Capricious skin


  • Who capricious skin?
  • How to deal with it?
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  • Capricious skin

    Who capricious skin?

    Most often, this problem catches teens,that in connection with sexual maturation disturbed metabolism of hormones. The cells of the sebaceous glands begin to vigorously share and produce too much sebum.

    The consequences of this process are well known: ducts through dilated easily penetrate into the skin germs which contribute to inflammation and blockage of the sebaceous glands. To further develop acne, which gives a lot of grief, and the mirror becomes enemy number one.

    However, this problem affects not only theteenagers, but also those who are over thirty. Especially bothers women the disease. After hormonal imbalance at women occurs much more frequently than men.

    The culprits of acne can be differentgynecological and endocrine diseases, defects in the adrenal glands and liver, as well as hereditary fermentopathy. Sometimes, skin problems occur due to taking certain drugs and vitamins, and even because of improper use of cosmetics.

    How to deal with it?

    To begin with remember: to get rid of acne problems, it is necessary to eliminate the rash itself is not, and the reason for its occurrence. However, to understand this problem "by eye" can not even an experienced professional, and require additional inspection: checking the hormonal profile, blood chemistry, ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis. Only then the dermatologist will suggest the treatment is tailored to you.

    Often women to normalize hormoneBackground of the sebaceous glands and prescribe drugs with anti-androgenic effect. Help to cope with germs and antibiotics that the doctor selects depending on the type of bacteria that caused the skin problems.

    If any more serious diseases(Liver, endocrine and brain disorders), treatment is required to carry out with the help of appropriate specialists: gastroenterologist, endocrinologist and a neurologist.

    A few tips after ...

    Thus, we assume that the appearance of the reason youacne has already been found, but a specialist has appointed you to the necessary and timely treatment. However, to get rid of cosmetic problems of rashes on the skin for a couple of days will still fail. How could there be? After all, look "one hundred percent" want today!

    For patients with acne modernDermatology offers and outdoor treatment: with an electric current (diathermocoagulation) or laser to remove items rash, use special lotions anti-inflammatory, antibacterial ointment and apply physiotherapy - Cryo, mud masks, ultraviolet radiation and ozone.

    In addition, during treatmentexperts recommend to stick to milk-vegetable diet, which reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands (very important to eliminate from the diet, citrus, nuts, caffeine drinks, chocolate, alcohol, some seafood, as well as all fatty, fried and smoked). And remember - the health of the skin and the body - in your own hands. It is only necessary to competently and in a timely manner to eliminate hotbeds of disease.

    One last tip for those who struggle withproblem in the old scars - squeezing blackheads and resorting to the same "drastic" measures. Remember: in the best case, such a self does not give the expected result, and at worst - will enhance the inflammatory process. For acne - not just a cosmetic defect, but a serious illness, and initiative in the fight against unacceptable to him.

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