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  • You are released from prison. It is necessary to get a job to support his family, or at least himself. The right to have all the work. But in practice, this rule is often violated. Employers do not want to deal with a former prisoner. What to do in this situation?

    Labor exchange

    Work after prisonSo, you came to the area where there is marketlabor, have any vacancies, but do you find these jobs can not. What to do? Go to the Employment Centre or to the Labour Exchange. There you will fill out the paperwork, and give you three areas to work. If you have these three companies where you have come to areas that do not have a job, you recognize the unemployed and then you have to pay unemployment benefits. The manual is very small, but you are entitled to receive free education at public expense by the Employment Center.

    For example, you may be referred to the computercourses. Those who have a secondary education, can send to the accounting courses. That is some kind of education, requiring quite a lot of money on your part, you are having the status of unemployed, you can get free.

    Do you like the unemployed, are entitled tofree transportation, free admission to cinemas, theaters and museums. Rights, of course, is not very large, however, someone they'll probably be interested in.

    Start small

    So, in order to obtain the status ofunemployed, you need to get three failure. But how? For example, you come to some company, you expect to pay, say, 5 thousand rubles, and you say no, dear friend, we have 5000 rubles, you will not get, you will receive only 700 rubles. It is necessary to agree or disagree? From my point of view, absolutely have to agree. Why? Practice shows that the person applying for a job some where there is very low, by his standards, earnings, if conscientious worker, the more often he has the opportunity to make a career, has the ability to move. Studies have shown that sometimes, for example, have some company, this company average wage of, say, 6 thousand rubles, but when it comes to a new person, they he would never talk about it. If it is a serious company, they always pretend that they can not pay more than 600 rubles. And they look at this man, studying him. If you see that this man is acceptable to them, wages gradually increases. If unacceptable, he goes out of this organization. So never think that you can come after the colony, get a high-paying job and live the way you would like. Most often, this is not possible.

    Do not be afraid to offer their services

    Imagine a situation - you do not wantto go to the unemployment office, you want to look for a job themselves. What to do? Do yourself a typewriter or computer, or write by hand something like a business card. For example, write: I want to find a job joiner or carpenter. Suits me earning not less than 1200 rubles. Contact phone such and such. Address for communication such. The name of such a surname. The practical work experience, for example, year and a half. He was released from prison. You come to the company, to the head of the personnel department, pass him your paper, learn his phone. Walk around 10-15 companies, then ring up these businesses. If you go this way, most of all, seeing that you are a serious young man, that you have the intelligence, wit, there is some initiative and energy, I think that 2-3 companies you are sure to get a positive response, and they'll tell you: yes , come to the interview, we are ready to take you to work. And then you will have some choice.

    Remember, if you take on a job for more than5 days, according to the Labour Code you are required to issue the work book. The workbook you must specify the grounds on which you are employed, and employment history are stored at your place of work. If you have entered into an employment contract, be sure to take a copy of itself, because if you then decide to illegally dismiss, not having the employment contract, it is very difficult to prove that you have done for this job and the company were in front of you kakie-libo obligations.

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