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  • What is a phobia?
  • Classification fears
  • Treatment for phobias

  • What is a phobia?

    - We at the hearing several phobias and often talk about them as a medical diagnosis. Is it really?

    - Total of about 500 known phobias, and suffers themevery 8th person. Phobias and fears are very close to each other. Phobia - fear is not in front of a real danger, as before, that is in ourselves. That which does not really have to be afraid of. For example, triskaydekafobiya - fear of the number 13. You know that in America there is no house with the number 13, and has a house in Florence 13.5. There is a very strange phobia - such as a fear of marriage or marriage. Typically, these men suffer. There leykofobiya - fear of white color, there klinomaniya - Rod constantly lie in bed without any symptoms and indications for it, fear of work - it is like looking for job, but finding, at the last minute panics and rushes back then ... on a quest.

    Classification fears

    - Is it possible to describe the fears?

    Phobias - Tips psychologist

    - There is a definite classification of fears. For example, each period of life has its own fears. Two or three years - the period when the real and imaginary world converge in one point. Baba Yaga of fabulous creatures thus becomes a "man" who stole mommy or daddy. It is possible that the adults who see children associate them with these fabulous characters. A little later, in 6-7 years old children are afraid of death as such. In adolescence, children begin to become aware of their "I". They have started a kind of confrontation with the world, which they fear in their hearts.

    - How to overcome fear?

    - Some go away, but do not letthings drift. We must say the fears of children. It is necessary to ask what and who is afraid of the child, and to draw this character. Then tear pattern and the remainder to let in the wind, or burn it down the toilet with the words that we together defeated the villain. This, of course, only one way to deal with fear.

    - If a phobia not fear, from which you can simply get rid of this disease? Or not?

    - Sometimes - disease. When there Psychosomatics: there sweating, my heart skips a beat.

    - What causes fear?

    - Neurosis. If a person has a conflict situation, which he could not explain himself. Then he hides behind a phobia. He cares for her and cherished, that their phobia because often unconsciously understand: if you remove it, stay alone with a problem that must be addressed.

    Treatment for phobias

    - How to treat a phobia?

    - A man can see himself that hisscares and that it hurts, from the side. However, a person is prone to self-deception. And because often necessary psychotherapist or psychologist, who appoints the medication. The therapist puts a person in a situation where one is afraid, and helps him come to terms with it. Then the same situation they are in reality with a psychologist.

    - You have said that a man can handle himself with a phobia. How?

    We must imagine a situation that youscares, on the windshield of the car. It breaks up the stone and the situation gets. This reception visualization. You can imagine the situation, painted on the asphalt, wash the shower flows.

    - Do I need to get rid of phobias?

    - As we have said, the problem of phobia substitutes from which we hide. From these pryatok problem will not disappear, but only will grow even more, and somehow it will have to decide.

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