7 vaccinations before holiday


  • From hepatitis A
  • From meningococcal infection
  • From tick-borne encephalitis
  • From Japanese Encephalitis
  • From rabies
  • From abdominal typhus
  • From yellow fever

  • If the weather – The thing is unpredictable, then the rest must be taken care
    in advance – choose a suitable company and make vaccinations. What and B
    What cases?

    From hepatitis A

    Pick up his citizen in the countryside of warm countries
    easily. The virus is transmitted through dirty hands, infected with water, products and
    dishes that soap in this water. In the stomach infection gets into the blood
    and gets to the liver. First you feel weak, nausea and
    Think that this is just poisoning, so do not rush to the doctor. BUT
    The disease is very infection. By the time it appears correct
    symptom - yellowing of the skin, you can have to infect everyone around.

    Praise your liver. Make vaccination desirable,
    If you are going to India and other Asian countries, in Africa and
    Planning not only to spend time in a five-star hotel, but also
    Ride around the country.

    7 vaccinations before holidayWhen do? First
    Dose We must have time to enter 2 weeks before departure, she will protect you by 6-18
    months. Second dose, if you enter it in six months, will create immunity
    from hepatitis and for 15-20 years.

    From meningococcal infection

    Without this vaccination you will not be allowed in Saudi Arabia. When traveling to the UK is desirable, and if you are going to learn in England - obligatory.

    The virus is transmitted to airborne droplets. The disease begins as
    Simple runny nose, then severe headaches appear, stiffness
    muscles rises the temperature, the patient can lose consciousness.

    When do? Just one dose 2 weeks before departure - and you are protected from meningitis for 3-5 years.

    From tick-borne encephalitis

    Think, encephaal ticks live
    Only in the forests of the Urals and Siberia? You can meet with them in Europe.
    Especially a lot of ticks in full of prosperous Austria. Bring them on
    You can also with a bicycle walk through the forests of the Czech Republic, and with a picnic,
    conducted in Germany Park Germany.

    Make a vaccination from tick-borne encephalitis, if during the holidays you plan to wander through the forests of Central Europe, and it is necessary, if in the spring-summer you are going to relax in Vietnam and our Far East.

    When do? Two
    Doses are introduced with intervals of 1 month. If you do not have time to departure, you can
    reduce the interval up to 2 weeks. But to get full and
    long immunity for 3-5 years, make a third vaccination after 9-12

    From Japanese Encephalitis

    They can be infected in the regions where rice are grown, since mosquitoes -
    Virus carriers multiply on rice fields. Most often
    Pick up this infection is not in Japan, but in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,
    Nepal and China. If you are going to these countries, make vaccination preferably.

    When do? Standard
    The vaccination schedule consists of 3 doses that are injected according to the scheme: 1st day,
    7th, 30th. Accelerated scheme: Three doses in the 1st, 7th, 14th days. Two doses,
    introduced with a weekly interval, protect you by 80%. Anyway
    after7 vaccinations before holidayJumping should be done no later than 10 days before departure.

    From rabies

    Everyone knows that if bitten wild or homeless animal, you need to run
    on injections. But it is at home, and what to do in other countries? According to statistics, from
    100 dogs in Thailand 3-4 sick rabies. In India, China, Vietnam,
    countries of South America risk picking rabies is also great. Lovers
    Exotics It is advisable to think about vaccination.

    How to do? Vaccination
    Consists of 3 doses that are introduced according to the schedule 1st, 7th and 21st (or 28th)
    day. Need to be hidden no later than a month before the trip. Protection
    Acts 3 years.

    From abdominal typhus

    The disease causes Salmonella, which enters the body with water polluted or infected products. Write to those who go to Asian countries, Africa, Australia, on Oceania Islands and Eastern Europe.

    When do? One injection is enough 1-2 weeks before vacation. Immunity is produced in 75-90% graft and protects against illness for 3-5 years.

    From yellow fever

    The virus is transferred to mosquitoes. The first signs of malaria
    appear in 3-6 days after the bite. Treatment only removes symptoms –
    Fever, headache, muscle pain, vomiting. The disease is so dangerous that
    without a certificate of vaccination you will not be allowed to central Africa, many
    South America countries, Philippines, Haiti, Oceania Islands… Just
    Accept as a fact: the vaccine is required.

    When do? The only injection is better to do a month before departure (in an emergency - for 7 days). Vaccination will protect you for 10 years.

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