How to treat leeches


  • From what leeches heal?
  • A special breed
  • How do leeches?
  • Price bite
  • "Hemodialysis" by leech
  • speedy treatment
  • Put on his feet after surgery

  • From what leeches heal?

    How to treat Piavko
    Medical indications for treatment bygirudoterapii lot: hypertension, angina, metabolic disorders, coronary heart disease, inflammation of the kidneys, liver and gall bladder, varicose veins, neuritis, arthritis, gynecological diseases, ear infections, thrombophlebitis and hemorrhoids, certain skin diseases and more. By the way, experts have long given up trying to catch leeches in natural waters.

    A special breed

    Modern doctors only use medical leeches, grown in the laboratory. Apply bloodsucker only once. He drank his fill, if you please to give way to other worms.

    How do leeches?

    The therapeutic effect on the body is as follows: prisasyvayas to exactly the place aforesaid, leech throws in the microcirculatory bed of biologically active substances (BAS).

    In particular, hirudin - highly specificthrombin inhibitor of the enzyme, preventing the formation of blood clots and is contained in saliva, prostaglandin destabilase, bdellin, kininase, destabilase, lipase, giapuronidaza and many others.

    Price bite

    The process of treatment method hirudotherapy simple asall brilliant. After interviewing the patient, the biochemical analysis of blood and its treatment of the skin with alcohol hungry leech is applied to cover the affected area of ​​the body, and leave for a while. The degree of pain is almost zero. If it is not considered quite tolerant light burning at the site of the bite of a minute or two. A curious detail: the leech "arranged" is not just anywhere, but only on reflex (acupuncture) points.

    Therefore, rather than the doctor, as theychoose a place of possible bite within a radius of 2-3 centimeters from the site specified girudoterapevt. The procedure may last from 15 minutes to several hours. In just one hour leech is able to suck out a person 15 milliliters of blood. The concentration of toxins in it, for example, reduced to a few dozen times for metabolic disorders!

    "Hemodialysis" by leech

    In the treatment process is not simplymechanical cleaning of the blood. As blood is thrown a balanced set of connections of 100 biologically active substances contained in the secret of the salivary glands of leeches. And it allows you to achieve amazing results. For example, when such a widespread disease as endometriosis.

    When girudoterapii biologically active substancessaliva of leeches quickly reduce the autoimmune response, facilitate the excretion of metabolic products and accelerate the termination of a painful disease process without any medication it was.

    speedy treatment

    Already after the first treatment in patients observedimproving the general health, accelerates blood and lymph circulation, normalizes blood pressure, venous blood, dissolve blood clots, infiltrates and disappears the feeling of pain. Approximately 3 hours after the oversight occurs leeches substantial reduction of excess phosphorus in blood lipid and t. D.

    Put on his feet after surgery

    As the medical practice,girudoterapiya able to provide effective and regenerative effect. It is successfully used in the postoperative period in various plastic surgery on his head, face, neck. If the therapist decides that 1-3 leeches enough healing session it is possible to repeat the next day. When the amount of curative worms much more regular course held not earlier than in 3-6 days.

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