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  • Eryrastzz - the disease is very unpleasant, not because it delivers the inconvenience of physical, but because the inconvenience of moral. Well, who is nice when his body is covered with ugly brick-red spots. Of course, various ointments and medicinal drugs offered by modern pharmacology are very effectively fighting with this disease, but after all the erytraism is prone to relapses. Therefore, in the treatment of this skin disease, it will not be absolutely not superfluous to apply the funds offered by phytotherapy, to prepare therapeutic ointments and a binding not long and in monetary terms it is cheaper to do. And this is important, because the treatment of eryzamma should be long and stubborn.

    Treatment of fungal skin diseases, to which erytrazmism applies, is carried out by drugs from plants with a fungicidal action - ointments, rubbing fresh juices, rumor verses or informeys.

    «Magic» Mazi

    Phytotherapy against erytrazmaHow to cook ointment at home - to quickly, correctly and with benefit? That's how. Crumpled Paints Painting Painting Painting with Vaseline, Lanolin, Pork Salom, Creamy or Vegetable Oil. It is preferable to prepare such ointments on sunflower, linen, cotton or any other vegetable oil, since the ointment cooked on animal fat is faster, the vegetable oils are the best foundations for ointments: they are less subjected to damage and well absorbed into the skin.

    For the treatment of eritresses, it is recommended to apply the following ointments:

    • Vilkinson's pharmacy ointment;
    • The ointment with the tar;
    • Fresh grass ointment Crashing
    • Fresh herb ointment: 2 parts of linseed grass shredded on meat grinder and 5 pieces of foiled silent pork bass are taken, heats up on fire before evaporation of water and thoroughly mixed, or fresh juice of linseed grass is mixed in half with creamy oil (unsalted);
    • Outflow ointment: 100 g of vegetable or vaseline oil and 100 g of propolis, the oil in a tin can is heated, propolis is sliced ​​in small pieces and stirred, without removing from the fire, until complete dissolution;
    • Ointment of Cellity: The ointment of the grass powder was cleanly large in half with a vaseline, or from 1 part of fresh juice Celebre and 4 pieces of vaseline, 0.25% of carbolic acid was added to prevent.

    The benefits of fresh juice or therapeutic compresses

    Fresh juices are always useful and everywhere, even if it is juices of medicinal plants. Another effective method of treatment of eritresses is compresses. Freshly prepared juices of medicinal plants are wary of the fabric and applied to the affected skin. The compresses are better to do for the night and on top of the compress it is recommended to apply a plastic film, it is necessary to avoid the appearance of spots on underwear or clothing as the composition of some plants are painting substances.

    Try to get rid of eryzamm with rubbing and compresses from freshly prepared juices of such plants:

    • Spontaneous Luke juice in half with honey;
    • lemon fruit juice;
    • fruit juice mandarin;
    • juice from leaves or colors cherry;
    • The juice from the grass and the root of Ceeshela;
    • The juice of colors and grass is shot out;
    • Juice from the root of Kubyushka yellow, divorced in half with boiled water.

    Sticks in the treatment put a point

    Phytotherapy against erytrazmaWhat is a bitch? Summies - this is a lubrication of the affected area of ​​the skin with decoction or presentation of medicinal plants. And cook such decoction or infusion is not difficult at all. To prepare them, it is necessary to chopped dried medicinal raw materials. If you prepare such raw materials yourself, then know that the leaves of herbs and flowers are crushed to particles not more than 5 mm, stems, bark, rhizomes and roots - no more than 3 mm, fruits and seeds not more than 1 mm.

    So, we prepare the decoction we need: 50 g of dry crushed substance pour 1 l of cold water and bring to a boil (you can immediately pour boiling water), then on low heat boil 10 minutes, after removing from the fire, you still insist 20 minutes and be sure to be filled.

    We prepare the infusion for the rims as follows: 50 g of chopped dry grass of the desired plants pour 1 l of cold boiled water, insist the whole day, fix everything, and everything is ready for use.

    Do not forget that for outdoor use (as in our case), stronger infusions or decoctions are used than when using them inside - approximately 2-3 times tight.

    For the treatment of eritresses, decoctions are used for a row of the following plants:

    • from the root of AIRA Bolotnaya;
    • from walnut leaves;
    • From the grass is a large cleanliness;
    • from bark, fruits, leaves or cherry flowers.

    With the same purpose uses cold infusions for the rice:

    • The grass is shot out of herbs;
    • From grass Maryannik Dubravnaya;
    • from the grass linaka ordinary.

    And inside

    From the domestic drugs in the treatment of eritresses of folk medicine, only decoction of the grass of the taste is recommended (but be attentive - it is poisonous, an overdose is dangerous!)

    The decoction is preparing like this: we take a 1 teaspoon of crushed dry grass of the taste of 1 cup of water, boil 5 minutes, then insist for 20 minutes, strain. Drink 1-2 tablespoons before meals.

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