Life after prison: registration registration


  • Property division
  • Trial
  • Military enlistment office and the passport office

  • One of the main problems was released from prison- With a registration problem. Once you register on the release of the living space where you used to live, with the consent of all adult people who live there. But often such a situation - some of them do not agree you have to register. How to be in this situation? There are two ways.

    Property division

    The first - to share a personal account. Do you have an apartment where you lived with her grandmother and your uncle. Uncle says: I will not register it, I do not agree. Then you can share a personal account, and your apartment as it becomes communal, you are not prescribed in the whole apartment, and in the living area, that is, the room or rooms, where your grandmother that you agree to register.


    Another way - to go to court. The court usually these cases are dealt with for a long time. Therefore, this way, of course, is not very good. But sometimes nothing else to do. You probably all know that there is a Constitutional Court ruling of 23 June 1995, under which for convicted retain the right to a living space. That is the fact that you have written a living space that you are in this residential area are not registered, does not mean that you have lost the right to the living area. It is right for you to save. You apply to the court: the decision of the Constitutional Court after my conviction reserve the right to living space, I ask you to recognize me right to the living space and to oblige the passport authorities to register me on such and such a living space for such an address. In the event of a court decision you must register.

    Military enlistment office and the passport office

    Life after prison: registration registrationBut here arises another problem. Very often the passport authorities say, we will not have to register because you are not registered in the military. Go, get registered with the draft board and get the registration certificate there. In the recruiting office tell you: we will not give you a registration certificate, because you are not logged in, login first and then we will put on record the draft board. And a vicious circle from which it is very difficult to get out.

    What to do in this situation? There are two ends: the passport office - recruitment. You come everywhere with a written statement. Suggested as a written statement. And if you are of the passport sent to the military enlistment office, you say, please, if you want me to military enlistment office issued registration certificate, give me the draft board a letter that you have me enroll in the community after a draft board to do its part . And when you do not want to take in the military and you do not want to issue registration certificate, you have a trump card - a letter to the passport, on the basis of which the draft board can do it. And vice versa: you take a letter in the military, to make it clear that the recruitment office will give you a registration certificate in the event that you register the passport office. In order to avoid being chased from one instance to another, in each of these instances is required to take the paper, which would indicate that the problem is in the design stage.

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