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  • Decrease in joints
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  • To choose the right treatment, it is important that the diagnosis of Osteoarthrosis put the doctor, since there are a number of other diseases of the joints, similar to manifestations, but their treatment has fundamental differences. Setting the diagnosis of osteoarthrosis - the reason to change the established life stereotypes and correctly use the recommendations of the doctor.

    Decrease in joints

    Lifestyle with osteoarthritisSore joints should be protected from high load. With arthrosis of the joints of the legs, it is recommended to exclude such types of motor activity as running, jumping and squats. Detect the state of the joints and enhance pain rapid and long walking, especially in uneven terrain, lift to the mountain, as well as walking on stairs. In addition, raising and transferring heavy items should be avoided. With all these types of activities on the affected joints, force acts significantly exceeding the body weight, which is harmful to altered cartilage.

    Long stay in one position should also be avoided, for example, long-term seating or standing in one position, squatting or in a bent position when working on the garden. Such postures worsen the influx of blood to the sore joints, as a result of which the nutrition of cartilage deteriorates.

    Under the osteoarthritis of the joints of the hands, limit the transfer of weights, pressing the hands of heavy and cumbersome linen and any other heavy load on the fingers of the hands. In any case, you need to develop the rhythm of motor activity so that the load periods alternate with the rest periods during which the joint should be unloaded. Approximate Rhythm - 15-20 minutes Load. 5-10 minutes rest. It is necessary to unload the foot joints in the lying position or sitting, in the same positions you can perform several movements in the joints (bending, extension, bike) to restore blood circulation after load.

    At the same time, despite the presence of a number of restrictions, it is necessary to lead an active lifestyle by increasing the motor activity that does not have a negative impact on cartilage. It is necessary to perform special exercises daily every day, the total feature of which is that when they perform, the load on the articular cartilage is minimal, and the muscles surrounding the joint are working to a greater extent. This allows you to form a good muscular corset around the joint, maintain normal mobility and sufficient blood circulation in the limb.

    Well helps to reduce the load on the joints of the legs when walking canes. If you are more concerned about the right leg, then the cane must be worn in your left hand and vice versa. If both legs suffer, it is useful to walk with two carriaries at the same time. If you have a long walking, or you assume that you have to stand for a long time, you must have a cane with you. It will make your campaign more comfortable.

    It is very important to choose the height of the cane. Both too long and too short cane equally unsafe for a skeleton. In order to choose the right to choose the height of the cane, you need to wear shoes with such a heel on which you usually go. Hands freely along the body. Cane handle should be located at the level of the first finger.

    Casual life of osteoarthritis patient

    Lifestyle with osteoarthritisSometimes in order to reduce the knee pain The doctor can recommend you to wear special knee pads or special insoles in shoes (supinators) that allow you to maintain the correct state of the joints. Insoles must be selected individually, as the stop in all different and incorrectly selected insole can rather harm.

    Special attention in osteoarthritis of the joints of the legs should be turned on shoes. Wearing shoes on a low wide heel with a soft elastic sole allows you to extinguish a blow that applies to the limb during contact with the heel from the ground and at the same time injures cartilage. It is also important that the shoes are wide enough, and its top is soft, in general, the listed requirements correspond to most sports shoes.

    Patients with damage to the joints brushes is often difficult to open the door with a regular key. It is easier to do this, if using a metal pin to increase the key lever. Wear it a simple tool in your pocket or in a handbag so that it is always at hand.

    If it is difficult for you to get up from sitting, then take care of your chair. It should be at high legs and have good armrests, protruding forward. Getting up, bend palms on the edges of armrests. At the same time, the body weight will be evenly distributed to the strong wrists, and not on weaker joints of the brushes, which often suffer from osteoarthritis. Do not learn your fingers, it creates a very large load on the affected brush joints.

    Do not sit on your knees. It's better to kneel and put a soft roller. Try to avoid sitting on low chairs or in low chairs - with sore joints it will be very difficult to climb from them. When you are going to do homework, remember everything you need for this, and collect all things in advance. This will avoid re-rates from the chair and unnecessary hikes around the house, and therefore reduce the burden on the joints. For example, if you plan to start cooking food, get in advance and lay out all the products and kitchen tools to care your feet. Perform any job better sitting. If you have to wash the floors, it is better to do it with a mop, not a clone.

    Osteoatrosé food

    Lifestyle with osteoarthritisObesity is one of the most important risk factors osteoarthritis joints of the legs. Extra kilograms increase the burden on the joints. And, given that the joints and so damaged by the disease, it seriously complicates the forecast and adversely affects the course of the disease.

    Changing food style and diet should be gradual, but constant weight loss. They must be combined with physical activity. To lose weight, you should use less fat. For this, there are the following rules:

    • Avoid «Invisible» Fats that can be hidden in confectionery, pastries, pies, chocolate, sausage products and in various snacks. To determine the content «hidden» Fat in the product, carefully read information on the labels.
    • Buy only lean meat. Replace as often as possible meat on fish and bird dishes. Do not forget that fat fish is especially useful. It contains fatty acids that your body needed. Try to use skimmed milk and dairy products.
    • Use enough black bread, cereal and croup. They contain a lot of fiber, and almost not fully fully. In the diet should be more vegetables, fruits, berries.
    • Reduce sugar use. Less add it to porridge, tea, coffee and other drinks. Avoid the products of the CO «hidden» Sugar: Its very much in sodes, in Ketchup and other sauces. To find such sugar carefully read product labels.

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