Juices - our body's top aide in the fight with autumn depression!


  • How to support themselves and their families in the autumn, when everything seems dark and bleak, and weakened body especially susceptible to colds?
  • The beneficial properties of juice
  • How to choose a juice

  • According to forecasts of the World Organisationhealth by 2020 depression will rank first in the world among all diseases, ahead of today's leaders - infectious and cardiovascular. One of the most common types of depression called seasonal affective disorder.

    How to support themselves and their families in the autumn, when everything seems dark and bleak, and weakened body especially susceptible to colds?

    Juices - our body's top aide in the fight with autumn depression!Do not rush to buy expensive vitamins. There are more affordable and enjoyable way to help our body to overcome a difficult period.

    Fruit, berry and vegetable juices - irreplaceablea source of vitamins, glucose, fructose and mineral salts, organic substances and essential oils. Especially useful juice with pulp - fiber starting material, they can still be called neosvetlёnnymi they contain pectin, which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, and normalizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Juices are included in the quick metabolism and almost noIt requires the body to assimilate the energy costs. They adjust the acid-base balance in the blood, increases the activity of enzymes that contribute to the removal of toxins from the body, stimulate digestion and quickly absorbed - literally an hour after eating.

    The easiest and fastest way to enrich ourthe body with vitamins - is to buy juice in packets. Modern manufacturing process ensures the preservation of the juice in the important trace elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and others.

    The beneficial properties of juice

    Each juice - a set of vitamins and useful properties:

    Apricot juice It strengthens the heart muscle. Regular use of it will help get rid of cardiac arrhythmias.

    Juices - our body's top aide in the fight with autumn depression!Pineapple juice It has beneficial effects on kidney and liver function, andalso contains a substance "bromelain" which is an excellent natural fat burner. Therefore, pineapple juice is widely used in dietary nutrition. This juice is recommended and as a remedy for kidney disease and angina.

    Orange juice - A powerful anti-carcinogenic, anti-cancermeans. The anti-cancer properties of orange juice were discovered in the middle of the last century. Then the US government, concerned about the growth of cancers, has launched the most ambitious in the history of mankind campaign of orange juice.

    Grape juice help restore depleted nervous system,useful for a breakdown. A beneficial effect on the internal organs such as the kidneys and liver - it "cleans" them from toxins. In addition, grape juice, "filters" blood - significantly reduces blood levels of cholesterol.

    Cherry nectar It helps with constipation, improves metabolism, strengthens the body, improves the appetite, is used as an expectorant.

    Grapefruit juice - A great natural remedy for insomnia. Juice of citrus fruit normalizes blood pressure and eliminates the blood of excess cholesterol.

    Carrot juice improves vision, strengthens the body andrestores power after illness and improve mental and physical stress, heals stomach ulcers, help is recommended for cancer, tuberculosis and anemia. Also carrot juice - improves appetite. It strengthens the teeth, increases resistance to infections, it is very useful for people whose work is related to eye strain.

    Peach juice strengthens the heart muscle - it regularlyuse will help get rid of cardiac arrhythmias. No less useful peach juice for anemia, it has a calming effect on the stomach in exacerbations gastritis and other diseases.

    The juice of red currants It recommended for diseases of the cardiovascular system, peptic ulcer, gout, skin diseases, kidney stones, rheumatism, colds.

    Black currant juice used for vitamin deficiency, anemia, gastritis withlow acidity, acute bronchitis, influenza, sore throat. Black currant juice - increases immunity, has a tonic effect, rich in vitamin C.

    Tomato juice It combines nutrition with reducedcalories. It is rich in salts and trace elements. It contains vitamins A and C, which are antioxidants and delay aging of cells and enhance the immune system. Very useful in diets.

    Apple juice use for obesity and diabetes, whilediseases of the cardiovascular system, liver, kidney, dysentery, chronic colitis, gout, rheumatism, atherosclerosis, kidney stones and gall bladder. Very useful for people of intellectual labor.

    How to choose a juice

    Juices - our body's top aide in the fight with autumn depression!In the market there is a huge selection of drinks, and just get lost, what to choose. How to distinguish between juice, nectar and fruit drink? They differ not only in technology,production, but also the composition, texture and taste. Some useful and delicious fruits and berries, such as peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, bananas, currants, almost impossible to get one hundred percent juice. After their spin turns or puree or juice with too tart, sweet or sour taste. To receive the fruits of such tasty and healthy beverage, juice or puree mixed with other fruit juices, such as apple. Or made nectars. Nectar consists of a certain percentage of juice (by law, it is 25-50%), water, and natural sugars acidulants such as citric acid.

    Presented on the market, and juice drinks. They share juice content should not be less than 10%.

    It is important to view the label, wherein said composition of a product (juice, nectars, juice), the expiration date.

    And the last piece of advice: do not drink the juice immediately before a meal, the best time to juice - half an hour before lunch or dinner. Bon Appetit!

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