How to choose an orthopedic pillow?


  • Orthopedic pillow with osteochondrosis and not only
  • Orthopedic pillows for neck: outside view
  • Orthopedic pillow - from the husk to latex

  • The cervical spine is extremely humanmobile, moves a large number of nerve trunks, pass through the blood vessels that feed the brain, therefore, overestimate the importance of this portion of the support pillar is practically impossible from him. During the day, deprived of a powerful muscular frame neck feels excessive exercise and rest for the night it is particularly important.

    The feeling of stiffness in the neck, dull headache,fuzzy picture before his eyes, numbness of hands, fatigue and drowsiness. Have you ever thought about the fact that all of these symptoms may be related to your favorite pillow, you tenderly embrace in a dream. But this bedding often becomes the cause of osteoarthritis.

    Orthopedic pillow with osteochondrosis and not only

    Perfect holiday - choose an orthopedic pillow for neckNow, the correct pillow - a pledge of health of the spine, so orthopedic pillows for neck today have become very popular.

    Orthopedic pillow is recommended not only for people suffering from osteochondrosis, but also those who care about the health of your spine and wishes to prevent development of the disease.

    In order to ensure the rest of the back and neckduring sleep, the central axis of the body should be horizontal, and all the physiological curves of the spine should be maintained. If the pillow is too high or low neck is bent, resulting in muscle spasm, disturbance of blood circulation of the head, shortness of breath and oxygen starvation. Orthopedic pillow is designed to provide a decent support for the neck and the head, to avoid unpleasant consequences.

    Orthopedic pillows for neck: outside view

    Choosing an orthopedic pillow - a crucial moment. This bedding is able to fix this problem in the cervical spine, and add to them new.

    First, we should pay attention toPillow dimensions. Manufacturers produced products measuring 40-60 cm long and 60-80 cm wide. The larger and wider than a man of his shoulder girdle, the larger must be the pillow, otherwise an attempt to solve the "neck" problem will end back pain.

    Perhaps the most important parameter - it is the thickness of orthopedic pillows.

    • Most people with an ordinary physique fit standard size pillow height of 10 - 14 cm, with "heavy" shoulder belt is better to choose the product 16 cm high.
    • The softer mattress, the higher the bag, because of its "sink" under the weight of the head.
    • Those who sleep on their side, need a higher pillow,which would support the horizontal position of the neck. Measure the distance from the base of the neck to the shoulder edge, add to that 2 cm, and you get the necessary size of your bedroom accessories.
    • If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, which in general is not very useful from the point of view of the spine, stop your choice on a soft and low orthopedic pillow.

    Orthopedic pillow - from the husk to latex

    Orthopedic pillows for neck: outside viewOrthopedic pillows can be verydifferent content. The material of construction of the pillow should have sufficient softness and elasticity, the ability to quickly restore the original shape after you change the position of the body. The filler should be clean and safe, and the product itself - easy to care for and durable.

    • Latex. Pillows latex - a monolithic product, which manufacturers attach a different shape and structure. In fact, the form is not the most important role much more important properties of the material. Latex - a soft, yet resilient, so that easily adapts to the outline of the head and neck lying person, effectively relieves the upper spine. He quickly recovers its shape, it does not live dust mites that cause allergies in humans. Latex Pillow can be washed with soap and water, and even machine washable.
    • Polyester, Polyester fiber as he orFibertech - a filler in the form of hollow spheres, spirals, swirls, due to their mobility providing cushion to adapt to the anatomical shape of the human body. Pillow made of this material is softer than latex, hypoallergenic, it can also be washed, but the durability it is clearly not enough. Despite the fact that the manufacturer claims the life of up to 5-8 years, after a year of operation the product can hardly be called his pillow.
    • Bedding with buckwheat hullsIt intended, rather, for those who advocate the unity with nature, for whom the priority environmental properties of the material. For the production of cushions used The dried husks, which has a pretty good orthopedic properties. Products exude the flavor of buckwheat and can not be washed. These pads must be periodically dry, otherwise they will become a repository for molds that cause allergies and fungal infections.
    • Highly foam - the most expensive anddurable material. Pillow, like plasticine, alters its shape under the weight of the body, perfectly adapts to the contours of the head and neck, quickly recovers its shape after a change in body position. The "foam cloud" do not breed dust mites, not "grow" mushrooms, can be washed and machine washable. Moreover, such a pillow keeps the warmth and coolness, it is always comfortable, regardless of the ambient temperature.

    If you're constantly puts her hand under the pillow,if you at night woody shoulders and numb hand, if you are tossing and turning in his sleep in the search for a comfortable position, and in the morning you have a sore neck and head, it's time to change the pad. Orthopedic pillow with osteochondrosis - is the best option.

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