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  • Program children under one year of insurance
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  • Program children under one year of insurance

    The most in demand children's insurance programup to a year. Young fathers and mothers willing to purchase the product, because they believe that in this period is especially important quality and constant medical care, doctor on call at home, the ability to carry out all the required vaccinations (in case of need and at home). Moreover, a set of services for babies from voluntary health insurance for adults is no different: it involves outpatient care, inpatient care, emergency care, dental care.

    Children policyClinics "for growth" covers a variety ofprice categories, but they are much less than the hospitals for adults. "Non-governmental clinics are more attentive in service and often offer services at home as opposed to the centers operating on the basis of the former government," - says Karina Nesynova Deputy "Renaissance Insurance" chief medical insurance management.

    The cost of the policy depends on the volume of services and the level ofclinics - the price can vary from $ 300 to $ 4 thousand in the year.. Insurance services for children under one year is particularly expensive, later it is traditionally cheaper as they grow older kids. For example, the price range in age up to one year ranged from $ 400 to $ 4 thousand, and for children older than one year -.. 300 to $ 3 thousand, more than three years -. From $ 350 to $ 2 thousand, however, there are increasing rates for individuals. "The price policy for a child with a chronic disease increases if the insured individual acts, if the same organization - no. This is due to the fact that the individual insurance policy holder is obliged to fill in the form and specify the underlying disease. At the conclusion of the corporate contract such profiles are not filled. Accordingly, these diseases can not be taken into account ", - says head of of voluntary health insurance" Consent-Vita "Maxim Avdeev. For example, asthma, depending on the complexity of the disease increases the cost of the company's policy is 1.5-2 times, chronic tonsillitis - 1.2-1.5 times, and diabetes - in 2-2,5 times.

    At the same time, each company estimates the complexity ofthe disease in its own way, and a number of diseases simply does not include insurance cover. "We do not undertake insurance services for children with diabetes, diseases of the tumoral nature, congenital and genetic diseases. Treatment of these children can be only in specialized treatment centers, "- says Karina Nesynova. As noted by Nina Egorkina, project manager for health insurance ROSNO Center, the insurance benefit is obvious. In case, if the child is sick and identify any health problems, use of paid services can cost many times more expensive.

    Those who want to save money, you should pay specialattention to the fact that in the same medical institutions cost of policies varies from different insurers. This is a difference of insurance programs (volume of coating), and the peculiarities of the relationship of insurance companies and clinics. It tells Maxim Avdeev, the cost of seemingly identical services affect the insurer's cumulative statistics for each medical institution, the structure of the tariff rate, the demand for services, the structure of the insurance portfolio, and so on. D.

    It affects the price policy and the place of residenceclient, if it is outside the Ring. For example, in 30 km is applied coefficient 1.2, and up to 50 km - 1.5. However, these extra charges to polyclinic services have no relationship.

    No insurer

    However, an appeal to the insurance company forquality medical services - is not the only way. Parents, for example, can do without the "intermediate" level, and buy a policy directly in the clinic. OAO "Medicine" for a child up to a year a comprehensive package (with dentistry, ultrasound, X-rays, massage and ambulance without limitation) costs $ 2400, after a year - $ 2200 for six years - $ 1,900. "Our family of such a contract for a nine-month baby in the cost of $ 1800. But we are happy because they are highly skilled and provide us with the iron in the rear of the chosen clinic. We will continue to be insured, although from experience cause occasional experts ten times cheaper ", - says the young mother Oksana Sineva.

    The cost of the insurance companies surveyedsimilar programs was higher by about 10-20%. However, potential buyers should take into account that the insurance company, in addition to providing a set of services, protects the interests of the client, providing a choice of several medical institutions, shall, if necessary, to find the right specialist and offers inpatient care that can afford not every clinic.

    However, despite the active development of the marketvoluntary health insurance, the number of those who prefer to save money and use the services of "friend" doctor outweighs. "During the first year of life, we insure, and is now maintained by a permanent specialist, paying each of his parish. My question is, is it worth to buy insurance, she replied: "Yes, I to you will never depart the same amount," - says mother preschooler Seeds Olga Semenova. Until her "medical communications" will be missed, make it a policy not planning. "Basically, people buy insurance with low medical culture. I'm like a doctor he would never have insured the child "- confessed to the representative of the insurance company and then caught himself, asking not to be named.

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