Life after tragedy


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    Life after tragedyWeak stronger sex

    - Death - always a shock, always mount. Is there a difference in how men and women react? It is believed that man is worse adapted to the loss of life - is this true?

    - If a woman can "grieve over the coffin" andSunset in sobs, the man most capable only of "avaricious man's tears." Thus, most men have had to endure their grief inside. That is the strong survive the loss harder than the weak. He and assistance can not offer, but it happens that such a person for the first time after the loss of aid is just needed.

    Do not meddle in the soul!

    - As a man out of his stupor in the first moments of the first day? What are the dangers of traditional ways of relieving stress: drugs, alcohol?

    - And what of this man "stupor" display? There is such a thing as a "protective inhibition." If he himself after severe stress, without the "soothing tablets" falls into a temporary "blackout" - so it should be. He will avoid more trauma.

    - How to protect the child's stress? From what age it can take part in mourning ceremonies?

    - It depends on the age and the degree ofits proximity to the deceased. Strictly speaking, the load is the ritual at least of its length is designed primarily for adults. But the child-teen (10-12 years), especially if he was close to the deceased may well participate in it "on their own".

    - Many go to church for comfort. Orders the memorial services, light candles, pray for the departed? Does it help?

    - The Church, especially for those who believe, - powerfulcomforting therapy. First, the church rituals of burial is very clearly stated that simplifies the task of organizing a funeral in a state of stress. Second, the opportunity to light a candle for the deceased for many people is very important, as well as all sorts of "absolution" to the dead.

    - How to behave if a colleague is sitting with you in the same room and is experiencing a recent loss?

    - Firstly, the relevant official condolencesalmost always. Secondly, if you're with a man not entirely formal relationship can ask him, if not needed any particular assistance to him. Third, if a person is experiencing a loss and your help he does not need to give him a chance to survive, do not touch it once again, do not climb, as they say, the soul.

    Listen Hippocrates

    - Often in the mountain people do not know what they do. How to respond to its breakdowns, abuse, alienation? ...

    - There is such a thing as a state of passion, butit just is characterized by its short duration! If a person "breaks" for some time after the loss - it's likely he "knows what he is doing," but from any touch him just painful: it reacts in exactly the same way you would react after any severe physical trauma. And in such cases, even Hippocrates said: "Rest the affected organ."

    Be near

    Helping the relatives of the deceased do not transferentirely on their shoulders funeral, memorial services, and communicate with loved ones. The solution of specific problems here and now helps to distract from loss of gravity.

    The faster people will come to work, the morehis thoughts will be occupied by another. Do not release him from his duties of false compassion. The owner of the well-known firm Mary Kay lost her husband a month before its opening. And, despite the doubts of loved ones, with even greater tenacity began to get things done. In her confession, if not work, she would survive the death of her husband could not.

    Parental duty convinces heartbroken manthe need for children to live. So do not for a long time to send their children to relatives and friends - often they are forced to shake his presence.

    You can not blame anyone for that, after losshe looks favorite movies or listening to music. One of the patients survived only thanks to the mountain plates, left over from his beloved mother. The famous tenor Lemeshev lost her husband took his eldest daughter to the concert - he thought Mozart the best medicine in the mountain.

    Sometimes not necessarily be openedsympathy, the main thing - just to be around. Alexander Ostrovsky after the death of his wife Agafia completely down and even stopped going out of the house. Young girl holding the household chores and maintenance of the running financial affairs, two years later became his wife and forced to live and work with a vengeance.

    As President Vladimir Putin said: "We have a future." So, for the sake of it remaining to live.

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