Selection of contact lenses

The most ancient method of vision correction - glassestoday are replaced by more sophisticated: contact lenses, and surgery (laser surgery). In this article, our website will talk about how to choose the right contact lenses.

Selection of contact lenses
In this age of the number of people with impaired visionfairly large (by some estimates about 90%) and continues to grow. This is due to many reasons: permanent prosizhivanie for books and other printed materials, and from early childhood; TV, computers, and more. The most ancient method of vision correction - glasses today are replaced by more sophisticated: contact lenses, and surgery (laser surgery). In this article, our website will talk about how to choose the right contact lenses.

What are the lenses

Cosmetic contact lenses, in addition to the correction of vision, change eye color or amplifies their natural shade
So, what is a contact lens? In essence this is the same lens, as well as glasses, but made of a special polymer that can be saturated with water, which prevents drying out, both the lens and the cornea. Unlike glasses contact lens does not have a frame, or rather a kind of frame for it serves as the eye itself. The inner surface of the contact lens accurately corresponds to the shape of the eyeball, which provides a snug fit. Outdoor - responsible for the correct focusing of light rays entering the eye.

Currently, the most widelyWe got soft contact lenses, but there are also tough, which was invented some time before they are appointed for complex diseases and is far less common.

Soft lenses are the "traditional" and "plannedreplacement. " First serve for several months and after a certain period of time (usually daily) require special cleaning. The lenses are planned replacement do not need special care. After a period of wear they are simply thrown away and replaced with new ones.

In addition, there is another kind of contact lenses - cosmetic, which in addition to vision correction have another function: change eye color, or enhance their natural color.

What better glasses or lenses?

Simple question. Indeed, despite the many advantages, contact lenses also have a number of disadvantages compared with the glasses. They require constant maintenance or periodic replacement, not every eye would be receptive to this "foreign body." However, contact lenses, there are many advantages in comparison with the points:

    Glasses limit peripheral vision, contact lenses allow you to see the whole environment is completely
  • Contact lenses are indispensable for the athletes, as do sports glasses sometimes simply impossible, unless of course we are not talking about this sport as chess, etc.
  • At the entrance to a warm or humid constantly misted spectacles and contact lenses do not have this drawback.
  • Contact lenses are more correctly transmit the image and shape of objects than glasses.
  • Spectacle frame restricts peripheral vision, while contact lenses allow you to see the whole environment completely.
  • And finally, as we have said, with the help of contact lenses can change eye color, which is very much like it.

However, you can also create with your pointsunique image. But, ultimately, everyone must decide for himself what is best glasses or contact lenses. And for this you need to at least try to do both.

As for the cost of contact lenses, it is quite comparable with the cost of glasses, so this issue is unlikely to be decisive in choosing between the glasses and lenses.

Selection of contact lenses

The lenses are chosen strictly individually, so it is best to first prokonsultirovatsya independent doctor
If you decide to buy a contact lens,you must start with a consultation with an ophthalmologist. While most offices contact lens have a staff ophthalmologist can often happen that a staff doctor may in the interest of the firm to persuade you to buy contact lenses, although the wearing of you is contraindicated. Therefore reasonable to first visit the independent doctor and get advice from him.

After that, you must decide how youYou will wear contact lenses. Shoot every day and handle special solution or select a planned replacement lenses, which, although they are more expensive, but require much less maintenance, and you can wear them without taking up to several months.

Lenses are selected strictly individual, whereintaken into account the following parameters: the power of the diopter, it can be different for each eye, the base curvature of the cornea and lens diameter. Each lens in the package must be properly marked, where D - diopter (optical power of the lens); BC - base curvature; DIA - diameter of the lens.

Properly fitted lenses should not causediscomfort in the eyes. This may at first be a bit unusual to navigate in space, but the eyes do not have to hurt or itch.

Tips for dealing with contact lenses

When purchasing lenses you should definitelytalk about how to properly handle the contact lenses: how often to take, how to take, what not to do. While here, our site considers it necessary to recall the basic rules of handling of contact lenses:

    Caring for the lenses you need only a special solution, and in any case no water or something else
  • Contact lenses should not be touched by dirty hands, better try to do less touch them;
  • Caring for the lenses you need only a special solution, and in any case no water or something else;
  • You can not sleep in the lenses when they are not designed for this purpose;
  • Strictly distinguish between the left and right lenses, never change their places;

Selection of contact lenses - the question is not simple, becausewe are talking about your health. And do not rely on their own knowledge, intuition or guesswork in this matter. In any case, be sure to consult with your doctor, and then you will be able to take a fresh look at the world.

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