History, diagnosis and treatment of Sjogren's syndrome (Sjogren's)


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  • From history ...

    Arid desert and a drop of water - such posters have chosen Society of patients with Sjogren's syndrome (Sjogren's). Sensation of sand in the eyes and dry mouth - the main complaint of patients with Sjogren's syndrome.

    The name of Sjogren's syndrome was named after the Swedish physician Henrik Sjogren
    (His name is sometimes written as the Sjogren). One of the most famous Swedish
    Ophthalmologists who was born in 1899 in a wealthy bourgeois family.

    Since childhood, fond of music and reading. Music became a hobby on Henry
    All his life, he was not only a good pianist, but even wrote
    several small pieces. The family of Henry were no doctors. Him
    older brother began to study medicine, but suddenly died of the Spanish flu.
    Perhaps this was the main argument in favor of a future profession
    Henry. At age 20 he entered the Karolinska Institute
    Stockholm. There he met his first and only love, Mary
    Hellren daughter Stockholm ophthalmologist, who later became his
    wife. Heinrich studied successfully and early chose the specialty, such as,
    as his bride and father in law, he became an ophthalmologist. In 1929, Henry
    Sogrenu met a patient who worry dryness in the eyes,
    dry mouth and pain in the joints. These symptoms were individually
    well-known doctors.

    Henrik Sjögren and the French ophthalmologist Henry
    Gougerot were the first to understand the importance of such a combination of symptoms.
    Long and hard studied Heinrich sicca syndrome. He carefully examined
    patients using the difficult technique - a study of surface
    eye membranes (conjunctiva and cornea) under a microscope and
    photographing the lacrimal and salivary glands. Dry syndrome has been the subject of his
    doctoral thesis. Many of the leading scholars of the time reacted to
    Exploration Henry skeptical, as a result he did not get the title
    assistant professor. It was a blow. Fame came to Sogrenu significantly
    later. One of his works has been translated into English, and then
    send invitations to various conferences and symposia. Well
    recognition had to wait a long time, so that only at the age of 62 years
    scientist was awarded the title of professor. Henrik Sjögren died in 1986,
    She buried in Stockholm with his wife and parents.

    Sjogren's syndrome (Sjogren's)

    Sjogren's Syndrome - a disease in which the
    immune cells invade the glands that produce moisture such
    a tearful, salivary glands, Bartholin gland vagina. glands
    destroyed as a result they begin to allocate enough moisture.

    History, diagnosis and treatment of Sjogren's syndrome (Sjogren's)
    Sjogren's syndrome - one of the most common autoimmune
    diseases. For example, it affects about 4000000 Americans. 9 out of 10
    patients - women. The average age of onset of about 40 years. AT
    50% of Sjogren's syndrome occurs in isolation, and in 50% - together
    with other connective tissue diseases: rheumatoid arthritis,
    systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic sclerosis, polymyositis, or

    The most characteristic symptoms of the disease are dry,
    feeling of sand, rawness and burning in the eyes, photophobia. The eyes may
    become red in the corners during sleep are formed crust. As far
    untreated advanced cases Sjogren's syndrome, the cornea can
    formed ulcers. At the site of healed ulcers formed scar that
    It leads to poor vision or even blindness.

    In humans, there are three major salivary glands: sublingual, parotid
    and submandibular. Sjogren's syndrome, and sometimes they swell
    become painful and sometimes swollen glands may occur in the
    background fever. Dry mouth prevents say difficult chewing and
    swallowing, particularly a dry food leads to the progression of caries and
    gum disease, tongue can crack and become painful.

    Dry mouth and nose is the cause taste disturbances and
    smell. Dryness in the throat leading to coughing, to predraspolezhennosti
    bronchitis and pneumonia. Patients with Sjogren's syndrome, whose profession
    associated with public speaking (teachers, speakers), in
    some cases it is necessary to move to another job. Sometimes
    dryness felt in other organs. The illness can affect the kidneys,
    gastro-intestinal tract, blood vessels, lungs, liver,
    pancreas and the central nervous system. Many patients
    experiencing severe fatigue and joint pain. Patients with the syndrome
    Sjogren there is a predisposition to certain cancers
    diseases, so the risk of ill lymphoma is increased 40 times,
    compared with others, so that all patients with this syndrome
    They should be carefully examined and kept under
    medical supervision .u each individual patient's symptoms,
    it is impossible to find two identical patients. Some manifestations
    mild disease, these patients may be many years not apply for
    medical care and feel relatively well. To all
    get used to it. Another manifestation of the disease is causing severe

    Diagnostics from

    indroma Sjogren (Sjogren's)

    Sjogren's Syndrome is often not diagnosed. Since not all
    signs of the disease appear at the same time, physicians and dentists
    sometimes treat each symptom individually and do not recognize the system
    disease. Moreover, the causes of dryness may be different, for example,
    as a side effect of drug treatment (antidepressants, and,
    lowering blood pressure). From the onset of the disease before statement
    diagnosis of an average of about 6 years passes.

    If the doctor suspected Sjogren's syndrome, it canappoint some blood tests. Antinuclear factor (ANF) - a group of antibodies that react with the components of the cell nucleus, they have 70% of patients with Sjogren's syndrome. SSa (or RO) and SSB (or LA) - also commonly found in this syndrome, SSA - 70% and SSB - 40%. Rheumatoid factor (RF) - this test indicating rheumatic disease, it is positive in 60-70% of patients. Increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) says about inflammatory activity. Sjogren's syndrome also increases immunoglobulin G (IgG).

    The therapist may also refer the patient to an ophthalmologist and dentist for additional research. Schirmer test
    measures the production of tears. For the detection of abnormal cells
    on the surface of the eye color using Rose Bengal. Besides
    that examine the eye with a slit lamp. The dentist can measure
    the amount of saliva produced over a certain period of time.
    Scintigraphy of the salivary glands explores the function of the salivary glands, sialography - the state of their ducts. To establish the diagnosis also helps biopsy
    lips: the syndrome of Sjogren small salivary glands that
    lips disposed, on the inner surface infiltrated
    lymphocytes, as seen under a microscope.

    Treatment from

    indroma Sjogren (Sjogren's)

    The main patient doctor with Sjogren's syndrome - a rheumatologist. But
    eye disease and oral disease treated with appropriate
    experts. If dry mouth is used special formulations that replace
    saliva. In order to slow the progression of caries, instead
    sugar, use sugar substitutes. Do not forget
    regular cleaning of teeth and the preventive visits to the dentist. Eyes
    can be protected by using artificial tears (Tears Naturale, Oftagel,
    Vidisik, Lakrisin) and sunglasses. In some cases,
    late stage of the disease your doctor may recommend a simple operation,
    as a result of which, clogged tear ducts and tear longer
    It remains in the eye. For nasal humidification use special salt
    sprays. humidifiers - special lotions and home can be used for dry skin. If possible, try to avoid
    air conditioners and heaters. Do not get involved sunbathing,
    travel to warm countries and bath, especially a sauna. when dryness
    the vagina can help specialty lubricants, but the use of petroleum jelly
    do not do it.

    Depending on the cause and severity of the symptoms can be
    used steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g.
    diclofenac), delagil, hormones (glucocorticoids), and immunosuppressants.

    Sjogren's Syndrome - a serious, but usually not fatal
    the disease if it is diagnosed in time. Most poison
    life dry eyes and mouth, but timely treatment can
    significantly slow down the development of the disease, and in most cases
    also reduce its manifestations.

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