Applying inhalations from cough

Inhalation is quite effective in treating diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. They are already used for quite a long time as part of comprehensive therapy in both wet and dry cough. Moreover, they are used at all stages of treatment both in the early and in the launched stage of the disease. About how to properly carry out these procedures for coughing our site will tell further.

Varieties of inhalations

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Inhalation is called inhalation of medicines. This is a fairly common procedure, which is appointed with a wide variety of respiratory tract diseases. Inhalation is allowed to carry out without appointing a doctor if there is portability to all components of therapeutic mixture. In particular, with the help of such procedures, it is possible to strengthen the immune system, as well as cure a cold, runny nose, cough.

There are several varieties of these procedures:

  1. Steam inhalations (used water and towel or plaid).
  2. Inhalation Nebulizer (Special device-inhaler applies).

The most common types of procedures applied at home are steam inhalations. Them «Strong sides» The following factors are:

  1. They are effective in treating influenza, colds, bronchitis, allergic cough, sinusitis.
  2. Thanks to these procedures, the upper respiratory tract is moistened. After which the viscous sputum moves better, the process of recovery proceeds faster.
  3. Prevent excessive dryness of mucous membranes.

Important caution! Conducting steam inhalations is not shown to small children and older people, as there is a risk of receiving face burns. In addition, when conducting a procedure, adult patients can not be tilted too low to hot water tank.

What is a nebulizer? This device consists of the main block, bowls, where the drug is poured, several nozzles (masks for the nose, throat, etc.). During the operation of the nebulizer, the drug under the action of air turns into cold particles. They are able to penetrate even in the lower respiratory tract, thanks to which the medicine «Delivered» Strictly by appointment.

The advantages of inhalation of this type:

  1. The drug acts directly to the focus of inflammation.
  2. Therapy with a nebulizer can be used even for small children, because this device, in contrast to steam inhalation, does not produce hot steam and cannot injure the child.
  3. Preparations delivered to bronchi are not absorbed into the blood and do not have side effects on the rest of the body.

Medicinal preparations for cough inhalations

inhaler, inhalation, cough, cough treatment, cold

Recall that this type of inhalation is contraindicated for children. Adult people when using this method of treatment, precautions should be observed.

Consider some folk recipes for steam inhalations.

  1. Sea salt. To prepare mixed inhalations you need to take 0.5 st. L. sea ​​salt and 1.5 st. L. Medical herbal collection. For the prevention of colds and for the treatment of cough, the following fee is suitable: lime color, nine root, chamomile, tricolor violet, sage, kidney birch. All this is mixed in equal parts. Then poured boiling water and insisted for 4-6 minutes. After that, you can use this mixture for the procedure. These inhalations should not be used in the individual intolerance of some components of the mixture.
  2. Herbal collection number 1. For such a procedure for 1 l. Water take 1 st. L. Herbal collection and 0.5 st. L. Spoons of sea salt. This collection includes one part of the root of nine and nettle of dwarm, two parts of the root of Altea and mother-and-stepmother, one and a half of the world of the plantain, as well as one part of the Sage, Cabin, Chamomile, Radika, Pine Kidneys. Inhalation data have antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory properties. In addition, they have an expectorant effect, so effective when coughing.
  3. Useful procedures for controlling the functions of the bronchology system. With the help of them, you can deal with inflammation of the respiratory system, ignite the sputum, treat cough, to use as an expectorant. In addition, after such inhalation, the body's resistance increases, the regeneration of the bronchopulmonary tissue improves. These procedures should not be used in individual intolerance.

    inhaler, inhalation, cough, cough treatment, cold

  4. Herbal fee number 2. Sea salt (0.5 st. L.) Also used inhalations together with the collection of herbs (1 st. L.) To regulate the work of the bronchi. The composition of this therapeutic agent includes one part of the mother-in-law, chasting, sage, dill, calendula, as well as two parts of the root of Aira. This collection normalizes the work of conductive systems. In addition, he has a sedative action. It is not necessary to use it in individual intolerance.
  5. Orange. Such inhalations are shown in order to facilitate the state when Bronchitis. For this, the patient for half an hour should be breathed in pairs of ragger of crushed orange peel and orange leaflets.
  6. Essential oils and sage. Sage Essential Oil has a good bactericidal action. Therefore, it is used as inhalations with inflammation of the respiratory tract. With inflammation of the oz, bronchi and almonds well helps inhalation based on sage. In order to prepare it, you need to boil on low heat in the enameled container for 5 minutes. Handful sage. Above the resulting decoction you need to breathe, covered with a towel.
  7. For medicinal purposes, tea from Sage. It needs to be drunk 2 times a day as part of the complex cough treatment. With the help of it, you can solve many problems that are associated with inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, this drink strengthens immunity well, reduces stress, helps with Treatment of cold, and also improves memory.

  8. Exotic inhalations. For this Faicho. The presence of essential oils in these fruits makes them a good component for inhalation. So, the pulp can be separated from the peel. Then purified peel is sealed with boiling water. At the same time you can still add 1 h. L. soda. Rise on this solution 5-7 minutes, it will help both in the presence of cough, and in the event that there is a runny nose.

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