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  • One wave of his hand - and time stops. You can not move hand or foot. Reality disappears. A strange torpor called simple word - trans. And it is not only the effect of hypnosis. It is neither more nor less - direct access to other worlds.

    Hypnosis has long ceased to be somethingmysterious and supernatural. Glass balls before his eyes, the standard phrase "sleep!" And other tricks "magicians" of the clandestine organizations' 50s of the last century gradually moved into the public life of the present day. In a more obscure form, but with the same effective action. Hypnosis elements can now be found on every corner. This "sin" and street scams, customers and billboards. Who and why is manipulating our consciousness?

    Word can be cured

    One can understand the secrets of hypnosis strives every second. But professionals are becoming one. "To penetrate into the consciousness of another person - this is a real gift," - says Nikolay Koshelev, psychotherapist, hypnotist with 15 years of experience. Suggestible he carried away at the time, when I realized that the word can cure the person. After all, the word has great power, and the main thing - to know how to use it. "Classic hypnosis had long been used in modern medicine. Mirrored objects to lock focus and other "quirks" are gone, - says Nikolay - Erickson method is now more relevant in psychotherapy. "

    What is Erickson hypnosis

    Hypnosis can be differentModern Erickson hypnosis - is, above all, a strategy of indirect suggestions and nonverbal feedback.
    Simply put, only one voice can be to drivea person in a trance, with this, he did not even notice. Because softness, credibility and calm voice work wonders. You do not even notice how come a nice relaxed, distort reality, and chaos in the head will change amazing orderliness of thoughts. You will not be commanding voice offer "sleep on the count of three," or to convince that you can not move. The classical forms of hypnosis all commands are issued on the rare countries not requiring an objection tone.
    Erickson method of entering into an alteredthe state - this is such a wonderful form of hypnosis, where you can monitor what is happening, and simultaneously released from their psychological problems or physical ailments. To overcome the effects of chronic stress, get rid of phobias and fears, alcohol abuse, smoking, obesity, drug addiction ...
    The founder of the method of Erickson was even able to increase his word to the patient's chest. From zero to a second size, here it is - the true power of suggestion!

    Hypnosis gypsy ordinary

    As for the famous "my dear, let me tell fortunes,you will be happy! ", it is an example of the most basic, but also very effective form of hypnosis. Well, who does not happen? It is worth a gypsy look closely, and you already falls into a strange stupor. And ... methodically begin to give a woman from head to toe wrapped in shawls, all the money and valuables. Gypsies by nature endowed with the gift suggestions, besides their unique abilities develop with age.

    In order not to fall for the tricks, you should immediatelyto look away from their penetrating gaze. Black eyes and monotone voice can hypnotize up to 75% of the population. Gypsy basically asking the victim's right hand - to tell fortunes. But not all of them masters of the fate of a palm reading. Just bodily contact is the fastest way to a man management. Victim becomes manageable, and "hunters" recovered his advantage.

    Hypnosis - this is not always deceit

    mind control in our society for a long time alreadyreached the marginal rate. Sound and video advertising are able to produce in the mind the mind-set that, at first glance, contrary to the facts. Consequently, the company can easily develop in the right direction, because these suggestions apply to most people. Take a good look at the billboards. The specialist will tell you that no "secret" mind control technology is clearly not done here.
    But should not be taken as synonymous with hypnosisdeception. it is harmless and has a therapeutic effect in the expert hands of the therapist. First of all here are mental changes, because in trance focuses on an issue that worried man, and gradually finds a way to solve it.

    That such methods psychotherapists and seekthe desired effect, at the same time learning the true secrets of man. However, there is a certain group of people, for which fixing eyes and soothing monotone speech - an empty phrase. Their in society about 30%. Enter them in the trance state - not an easy task. The reason for this is the absolute control of consciousness. What in our time, is very good quality.

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