Female genital cancer: symptoms and treatment


What is an external genital cancer

The tumor appears more often during menopause in the form of dense nodes,
infiltrates, or nipples, often formed ulcers with
dense edges. The prejudition state are chores vulva,
leukoplakia. Dense cancer tumor grows on the surface and in depth,
In the process quickly involve inguinal lymph nodes. In action
The distribution is distinguished by I, II, III and IV stages.

Symptoms and current

Signs are itching, burning in the field of vulva, then join
Pain, and during the breakup of the tumor - purulent bleeding.


In the I and II stages - combined (surgical and radiation), at the III and IV stages - radiation.

What is Cancer Vagina

An independent disease is rare. Women are more likely
In menopause and menopause. The process proceeds in the form of
The appearance of dense infiltration or ulcers on the walls of the vagina with a rapid

Symptoms and current

Purulent bleeding
BELI, Pains appear no earlier than 2 stages of the process. Further -
Signs of vaginal compression, urination disorder, general


Radiation. Moving metastases in regional lymph nodes are removed surgically

What is cervical cancer

Female genital cancer: symptoms and treatment
This is the most common malignant tumor of female genital organs.


  • 0 stage (initial);
  • I stage (the process is limited to the neck of the uterus);
  • II stage (the further spread of the tumor on the vagina, the uterus and parameter fiber);
  • III stage (the same as at the II, but the process covers more space);
  • IV Stage (germination in the bladder, direct intestine, metastases in remote organs - bones, lungs, liver, etc.).

Symptoms and current

The initial stage (0) is not manifested, I st. accompanied by
separation of serous or serous-bleed white, amplifying
vaginal study, after sexual intercourse, act of defecation
(Contact bleeding). Later, at the II and III. Appear
Purulent bleeding with putrid smell, pain at the bottom of the abdomen,
Lumbar region, violation of general condition: intoxication,
Urinary bubble dysfunction and rectum, sharp weight loss.


initial stages (0 and i) is possible surgical and combined
(operational and radiant) treatment. Under the II and III. - Holding
Combined radiation therapy. At IV Art. - Symptomatic treatment.

is to identify the pathological states of the cervix,
contributing to the development of cancer: erosions of the cervix, its scar
changes, endocervicitis and their timely treatment.

Cancer body uterus

in the form of diffuse damage to the inner shell of the uterus (endometrial) or
Separate polypose expansions. Passionable in the layers of the uterus, cancer
Tumor applies to appendages and peritone. Remote metastases
appear late.

Symptoms and current

Slowly, characterized by serous-bloody or purulent-bloody
fettered white or acyclic bleeding in older women or
bleeding in menopause. When the specified symptoms appear
It is necessary to make the scraping of the uterus with histological
Research Soskoba.


Combined (surgical and radial) or complex (operation, radiation, hormone therapy).

Ovarian cancer

initial stages proceeds asymptomatic. In the future increase
The belly, the tumor is palpable, appears ascites (liquid in the abdominal
cavity). In emerging cases there are pains, intoxication,
Violation of the function of the bladder and intestines, cachexia (exhaustion).


Combined: Surgical, followed by applying radiation therapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy.

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