Cancer of female genital mutilation: Symptoms and Treatment


What is cancer of the external genitalia

tumor, often appearing at menopause in the form of dense knots,
infiltrates or papillary excrescences, often with ulcer formation
thick edges. Precancerous lesions of the vulva are kraurosis,
leukoplakia. Thick cancerous tumor grows on the surface and in depth,
in process quickly involved inguinal lymph nodes. depending
Distribution distinguished from I, II, III and IV stage.

Symptoms and course

The initial
symptoms are itching, burning sensation in the vulva, then join
pain, and the decay of the tumor - pyo-spotting.


At stages I and II - combined (surgery and radiotherapy), with stages III and IV - beam.

What is vaginal cancer

independent disease is rare. Most ill woman
menopause and menopause. The process takes place in the form of
the appearance of a dense infiltrate or ulcer on the walls of the vagina with the rapid

Symptoms and course

whites, pain appear not earlier than 2 stages of the process. Further -
signs of compression of the vagina, impaired urination, general


Radiation. Movable metastases in regional lymph nodes removed surgically

What is cervical cancer

Cancer of female genital mutilation: Symptoms and Treatment
This is the most common malignant tumor of the female genital organs.

There are:

  • 0 stage (initial);
  • I step (process only limited to the cervix);
  • Stage II (the further spread of the tumor to the vagina, uterus and parametrial tissue);
  • Stage III (same as in II, but the process involves more space);
  • IV stage (germination of the bladder, rectum, metastases in distant organs - bone, lung, liver, etc.).

Symptoms and course

initial stage (0) does not manifest itself, I st. accompanied
release of serous or serous-bloody leucorrhoea, worse
vaginal examination, after sexual intercourse, defecation
(Contact bleeding). Later, at the II and III century. appear
purulent bloody whites with putrid odor, abdominal pain,
lumbar region, violation of general condition: intoxication,
dysfunction of the bladder and rectum, dramatic weight loss.


early stages (0 and I) might surgical and combined
(Operational and radiotherapy) treatment. At the II and III century. - holding
combined radiotherapy. In IV century. - Symptomatic treatment.

It is to identify pathological conditions of the cervix,
contributing to the development of cancer: cervical erosion, her scar
changes endotservitsitov and their timely treatment.


in the form of diffuse lesions of the uterine lining (endometrium), or
polypous individual growths. Sprouting in the uterine layers cancer
Tumor extends to the appendages and the peritoneum. Distant metastases
appear later.

Symptoms and course

slow, characterized by bloody-serous or purulent-bloody
malodorous belyami or acyclic bleeding in older women or
bleeding in menopause. When these symptoms
necessary to make scraping the uterine cavity with histological
research scrapings.


The combined (surgery and radiotherapy) or complex (surgery, radiation, hormone therapy).

ovarian Cancer

the initial stages are asymptomatic. Later increases
abdomen, palpable tumor, appears ascites (fluid in the abdominal
cavity). In advanced cases there is pain, intoxication,
dysfunction of the bladder and intestines, cachexia (wasting).


Combined: surgery followed by radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

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