How is the allergic to the condom

Safe sex - pledge of health as men and women. This is starting to teach the younger generation almost with diapers. And the most famous and common plant for pregnancy and venereal diseases is definitely a condom.

Although it sounds comic, often people have a spicy problem - allergy on this rubber product. If your young man categorically refuses to use condoms, perhaps the problem and lies in this?

What is the cause of allergies?

Allergy, allergic to condom, contraception, condoms

Alas, but doctors had to state the fact that allergies to condoms still exists - this is not a myth who invented men to not use the product. Moreover, by this rare ailment (according to the latest data provided by the World Health Organization, in the world of only about 5% of people inclined to such allergies) suffer equally and men and women!

Specialists, however, can not explain why one or another person is more or less inclined to allergic manifestations, but it is possible to highlight two groups of people with an accuracy of 80%, who have high risk of allergies on Condoms.

  1. Genetics. This topic is rather delicate - too with questionings to relatives do not be, however, there is a high probability that allergies to condoms is a hereditary disease that is transmitted at the genetic level. And, by the way, if your parents have a tendency to manifest allergic reactions, say, on strawberries, chocolate or citruses, then there is a predisposition to allergies and you have, only as it will appear - this is another question. It is not excluded that it is you who will experience such a rare ailment, as an allergy to condoms.
  2. Development of existing allergies. If you are constantly or from time to time experiencing allergic manifestations, because the body does not tolerate dust, flowering plants, animal wool or sunlight, it is not at all that another stimulus is suddenly added to the above list - latex, from which and Made condoms. According to statistics, more than 70% of those known at present cases of manifestation of allergies to condoms are those people who have previously suffered from various allergic reactions.

Why it is condom?

Allergy, allergic to condom, contraception, condoms

Symptoms of allergy to condoms are very difficult to reveal and recognize, as they can be the most diverse. How and when item occurs, depends on each specific organism and its reaction to the irritant.

The most common symptoms of allergies to condoms are:

  1. Discomfort in gagha. Of course, the first thing you «Report» About allergy genitals. The disease is manifested by redness, burning and, possibly, itching in the crotch area. If the body is too susceptible to allergens, the edema of genital organs may occur. Basically, these symptoms are characterized by representatives of the beautiful floor.
  2. Rash on the tele. It also happens that allergies to condoms manifests itself «Bunt» Whole organism - in the form of skin rashes (such a symptom is called hives). At the same time, the degree of expression of the urticaria is the most diverse - from several acne to rash throughout the body.
  3. Runny nose or tearness. Nose either laid, either of it observed strong allocations, redness of the eyes, tear, light-friendly, itching eyes or nose - these symptoms are most often connected with seasonal allergies, but the condoms can also be the cause of such a state. Just the body decided that it was best to inform you about allergies to condoms.
  4. Cough or dyspnea. Sometimes allergic to condoms is manifested by various problems with light. It can be ordinary cough Or wheezing, bad breath or shortness of breath. If the allergy manifested itself this way - it is not worth waiting for anything, you must immediately contact the clinic to receive medical care. It is worth noting that allergic to condoms is manifested very, very rarely - no more than 1% of all cases.

Allergies to condoms do not occur after the first use of condom. The body must «understand» The cause of discomfort, «pouch» she, and then «Notify» man. Mainly to «TRAIN» Allergy to a condom, it is necessary for at least two or three times the use of condom.

What is noteworthy, sometimes signs occur immediately after removing the rubber product, and sometimes - a few hours after sexual intercourse.

The worst case is when after using the condom, the attack of suffocation begins and the mucous membranes occurs. There were a single case when anaphylactic shock became the most severe consequence of allergies. Its reason was the regular use of konders.

That is why experts argue that it is still not worth covering the eyes to such an unusual allergy. If suddenly after sexual intercourse, which was held with the condom, you had the symptoms described above, you need to immediately visit the doctor - it is possible that you are allergic or the beginning of some venereal disease. Doctors can with an accuracy of 99.9% of saying, you have a tendency to allergies or not, as it will only be enough to pass the tests that will show, whether the body has an irrigation of latex.

How to live on?

Allergy, allergic to condom, contraception, condoms

If the analyzes confirmed you have the presence of allergen, in which Latex is guilty, then a rather reasonable question arises «How to live on?». It is probably necessary to immediately say that today is not developed treatment of allergy to condoms, so the most basic for you is preventing the illness, that is, the complete elimination of latex objects, including the Kondoms. And as protection during intercourse, polyurethane products can be used. They are not as strong and reliable as Latex, so you will additionally need to use various means - like sperm ointment, candles, oral contraceptives. And in everyday life of latex, it is necessary to replace with vinyl or nitrile counterparts.

In the event that an allergy is not on latex, but on other components, for example, on a lubricant or flavor, then everything is much simpler here - it will be enough to choose another brand of condoms, and you will immediately forget about the problem. Well, you have to experiment a little.

Do not forget to take antihistamines - they will remove swelling and itching, eliminate redness. But for genitals you can make a chamomile bath.

Still, the best, if you have an allergy to a condom - this is not to use this subject at all. Reliable sexual partner and consultation of the doctor who will select the right contraception scheme, will save you from many troubles!

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