Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes?


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  • Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes? How happy parents met each step inbaby's life: here he rolled onto his stomach, sat down, trying to stand, and then, finally, made the first small step. Traditionally, the first step is considered the most important in a child's life, in addition, of course, directly to the baby's birth. And it is clear, the child begins to explore a vast world itself and slowly formed personality.

    Parents are very concerned about how to do sothe child was the most comfortable that he developed normally. Question shoe here is in the first place. If your baby was born with a foot pathology, it is all very clear, need special, orthopedic footwear. But if you grow a healthy baby whether or not to buy such a thing?

    The golden rule orthopedist

    Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes?Pediatric Orthopedics unanimous: healthy baby suit absolutely any shoes, it is important to only comply with the following conditions. Shoes should be of high quality, properly cross-linked, and, of course, properly selected. Alas, there is no guarantee that these shoes can be found at your local store or market. Now hardly any of the manufacturers of children's shoes in compliance with special medical standards. In Soviet times, this is followed strictly, and to make quality shoes, although, of course, it was pretty ugly.

    So that the only worthy alternative -special orthopedic shoes. It is specially designed taking into account the peculiarities of the development of children's feet. Podiatrists are convinced that in order to correct it was formed, shoes must necessarily have a hard heel, the heel fixing small, height 0.5 cm heel and rather rigid sole. Upon contact with the solid surface (floors, asphalt, etc. N.) Arch of the foot in orthopedic shoes is not injured, so doctors recommend even to go home in a shoe. And most importantly, this insole, due to pressure on her foot is distributed correctly. With it also involves those muscles that have not worked before, taking with them the burden.

    The Big Way

    Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes?Until two years babies foot bones and softFlexible like hryaschiki, and the longitudinal arch of the foot is flat. This is the normal state, ie. K. Insufficiently minerals in bone tissue of the child which impart strength bone and muscular system only in the development stage. The foot looks flat, t. To. It is located on a thick layer of fat richly developed, which at the same time is a shock absorber.

    In the second year, children usually start walking and arch of the foot under the influence of physical activity changes.

    From the age of three muscles and ligaments start to grow strongly and gradually increase the height of the vaults. Accordingly, the appearance of the foot is increasingly beginning to look like a form familiar to us.

    The process of formation of the foot bones lasts up to 5-6 years vozrasta.i already at this age podiatrist can say with certainty whether the baby flatfoot.

    Causes of flat feet

    The reasons are varied, but in first placeunderdevelopment of the muscles of the foot, which develops, in turn due to wearing incorrect shoes. Flat feet also contribute to various foot and ankle injuries, being overweight, clubfoot. And as long enforced (for example, due to illness), stay in bed, weakened muscular system of the foot (eg, due to rickets), X-shaped legs.

    What is a flat?

    If you look at the inside of a healthy5-6 year-old baby feet, then immediately obvious that it is in the middle part is raised in the form of a semicircle. When the longitudinal arch flat feet and dropped foot "falls" on the floor the entire sole. Carefully observe if rejected heels out in a standing position, or while walking the child rests on the inside of the foot, it should make you a serious concern, the child should consult a pediatric orthopedics.

    Flatfoot is not just a cosmetic defect. This is a direct threat to the spine, and therefore the health of the internal organs. Children who showed flat, clumsy and often fall, they quickly get tired legs. When the kids grow up, not slow down appear pains in the back and legs, and headaches. Often the deformed foot - grows so-called "Bone" on the thumb.


    Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes?To avoid this, you need to wearspecial orthopedic shoes, thanks to her right foot develops, and manages through insoles absorb the collision with a solid surface feet when walking.

    In order to prevent the emergence offlat feet need to baby often went barefoot, but not on a hard surface. Ideal sand, stones, grass. It is perfectly strengthens ligaments.

    Doctors recommend to ride a bike, playoutdoor games, skiing, swimming. Good help massage, only need to be done a professional massage therapist. 2 times a day to do gymnastics.

    Recommendations from the representatives Orteke salon

    Orthopedic shoes and insoles need to choose the right. It must be made of natural fabrics, with a wide and stable heel, flexible sole, without seams inside.

    Let your child will wear shoes on both feet at once anda little bit like. Asked him whether he should not comfortable, t. To. The children are too young to assess their condition. It is better to carefully observe them. It is desirable that the shoes were bigger by 1.5 cm, than stop the baby. If the older child remained almost new shoes, junior transfer it is not necessary, t. To. There is a risk of malformation of the foot.

    World experience

    Wearing a healthy baby whether orthopedic shoes?Leaders in the manufacture of children's orthopedicShoes try to have all produced shoes conform to international standards. Thanks to the advanced technology of their production is not only heals but also prevents orthopedic problems. Special orthopedic insole keeps your toes in the optimum position. It supports front and longitudinal arch of the foot, as well as its outer edge, an indentation fixes the heel, thus reducing the load on the ankle.
    All footwear is made in the well-known manufacturersaccordance with the recommendations of orthopedic physicians. Using the most advanced materials, to "remember" the shape of feet for even more stability helps kids feel full comfort.

    There are three main areas: preventive footwear (with anatomical arch computation), treatment and prevention with removable arch support insole and therapeutic shoes - sandals and shoes with high rigid bertsami designed to be worn with an individually selected insoles. Children's orthopedic shoes differs spectacular appearance and breathability that creates the baby even greater comfort.

    In order not to "sink" into the sea diversitymanufacturers, types, sizes, children's shoes, be sure to visit Orteke - the online store anyone can ask your doctor and choose a nice model, and the courier can bring several sizes / colors are interested in the model. Kind and considerate attitude and lounges awaits visitors - free diagnostics experienced foot doctor, help in choosing the model and size.

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