hip Coxarthrosis


hip CoxarthrosisCoxarthrosis - arthrosis (osteoarthritis) of the hipjoints - degenerative disease of character that destroys cartilage and violates its mobility. Coxarthrosis may be unilateral (one struck joint) and bilateral (both the amazed joint). There are primary and secondary osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Primary osteoarthritis is characterized by undiagnosed causes of development, and there is a secondary consequence of trauma, avascular necrosis of the femoral head, rheumatoid arthritis and anomalies of development. Movement disorders occur in the hip due to an increase in viscosity and thickening of the synovial fluid. This entails a violation of cartilage lubrication and subsequent deformation. Of great importance in the development of coxarthrosis has birth defects (congenital dislocation of the hip dysplasia).

The characteristic symptoms of hip osteoarthritis include:

  • joint pain and pain in the groin and the knee;
  • violation of motor activity (possibly limping);
  • Articular crunch;
  • shortening of the affected limb (leg) and atrophy of the thigh muscles;

Degrees of hip osteoarthritis

During koksartroza distinguish 3 degrees of development:

  1. The first degree is characterized by a feeling of painhip with loads of passing after a rest. When X-rays are observed small bone growths and uneven joint space narrowing.
  2. At the second degree of osteoarthritis pain are becoming moreintense and strong, give in the area of ​​the hip and knee and manifested in the absence of stress. joint work is no longer intact, the limited movement and stiffness. X-rays show a strong growth of bone tissue, the deformation of the femoral head and its displacement upwards.
  3. Third Degree - the hardest, characterizedmuscle atrophy and impaired walking alone (patients are used to facilitate the movement of a cane or crutches). There is a shortening of sore feet. Chest X-ray shows a large-scale expansion of the bone, a sharp narrowing of the joint space and the expansion of the femoral neck.

For successful treatment of hip osteoarthritis need time to consult a podiatrist in the early stages of the disease, and it is better - at the very first symptoms.

Diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip

Diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis of the hipAs a primary diagnosis of coxarthrosisused X-ray examinations. To diagnose and treat must specialist (podiatrist). Surgery (arthroplasty) is assigned only at the third stage of the disease. First and second treatment steps performed by prescribing, physiotherapy, special diet and exercises. Among medicaments find their use of NSAIDs, vasodilators and hormonal steroids, muscle relaxants and chondroprotectors. Receiving a certain drug is important to check with your podiatrist. Physical therapy improves blood circulation and reduces muscle spasms. In the treatment of osteoarthritis of the hip joint is successfully practiced massage and extractor joints. Diet in coxarthrosis useful in reducing body weight, and thus the load on the affected joint.

Features gym in coxarthrosis

Performing exercises with therapeutic exercisescoxarthrosis, it is important to remember that the movement should not be sharp and intense as it may worsen the current state. LFK is not dynamic, and static. When the discomfort massage the muscles of the thigh, or take a warm bath. Exercise should not overload the affected joint and even more so to provoke a sharp pain.

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