Cottage cheese diet

The pursuit of beauty and harmony ladysolved at all. Alluring the word "express diet" will not remain without attention. Express-diet means quick relief from the extra kilos, and our conversation will segodnyashy of cottage cheese diet.

Cottage cheese is obtained by fermentation of milk. Curd refers to fermented milk products and is considered one of the most ancient. Residents of Ancient Rome, as well as the majority of the Slavs and other nations involved in the preparation of cheese. Unfortunately, it is unknown when it was invented cheese, but most likely it happened when people began to consume the milk of animals.

In Russia, the milk obtained from curdled milk (sourmilk). Yogurt placed in pottery and placed in a warm oven. A couple of hours were getting hot and the contents poured through a cotton cloth. Thus, it turned out two products: whey and curd. It put under pressure to get rid of excess fluid. That's got to ancient times cheese. By the way, another method for producing cheese not invented at home, and all the modern housewife make cheese on a simple recipe.

The composition of the curd

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Cottage cheese is extremely rich in protein, it containsminerals, lactose and fat and enzymes. Rich in vitamins and curd, which has more than a decade in the curd: the B vitamins, vitamin A, C, D as well as calcium, iron and phosphorus.

The cottage cheese contains very little amount of carbohydrates, only three per cent.

The nutritional value of milk is much higher than the value of the milk, as of half a liter of milk is obtained about 200 grams of cheese.

100 grams of high-fat cheese (18%) 200 contains more kkalory, 9% - more than 160, and low-fat cottage cheese total 100 kcal.

Useful properties and area of ​​application

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Cottage cheese and yogurt. This option is recommended dietdiet three days. On the day you need to eat a pound of cottage cheese with low-fat or even fat-free. It is necessary to drink two cups of yogurt. All this should be divided into five steps. These days you can even need to drink water as much as you want. It is also possible to drink the green tea without sugar. If you can not live without a cup of coffee - let yourself enjoy it, but no more than two cups a day and preferably without sugar. If desired, the diet can be extended to five days.

Diet second

Cottage cheese and fruit. Take wheat bran, steamed with boiling water, just two teaspoons of bran. Leave on for half an hour after the time the water drain. To add bran 100 grams of cheese. It must be fresh! This is your portion at a time. On the day you need to eat four servings of these. To the mixture, you can add honey, dried apricots, berries and even vegetables. Diet hold no more than seven days.

Diet third

Cottage cheese and apples. Three times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) we eat this dessert: baked apple + 150 g of cottage cheese with zero fat interrupting in a blender. You can add cinnamon and a couple of spoons of yogurt. You can make a snack of fresh or baked apples. Such a diet can be held only three days.

Diet can be formed to, for example, cheese, apples and oatmeal. Or cottage cheese and bananas. The main condition of cottage cheese diet - cheese should be consumed only fresh and not greasy.

Diet one day

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At 7 in the morning to drink tea (coffee) without sugar. To eat one boiled egg. After three hours to eat 200 grams of cottage cheese, drink tea without sugar. For lunch eat 200 grams of cottage cheese and drink tea without sugar. Four hours later, again to eat 200 grams of cottage cheese and a cup of tea. In 19 hours, again 200 g of cottage cheese and tea. The drinking water without gas for about two liters of the day.

If you have the strength and desire, diet can be continued, but keep no more than three days. In the second and third days of the above products to add one apple.

With a strong sense of hunger low fat cottage cheese, try to replace the cottage cheese with low-fat, but not more than 4%.

With any diet, you can drink water, herbal teas, green tea, but without sugar.

Express diet

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When you want to quickly get in shape, this diet is for you. Consider a three-day diet includes cottage cheese and fresh herbs. Subject to the recommendations of guaranteed leave three kilograms.

On the day you should have five meals. Last - before thinking of going to bed. During the day, you can eat the fruit, and cheese add honey and dried fruits. Because the liquid is preferred broth hips, herbal teas.

The first day:

  1. For breakfast, cottage cheese 100 grams of honey and green tea.
  2. At lunch cheese (100 g) with sweet pepper, cucumber and herbs (parsley, dill).
  3. A glass of carrot juice.
  4. At lunch bake two apples and eat them with raisins and cottage cheese (100 g). Drink herbal decoction.
  5. At night - a glass of kefir.

Second day:

  1. Breakfast consists of 100 grams of cottage cheese, walnuts and dried apricots. Drink green tea.
  2. The dinner prepared fruit salad with cottage cheese (100 g). From fruit, give preference to apples and bananas, add some raisins salad. Drink a glass of orange juice.
  3. Snack. Two slices of bread or toast Spread cheese on top pritrusite parsley and dill, wash down with green tea.
  4. Dinner consists of 100 grams of cheese and a glass of sour milk.

Day Three:

  1. At breakfast, 100 of cottage cheese, sprinkle the top of the blueberry jam. Drink green tea without sugar.
  2. Dinner. Prepare the cheese cakes from cottage cheese, add them grated carrot on a fine grater. Drink stewed fruit without sugar.
  3. Snack. Bake in the oven for two apples previously it perfectly clean and filling in the middle of a space of cheese with finely chopped dried apricots. Wash down with green tea without sugar.
  4. For dinner prepare cottage cheese casserole, adding the cheese vegetables and herbs. Drink a glass of grape juice.

If desired, you can arrange yourself fasting days,taking as a basis for any cottage cheese diet. Doctors, nutritionists recommend, even to organize such days to clean the body and improve metabolism. Do not be lazy, and you will become more elegant and attractive.

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