Obsessive-compulsive syndrome: causes, diagnosis, treatment


  • The causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Recognition of obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder

  • Experts believe that with the syndrome, orobsessional neurosis (he is obsessive-compulsive syndrome) at least once in life faced by everyone. "Obsession" most popularly called obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    So, what exactly is obsessive-compulsive disorder? These are the actions or thoughts that constantly repeated against the will of the person and preventing its normal existence. Importantly, obsessive-compulsive disorder can manifest not only in the so-called "ideas".

    They are divided into intelligence (in this groupget different fantasies, thoughts, memories, ideas), emotional (irrational, abnormal fears, called phobias), as well as motor, which manifest themselves in the repetition of any person certain movements, such as rubbing the tip of the nose, it is frequent hand washing.

    The causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder

    Obsessive-compulsive syndrome: causes, diagnosis, treatmentSo why do some people susceptible to thisSyndrome and other bypasses this problem? Experts say that the most common cause of obsessional neurosis - is the individual characteristics of the human psyche. These features include a family history of this type of mental disorders, as well as the individual characteristics of the nervous system. Psychologists say that trigger the development of this syndrome can also be a variety of children's psychological trauma or family conflicts.

    At the same time, not necessarily the appearance syndromeIt will be associated with cruelty on the part of parents. Traumatic factors may also be irresponsible connivance attitude of parents to raise children, overprotection, the inability of the child to self-cognition of the world and their own complexes and fears of adults, their experiences are deliberately or accidentally recorded on the child.

    For obsessive-compulsive syndrome, according toProfessionals can cause prolonged and severe stress, which, as you know, nor do have consequences for one person. We must also remember the frequent conflicts with others, and even a strong fatigue, which can cause a disorder of mental state of the person. Doctors say that obsessive-compulsive disorder often occurs after a brain injury, as well as after the organic lesion, for example, after suffering meningitis person. In addition, this syndrome is part of the "companion" of schizophrenia and other psychotic states.

    It has long been observed that this problem is verygreatly aggravated against the background of the general intoxication of the organism, which is most often alcohol (chronic alcoholism) or drug (which may be caused by taking drugs, and the use of psychotropic drugs and preparations containing drugs to treat). Some experts believe that the emergence of obsessive-compulsive disorder can be caused by the poor condition of the human immune system.

    Recognition of obsessive-compulsive disorder

    How to recognize the obsessions and to distinguish them from ordinary fears or lingering feelings? To do this, you must pay attention to the main features of obsessive-compulsive disorder:

    These states are long-term and permanent, and can interfere with a person throughout his life.
    They certainly are accompanied by a strong sense of fear, or are bright painful character.
    If obsessive-compulsive disorder manifested in the form of rituals, the feeling of satisfaction after their implementation is short-term.

    It is important to say that many people who sufferthis disorder is simply not notice the problem. If you notice something, realizing the absurdity and senselessness of what is happening, the person does not see any threat in this state. Meanwhile, this syndrome is often accompanied by difficulty concentrating, a person is often difficult to make a decision, he quickly gets tired, suffers from excessive irritability, moreover, he is being persecuted pronounced mood swings.

    At the same time, it must be said that, according toexperts, a person suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder need to seek help only when these conditions are beginning to interfere with his normal life, or its normal interaction with people.

    Treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder

    Obsessive-compulsive syndrome: causes, diagnosis, treatmentThe vast majority of people who have noticedyourself if there are any compulsion, convinced that to cope with this problem on its own, you can simply "willed" and ordered myself not to think about this or that event, the subject. Doctors unanimously convinced that this is the real error, which can only worsen the patient's condition.

    If you notice an alarming symptoms,contact the person, remember that a suppression of the problem, the constant control of it, can only drive the "deep" syndrome, thus making it inaccessible for the treatment and even more powerful. Experts say that the cure obsessive-compulsive disorder is a very difficult.

    In the treatment using medical therapy. These drugs are selected individually for each patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of the individual. Make it can only be a professional doctor. In no case do not self-medicate. But medications - this is not all. The main treatment takes place in all the psychotherapy.

    In psychotherapy, the task is to identify the mostobsessional neurosis as such, as well as all its manifestations, in addition to the doctor the task of understanding what causes provoked the development of this syndrome is a particular person. After that experts start work on the selection of combinations of methods of psychological correction, in order to save the patient from this pathological process. It is important to note that the doctor selects the most effective and safe methods of treatment, which are ideal for this or that person.

    Importantly, do not be afraid to face the truth, do not be afraid to talk about the problem and begin treatment as soon as possible, then a neurosis will be easier to get rid of, you will have more chance of success.

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