Social difficulties people with Asperger's syndrome


What social difficulties experienced by people with Asperger's syndrome

Social disturbances encountered in Asperger syndrome are often not
are of such severity as autism low intellectual
development. Egocentrism with little or no desire or
ability to interact with peers is the hallmark
sign violation. Typical are the social naivete,
excessive truthfulness and embarrassment after the comments made
unfamiliar adults or children.

Although there is no single feature that would be shared by all people
Asperger's syndrome, difficulties with social behavior almost
universal, and probably the most important criterion, which
It defines a condition. People with Asperger syndrome do not have
natural ability to see and feel the social overtones
interaction. As a result, people with Asperger syndrome may,
for example, to offend others with their words, though he did not
I am going to offend anyone: it just does not feel the boundaries of what is permitted
in this situation. Often, people with Asperger's syndrome are unable to also
to convey their own emotional state.

Neautistichnye people are able to receive a large amount of information about
cognitive (mental) and the emotional state of other people,
based on the context of communication, facial expression and body language, but
People with Asperger's syndrome, this ability is not developed. It is sometimes more
called "social blindness" - the inability to create a model of thought
another reason in his. It is difficult or impossible to understand what
the other person is thinking, if he does not speak directly (ie, "read
between the lines"). This is not because they can not come up with the answer, and
because they can not choose between possible responses - with individual
"Social blindness" may not gather enough information to
to do this or does not know how to interpret the information gathered.

Social difficulties people with Asperger's syndrome
People with Asperger's syndrome "blind" with respect to other people's gestures and
speech shades, so only notice that the mentioned, and in
literally. For example, a person can not feel other people's
literally "hanging" over the physical boundaries and stand too close,
companion, and of causing irritation.

However, this difficulty "reading" other people's nonverbal (nonverbal)
messages, most people with Asperger's syndrome, there
difficulty expressing their own emotional states with the help of
"Body language," facial expression and intonation of the extent to which
it is able to most people. They are the same or even stronger
emotional response than most humans (although they are not always
emotionally reacting to the same thing), the difficulty - in terms
emotions, though an outside observer it may seem that they are devoid of emotion.

Many people with Asperger's syndrome can be difficult to
"Eye contact." Many little look in the eye, as it
emotional overload them; others look at unemotional eyes,
"Staring" eyes, which may seem uncomfortable
others. Looking generally unusual, and he emphasized Asperger
its fixed character, due to the fact that people with the syndrome
Asperger's at the moment looking at the other person operates the part
brain that normally perceives visual signal when viewed on
inanimate object. Gestures can also almost absent
or, on the contrary, appear exaggerated and misplaced.

It is also worth noting that since the syndrome is classified as
spectral disorder, some people with Asperger's syndrome can
have almost normal ability to interpret facial expressions and
other subtle forms of communication. However, most people with the syndrome
Asperger's is not gifted with this ability from nature. they have to
learn social skills with the help of intelligence, resulting in
social development is delayed.

According to some scientists, many social difficulties autistic
more correctly described as a lack of mutual understanding between the autistic and
neautistami. As autistic difficult to understand body language neautista and
neautistu difficult to understand the body language of an autistic. Some autistics
They argue that the body language of other autistic them to understand much more easily than
neautistov body language. In this case, a lack of understanding between the autistic and
neautistami can be compared with the lack of understanding between people of different cultures.
At least in some cases, "lack of social skills"
It may just be the unwillingness to communicate with others. Even
people can not interpret facial expressions and so on. e., reluctance
talk can be an additional factor. If you can neautist
deliberately avoid contact with a certain person because of the evil,
which he caused to him or for moral reasons, then the person with
Asperger's syndrome may not want to deal with anyone, except, perhaps,
any one person, which he very highly.

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