Difficulties Education of sick children


  • What challenges exist in a sick child's upbringing

  • What challenges exist in a sick child's upbringing

    Especially difficult is necessary in this lifeparents of sick children. Besides the usual concerns associated with the development and upbringing of a child, they have a responsibility to care for a sick baby. At the same time, special attention and care require children suffering from serious diseases such as cerebral palsy, anemia, cancer, epilepsy or other.

    Some of the parents, exhausted everyday,endless work and constant fatigue concerns about the education of a sick child, experiencing feelings of guilt, anger and bitterness. And sometimes, unfortunately, we vent them on our children. Naturally, this adversely affects our relations with them during their education and increases the barrier of misunderstanding between us and the children.

    In such difficult situations, we would recommend that parents turn to a psychologist in order to defuse conflict and to help develop a more robust position in relation to the child and his illness.

    Difficulties Education of sick children
    Sick children often develop more slowly thana normal healthy child, and therefore need special methods of education and training. They also need special and psychological support of parents and teachers, which helped to create a positive attitude toward their future life.

    Sometimes adults, too protecting their children,applied to them thus more harm than benefit, since it limits the possibility of the child poznavatokruzhayuschy world and narrow the boundaries of his social intercourse. If the patient also observed and any irregularities in the development, it is very alarming and protecting the behavior of his parents can these problems even develop child.

    Even with such a widespread disease as aasthma varies considerably throughout the normal life of the family. Nobody is able to predict the onset of the next attack, and this leads to the fact that the whole family is in a state of constant expectation, tension and fear.

    It limits the ability of the child's diseaseparents in work, career development, as well as personal and intimate life. Mother of sick child said that she was forced to take care of him for 5 years and all these years not to work because of the frequent attacks of asthma in the child.

    Sick child in their behavior can bevery stubborn, whiny, demanding, closed and secretive. Mothers of these children often complain of chronic fatigue, pain in the head, sleep problems and lack of appetite.

    Children themselves while so get used to the increased attention that sometimes even pretend painful condition.

    Currently, a number of studies foundthat, with the same source data in a variety of cases, the disease is largely dependent on the psychological climate in the family and the more mutual assistance and support between the family and to the patient, the less symptoms of the disease and the more successful his upbringing and subsequent development. Therefore, along with the patient's recommended treatment medikomentoznym sessions with a psychologist for the whole family.

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