How to get out of depression? How to regain the joy of life?


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  • What is color therapy

    Color therapy arose in antiquity: Assyrians, Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians practiced therapeutic sunbathing. The painted light was used in the healers of Egypt and Greece, and even possibly in Atlantis and Lemuria.

    Ancient Chinese healers have told colored pieces of silk on top of acupuncture points, leaving a patient at a certain time lying under the sun. This richest experience returns to humanity again in the form of working with polarized light ray pointer through unique equiliburians - Balanced two-color oils of the Aura-Soma system.

    «Aura» Latin means «Cvet», Light breath, and «Soma» - This is the body (in Greek), or living energies (on Sanskrit). Aura-soma helps to gain identification of their own inner light, understand its inner essence «who are we», teaches feeling living energies in yourself surrounding the world and control this energy inside.

    How to get out of depression? How to regain the joy of life again?
    The main tool AURA-SOMA, the diagnostic and correction tool is a set of 107 multi-colored bottles with a capacity of 50 ml, in each of which - a combination of two liquids: essential oil and aquatic tincture. When shaking the bottle, the upper oil and the lower aqueous parts are mixed for a while, forming an emulsion, easily absorbed into the skin. Figured when shaking the contents of the bottle are used as a body oil in accordance with the color card of the chakras and a radial pointer transmitting polarized light through these two-color balancing oils - equiliburums.

    Aura-Soma claims that there is only one disease in human life - not finding your calling, place in life, ignorance of the meaning of your life. As a result, such a condition forms depression, stress, energy, mental, emotional blocks that are manifested in the form of physical ailments.

    Modern scientific research and the latest methods of photographing aura show that each part of our body (energy center) corresponds to a specific color: for example, legs and genitals are glowing in red, the lower part of the body - orange and gold, solar plexus area and stomach - yellow, chest part (lung, heart) emit green and t.D.

    The lack of psycho-emotional equilibrium violates the activities of energy centers, the colors of the aura will not allow any body (meridian) by electromagnetic waves, creating emotional and physical problems.

    Our field structures (electromagnetic fields around us - aura consist not only of meridians, channels and energy centers known to us, but also from various deep scars, locks, crystallization. Resolution of these problems and is one of the tasks of the human power grid correction problem. Light radiation pointer passing through color equilibriums, transmits vibrations of wildlife color and crystals with thin field structures of man. Each equilibium changes its quality, depending on which meridian or acupuncture point it contacts. This is an amazing study and discovery in the field of fine anatomy and a unique opportunity to restore the human light gene code.

    We invite you to sessions «Rade pointed». Our specialists are ready to provide you with help and support in solving such issues as a way out of depressive states, the release of old fears and phobias, liberation from concern, connection with its intuition, strengthening intellectual opportunities and the opening of the internal force.

    The radiation pointer makes it possible to carry out diverse corrective sessions, such as:

    Psychological sessions

    • Free the heart from gravity, help bring out depressed emotions, anxiety, grief, sadness;
    • They release panic and fear, uncontrolled destructive emotions;
    • help in the birth of new ideas;
    • contribute to spiritual growth;

    Cosmetology sessions

    • rejuvenate the skin;
    • fueled and moisturize the skin of the face and neck;
    • They fight against aging, strengthen the female energy reservoir;
    • reveal the inner beauty, help to see and take it;

    Tonic and relaxing sessions

    • awaken kundalini energy;
    • increase self-esteem;
    • bring clarity and vitality;
    • remove the burden on the spine and internal organs;
    • purified from stagnant energies;

    If you wish to become a specialist in this field, we offer you certified training seminars that conduct the founders of the method. The seminar program was developed by the Great British Color Therapy Academy, Drobert Abrahamson (USA), who has been dedicated to the study of the ancient Chinese medicine for 20 years old, and Fanto Dorsey.


    Contents of the seminar «Radued pointer» I - level.

    1. History and science of color therapy;
    2. Tao colors;
    3. Anatomy of thin bodies;
    4. Bringing color to accumuated points;
    5. Bringing light (colors) to the human electromagnetic field;
    6. Rainbow chakras;
    7. Connection with energy potential and mental talents;
    8. Secrets of a golden flower;
    9. Operation with a radial pointer on accumulatory points based on the choice of color code;
    10. Session training:
    • Chakra balancing;
    • liberation from born injury;
    • release of the past;
    • reunion with our potential and gifts;

    Contents of the seminar «Radued pointer» II level.

    1. 5 elements in motion. Ratios of 5 elements;
    2. Awakening Kundalini;
    3. Nay Fen Shui - the inner path of harmonious balance;
    4. Inner hairdryer shui early sky.
    5. Mystical turtle Bugua Later Sky. 8 methods of mystical turtle;
    6. Astrologically open energy points;
    7. Operation with a radial pointer on accumulatory points based on the choice of color code;
    8. Session training:
    • Transition, sorrow, loss, injury
    • Menopause, Andropausa
    • Opening of conception vessels
    • Opening a governing vessel
    • Opening penetrating vessel
    • Opening of a joining vessel
    • Opening of Yin and Yang vessels
    • Inside Hairdryer Shui

    Contents of the seminar «Radued pointer» III level.

    1. Disclosure of the ability to hear and balancing the senses;
    2. Enhancing eye susceptibility and balancing of organs of vision;
    3. Transition from anger to self-confidence;
    4. Overcoming fear. Development of courage;
    5. Skin rejuvenation and internal beauty
    6. Strengthening faith.

    How to get out of depression? How to regain the joy of life again?

    In addition, the center «Aura-Soma Rus» under the leadership of Polyne and.YU. Invites you to undergo training on the Aura-som with the issuance of the Certificate of the International Academy of Color therapy and become a professional consultant.

    International Academy of Color Therapy - Asiact (Aura-soma International ACADEMY OF COLOR THERAPISTS) - more than 20 years conducts training and certification of specialists in color therapy in many countries of the world.

    Aura-Soma is therapy that enters the trinity of the energy of color, plants and crystals. At seminars, you can learn the color language, learn about the relationship between the color choice of man and its internal qualities. Using the colors and products of Aura-Soma - Balance Oils, Pomanders, Quintessence Masters and Crystal Tinette, you will experience new methods of bioenergo information healing.

    The Aura-Soma course opens the student door to the world of color, helps to realize their own potential and use it for self-development, self-knowledge and self-analysis.

    Contents of the I - Level Seminar

    • Color language.
    • Color theory. Primary colors. Additional colors. Hidden colors. Committed colors.
    • Deciphering individual colors of man. Your advantages and talents. Life lesson from the point of view of the past, present and future.
    • Energy field of man and anatomy of thin bodies.
    • Assortment and application of Aura-Soma: Balance oils, Pomanders, Quintessence Masters, Crystal Tinette, Color Cosmetics

    Contents of the II-Level Seminar

    • Color value.
    • Color and astrology.
    • Color and incarnation.
    • Color and sound.
    • Color, food and furnishings that surrounds us.
    • Principles of homeopathy in Aura-Soma.
    • Precious stones in Aura-Soma.
    • Principle of the trinity of color in ancient exercises (Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist). Philosophy color.

    Contents of the III seminar -

    • Deeperate color understanding.
    • Turning on light inside.
    • Awareness and freedom.
    • Fate. Scenario of Life.
    • Tree of life - the oldest map of mental images. Communication of the Tree of Life with Aura-Somo.
    • Taro and Aura-Soma.
    • Kabbalah and Aura-Soma.

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