Pneumonia - an inflammation of the lungs


  • What causes pneumonia?
  • The dangerous pneumonia
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  • What causes pneumonia?

    The culprits of this disease are bacteria. Their
    a lot and they are called intricately: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, pneumococci,
    streptococci, staphylococci. Just pneumonia caused by various
    influenza viruses and fungi. The process of the disease, its severity, symptoms and
    Laboratory studies differ depending on how
    Pneumonia is caused by a microbe. Naturally for each form of pneumonia -
    special treatment.

    not a contagious disease. It can not be passed on as influenza
    air (airborne). And the manifestation of pneumonia depends on
    condition of the body, the immune system. It therefore often happens that
    influenza complicated by pneumonia. Why? Because the body during
    influenza is weakened, and themselves influenza viruses can cause pneumonia.
    It provided a number of factors, which often provoke disease.

    • Factor lowered immunity.
    • People with different chronic diseases.
    • Weakened by the people as a result of undergoing surgery.

    The dangerous pneumonia

    Fortunately for today pneumonia is not the same
    nightmare, how it was in the Middle Ages. There were no antibiotics
    able to cope with pneumonia and thousands of people have died on the third
    day after the onset of disease.Pneumonia - an inflammation of the lungs

    But, nevertheless, there is to date
    dangerous side pneumonia - its hidden within. So in this case
    even armed with antibiotics and other means does not
    favorable prognosis. And in other cases, when pneumonia occurs
    especially hard - there are deaths.

    And physicians sound
    anxiety - in recent years, mortality from pneumonia began to grow. Not
    not confuse this with the mortality of SARS. Statistics
    It shows that the "old" known to everyone, not caressed journalists
    pneumonia, which often leads to death. And judging by the
    the number of cases, pneumonia after acute respiratory infections
    and viral infections ranked first.

    In an average year in Russian
    ill with pneumonia about 1.5 million people. Most often lethal
    the outcome of the case in the elderly. What is the reason? The fact that
    a man age already has a variety of chronic diseases. AND
    immunity in the elderly is not the same, that in his youth.

    Also on the rate of death from pneumonia
    It influences people's attitude towards their health. Somehow, in Russia
    self is so commonplace, and nothing that is not
    prevents. Indeed, in our pharmacies today you can buy any
    antibiotics without a prescription. A hasty application strong
    It produces antibiotics in microbes resistant resistance.
    It turns out that even with the use of antibiotics in severe conditions
    the hospital is not always possible to save a sick with pneumonia - his
    Germs do not give up.

    pneumonia Symptoms

    As it is not sad, but no major pneumonia
    features. They anyhow, similar to those of other diseases.
    Judge for yourself: a sharp rise in temperature resistant, durable, dry or
    cough, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, weakness, sweating,
    headache. Many take these symptoms for the flu or acute respiratory disease and not
    hurry to see a doctor. This is most clearly reflects pneumonia may be called
    Is that such a symptom as cough with purulent sputum or streaked

    The diagnosis of "pneumonia" can only be put after
    special examination at the hospital. According to the results of X
    images and other studies of the patient and the doctor finds pneumonia
    prescribe treatment. The sooner this happens, the easier and faster you can
    cure pneumonia.

    Treatment of pneumonia

    Where to treat pneumonia - hospital or in
    home can be solved only by a doctor. It depends on the complexity of
    disease, age of the patient and the presence of chronic diseases. that
    to treat a patient at home with pneumonia should be the appropriate conditions are met:
    well ventilated room, bed rest, round the clock care,
    to carry out a doctor's prescription.

    When it came to the ambulance, and it is expected
    doctor visit, the patient will be moved and shelter. To put a foot warmer.
    Giving to drink hot tea with lemon or raspberry. Do not apply
    antipyretic drugs to doctors soon, if not the temperature
    greater than 38.5 degrees. These procedures can be performed if there is no
    hemoptysis. If it is, then no heat treatments.

    After treating pneumonia, it is advisable to strengthen your health in a sanatorium - on the sea or where there is a forest.

    Subject to all rules and doctor appointments forecast for pneumonia favorable.

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