above looks brightly demonstrates how much hormonal background is important for a woman, and often for her surrounding. If you pay attention to the manifestations of hormonal disorders in time, it is possible to avoid not only complications, but also the emergence of many diseases. However, it must be remembered that the work of hormones is a very complicated and kind of system. Therefore, in no case cannot be engaged in self-medication and take hormonal drugs without consulting and control by the endocrinologist's doctor.

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