Symptoms of schizophrenia - are investigated in the symptoms of the disease


Symptoms of schizophrenia - are investigated in the symptoms of the diseaseOur psyche and brain capabilities tothe end and have not been studied. Therefore, we are often faced with diseases, the occurrence of which also found an explanation. One of these ailments is schizophrenia. Some scientists believe that this includes protective functions of the body when a person, his mind is not able to cope with the situation or position. He "leaves" in another dimension, seeing the world and reality distortion. This pathology violates the unity of consciousness, splitting it and razdvaivaya.

Schizophrenia is considered severe mentalpathology, which can manifest itself at any age - without any reasons. In adolescence, a child learns the world with interest, trying to socialize and adapt. If you have problems in this regard, it could trigger the development of schizophrenia. Heavy smoking, alcohol, drugs, prolonged loneliness can trigger disease onset.

Children with schizophrenia is not much different frommanifestations of the disease in adults. But there may be serious problems with the early diagnosis of disease. The early signs of the disease may be false or symptoms will wear a soft cast. To understand what happens to a man, you should carefully observe him: his behavior, interests, work, reflections, dreams. If a person is not the usual way of life, is not like other world and strange hobbies, it does not mean that he had a mental disorder. Especially when for all that he is successful in life and perfectly adapted. Assess disease state not on the basis of separately taken, and view them all in combination. This allows a more objective picture of the possible onset of schizophrenia.

In the treatment of the disease is impossible to achieve complete recovery, it is chronic. However, you can smooth out some of the symptoms and to achieve stable and long-lived remissions.

The disease of schizophrenia: the beginning, the signs and symptoms

The disease has a sufficient number ofvarious forms of display, each of which has one or the other symptoms expressed to varying degrees. But any form of schizophrenia (if time does not start treatment) results in a gradual and irreversible deformation of the psyche and personality of the patient, brighter and brighter showing clinical symptoms. The causes, as already mentioned, there is, but there are factors that contribute to the development of the disease:

  • heredity;
  • nerve stress - a single heavy or prolonged stress condition;
  • brain trauma;
  • genetic transformation.

The disease of schizophrenia: the beginning, the signs and symptomsIf symptoms last for about six months,They do not speak about the disease and the presence of shizopodobnogo state. The first signs of schizophrenia begin to appear even before the onset of the disease. This so-called prodromal symptom complex, which allows you to diagnose the disease before its characteristic manifestations. They look like a gradual social isolation and shut off. Neurotic manifestations of emotions disorders (irritability, aggressiveness, depression, hostility all around). Starting on the background of psychosis gives reason to believe the onset of schizophrenia.

In schizophrenia disorder occursepisodic or continuous. Paroxysmal form is intermittent, and in between the patient feels a full-fledged personality. However, bouts of very intense psychosis bright and saturated. Continuous form is chronic, sometimes not even allowing a fleeting glimpse of a clear consciousness of the patient. Usually, the patient is not critical of his actions and does not agree with the fact that he was ill, but slow schizophrenia 90% of patients are aware that there have been changes in their psyche.

In schizophrenia symptoms are varied, but the basic features are the same. Symptoms of the disease depends on the form of the disease and is divided into:

  • productive - are events that do not exist in reality, that creates a consciousness of the patient: hallucinations (usually auditory) and delusions in the form of mania;
  • negative - emotion disorders, communication, violation of will.

The diagnosis of schizophrenia breaks down all the barriers betweenthe concepts of "I" and "not I" by mixing what is happening inside and outside of man, erasing the boundaries of the real and imaginary. It is interesting to note that people with schizophrenia are very hardy and strong physically. They are able to withstand the "shock" dose of insulin 80 units, not supercooled, colds and any viruses they pass by, and the children born from schizophrenia, are endowed with a high level of intelligence.

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