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  • Dermatitis
  • Treatment and prevention of dermatitis

  • Dermatitis

    Dermatitis - skin disease characterized by the occurrence of
    inflammatory processes that preceded the impact
    any stimulus (chemical, mechanical
    damage, vegetable allergens, etc.).

    Among the risk factors for dermatitis stand out:
    • idiosyncrasy any irritants
    • increased skin sensitivity
    • the presence of concomitant skin diseases
    • the presence of concomitant diseases of internal organs and systems
      (Especially the gastrointestinal tract, liver and endocrine)
    • the presence of chronic infections
    • long-term use of certain drugs (especially when self-medication)
    • fatigue, stress
    • failure to comply with hygiene standards
    Furthermore, when special importance dermatitis age: for children
    the skin is much more sensitive than adults, and therefore more susceptible to
    inflammations. Also take into account the thickness
    stratum corneum at different sites: the smaller it is, the higher the risk
    development of the disease, that is, for example, hands, feet not
    sensitive to external influences, like the face, forearms, and others.
    direct contact with an irritant causes different
    on the severity and duration of the inflammation, which correspond
    symptoms such as:
    • redness
    • itch
    • burning
    • increase local temperature
    • swelling
    • Small bubbles with clear content
    Opening is accompanied by bubbles
    occurrence in their place wet moist skin,
    then a scab covers and scales. If such symptoms
    were immediately subject to appropriate treatment, the symptoms are
    quickly and do not cause serious risk of recurrence. In the opposite
    case, repeated contact with the stimulus promotes the formation
    a more intense and prolonged inflammation,
    evidence of the chronic form of the disease. Besides,
    the severity of skin rash depends on the type of stimulus and the time
    its impact, as a simple pin isolated on this basis
    dermatitis (caused by temperature variations, etc. by friction.) and
    disease with allergic nature (under the influence of chemical or
    Individual intolerance of substances).

    Thus, to be considered in the treatment of disease etiology and
    specific features of an organism, as independent attempts
    fight against skin inflammation can only aggravate the situation,
    especially when using any means, without further
    analysis of individual tolerance.

    Avoiding chronic and complicated course of dermatitis help
    timely consultation with a specialist, and further follow its
    professional recommendations.

    Treatment and prevention of dermatitis

    Dermatitis Treatment should appoint only a doctor because
    in this case it is impossible to independently without professional
    inspection, analysis of complaints and the necessary laboratory tests,
    clarify the etiology of the disease and to select the most effective course

    Dermatitis Treatment and Preventiondermatitis treatment may be complicated by the presence of long-term inflammation
    skin, which is often a consequence of a self-
    primary pathological process in the implementation of which was,
    for example, it used a preparation containing individual intolerance
    Patient material. But even if the dermatitis is another nature,
    non-professional events for its removal can only exacerbate
    irritation and lead to complications and chronic forms

    Thus, when the first
    symptoms as quickly as possible it is advisable to consult a doctor in order
    to determine the type of stimulus and clarify the diagnosis. skin inflammation
    may, inter alia, evidence of any violations
    the patient's internal organs and systems that require additional
    survey, the results of which will allow to have a specialist
    complete information on the state of the organism and its individual
    features. Due to these factors in mind, our medical doctors
    center seeking the maximum possible positive effect,
    organizing medical events adequately specific case. Wherein
    used methods of both local and complex treatment of dermatitis,
    to stimulate the body's natural resistance and improve
    his general condition. From patient but timely treatment
    It requires strict adherence to professional guidelines, in
    Otherwise, the effectiveness of medical action is being

    Prevention of dermatitis
    It is in compliance with hygiene standards, particularly in the case
    constant contact with potential irritants (for example,
    working with chemicals and so on.). If the contact
    Still there is required as soon as possible and wash skin
    if necessary seek medical advice. Protect the skin from the temperature and
    other mechanical influences help special tools. must be
    also take into account the negative experience of the use of any creams,
    ointments, medications, etc., prior to cause skin inflammation, and more
    no resort to the use thereof.

    For the prevention of dermatitis also applies to the exclusion of any
    self, because, as mentioned above, skin irritation
    called and chosen the wrong drugs.
    Professional advice, therefore, it must be carried out
    at the first warning signs in order to avoid later
    undesirable consequences.

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