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  • Now doctors beat the alarm: more and more young people suffer from age-related eye diseases. Macular dystrophy of the retina, retinopathy and even cataracts became the usual phenomenon among 25-30-year-old.

    One of the reasons – Modern lifestyle, quite aggressive for the visual system. Computer, Fluorescent Lamps, Gadgets – These are the realities of our life, however, it is they bring irreparable damage to eyes, as they are the source of blue light. It is he who provokes the formation of the main perpetrators of poor vision - free radicals that cause oxidative reactions in cells and causing their rapid aging. In addition, the blue spectrum of light damages Makul (the central part of the eyeball), negatively affecting it.

    What to do?

    Resist the progress without using modern technique, it would be foolish and inappropriate. Yes, and it is unlikely possible. However, compliance with simple preventive rules will help to resist the aggressive impact of external factors and reduce the risk of eye diseases. The main thing is to build these rules to the norm of life, make them a habit.

    So, you need to remember that it is properly organized, that is, well-lit, the workplace contributes to the lower eye fatigue - in this case, the blue light comes from the computer monitor becomes less dangerous. For the same reason, it is not recommended to watch the tv in the dark. Read more useful not from the phone, but from an electronic book, in which there is no harmful to illumination.

    It is known that to maintain good physical form you need to play sports. Help gymnastics helps maintain a visual system in good shape. Special exercises that are recommended to do every 40-50 minutes, especially while reading or working at a computer, help relieve tension, improve local blood circulation, stimulate the metabolism, improve the appearance.
    You can not neglected sunglasses, especially in summer, when the UV radiation is more active.

    By the way, bad habits and stress are also not the best effect on sight, as the protective functions of the body weaken. Therefore, elimination of these factors – One of the main conditions in the prevention of eye diseases.

    Keep the eye health from the inside helps the right nutrition rich
    Vitamins A, E, C, Zinc, as well as natural antioxidant - lutein.

    It is contained in spinach, corn, red pepper. However, in negligible doses. To provide the body by the daily norm, you need to eat, for example, spinach, up to 2 kg per day. But how long will it be possible to observe such a diet?

    Eye Health: Save and ImproveExit – Special vitamin complexes for eyes, for example, Doppelgers® Active vitamins for eyes with lutein and blueberries *, which are already containing in the right amount not only lutein, but also other vitamins.

    Antioxidant defense

    The influence of free radicals in our body is opposed by antioxidants, in particular, already mentioned lutein (and its derivative – Zeaxanthin). Lutein prevents the retinal destruction and closet of lens due to the ability to penetrate into the eye tissue, absorb blue light and suppress the formation of free radicals.

    In addition to Lutein, vitamins A, E, C, zinc, which are contained in Doppelgerz have antioxidant properties® Active vitamins for eyes with lutein and blueberries.

    But the functions of these vitamins are not limited to antioxidant protection.

    Lack of vitamin A who participates in the synthesis of Rhodopsin (pigment responsible for twilight vision) causes «Chicken blindness». Zinc helps to absorb him.
    Vitamin E is responsible for cell regeneration, tissue breathing and capillar stories.
    Recovery processes are complicated by lack of vitamin C, which also normalizes intraocular pressure and reduces the risk of glaucoma.


    We are talking about blueberries. Flavonoids, this berry is indispensable for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases: dystrophy and degeneration of retina, diabetic angiopathy, twilight impaired and «Chicken blindness». That is why blueberry extract includes both Doppelgers® An asset of vitamins for eyes with lutein and blueberries.

    Regular reception of vitamins improves eyesight, relieves eye fatigue, strengthens the vessels and improves blood circulation, and this is especially important at elevated loads on the visual system.

    Course of vitamins for eyes with lutein and blueberry Doppelgerz® Designed for 2 months. Just just one capsule per day. In the complex with other preventive measures, vitamins will help delay the aging eyes and keep them healthy for many years.

    *Bad. Before applying, consult with a specialist.Certificate of State Registration No. RU.77.99.eleven.003.E.016973.04.11 from 22.04.2011 G.

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