Psoriasis in matters and answers


  • What is psoriasis?
  • How the psoriasis begins?
  • Why psoriasis arises?
  • Psoriasis contagious?
  • At what age most often the first signs of the disease appear?
  • Who is sick psoriasis?
  • Psoriasis is a rare disease?
  • Whether psoriasis is dangerous?
  • Is it possible to cure psoriasis?
  • What worsens the course of psoriasis?

  • Psoriasis in matters and answers

    What is psoriasis?

    For human eye, the skin is constantly changing, lives and updated.
    Skin functions are numerous and worthy of surprise. Without consciousness
    The skin protects us from harmful external influences, prevents the loss
    vital internal components, bonded the body, warns
    On potentially harmful both internal and external changes
    Temperatures playing a major role in the immune system and executes
    Many other functions.

    She brings pleasant sensations and, if about it
    Care, decorate appearance, being a necessary protective barrier,
    allowing to live in this world.

    The skin is constantly resumed, and this
    It is important to understand what psoriasis represents. Norma it
    completely renewed once a month, or rather, every 28 days.

    With psoriasis, this process is accelerated, for the skin is trying to resume itself
    Every 3-4 days. No need to be a genius to understand what happened
    deviation from the norm is not in order.

    Freight of scales for
    Psoriasis can occur so much that leads to bleeding
    (Sign of Auspittsa). Cell-leaving on the surface is not quite
    functional, for did not have enough time to form.
    Not only deteriorating the appearance of the patient, functions are disturbed
    skin, which is a danger in internal or external

    Psoriasis - chronic non-skin disease.
    Its manifestations can vary from several small spots on
    body to large areas. This is not an infectious and non-transmitted
    one person else or from one part of the body another disease.

    How the psoriasis begins?

    Psoriasis begins when you pay attention to the appearance of rash
    covered with silver scales. Then there is a deterioration and
    Spread. And the patient goes to the doctor. Sometimes the first signs
    appear on the site of the wound or scratches on the skin. Damage ne
    passes, and psoriasis begins to spread around. From try
    stuck or cut the skin on this place only worse. Low
    humidity, systematic reception of drugs and stress are also
    Factors preceding the first manifestation of the disease.

    There is a theory,
    that psoriasis appears more often in those areas that are more susceptible
    Loads and external influences, for example, on elbows and knees. but
    Many patients have rashes where there are no specific
    Loads, for example, on the abdomen or back. Ordinary places of rash - it
    Head, elbows, knees, loins and legs. They can, however appear
    anywhere, including nails on legs and hands, as well as sensitive
    The surface of the mucous membranes. Why psoriasis is manifested somewhere more often,
    and somewhere less often - already insignificant if the cure.

    There are several psoriasis varieties. But, regardless of the severity or form of manifestation, this is the same disease.
    The peculiarity of this disease is that the patient does not experience pain, it is not immobilized and even efficient.

    Can I cope with the disease myself or I need to consult a doctor?

    If you suddenly find a small rash on the knee and elbow joints, be sure to go to the dermatologist. Psoriasis
    - Serious disease and self-medication can harm the patient. And if
    The doctor will confirm the diagnosis of psoriasis, should not despair. With modern
    Methods of therapy in most cases it is possible to achieve a rack
    remission or clinical recovery.

    Why psoriasis arises?

    Psoriasis - polyethological disease. The causes of the occurrence of psoriasis are also endocrine disorders, changes in the immune system of the patient, metabolic disorders, various neurosis and stress.

    You suffer from psoriasis, with your children, increased the risk of disease
    psoriasis. Risk rises almost twice if both parents sick
    psoriasis.Psoriasis in matters and answers

    The exact reasons for psoriasis are still
    pores unknown. It occurs as a result of two processes — too much
    Fast fission leather­cells and inflammation, however, what exactly serves
    the impetus to their development, it remains unclear. Now this question is actively

    Under the microscope is visible,
    that the skin affected by psoriasis is inflamed and thicker — Due to
    sharp thickening epis­Dermis (hyperkeratose). Inflammation cause
    T-lymphocytes (a variety of leukocytes) accumulated in the foci
    diseases and attacking skin itself.

    Chronic inflammation forces
    Skin cells called keratinocytes, share and pass
    Cell cycle 4-5 times faster than normal. Fast accumulation
    keratinocytes, in turn, drive­DIT to the formation of thick scales.
    Over time, new blood vessels arise in deep layers of the skin,
    who p­Tait Active Emerging Psoriatic Plaques. Because of
    newly formed vessels skin can remain red yes­same after

    It is not yet clear why in psoriasis (as well as other
    autoimmune diseases) T-lymphocytes are activated in the skin, but
    This process, once started, continue­All life is frustrated. How
    inactivate or «Disable» Names­but these T-lymphocytes without damage
    The immune system as a whole and without providing serious side effects, —
    One of the most important problems in the treatment of psoriasis, and to solve it now
    Provo­Active immunological studies are found.

    patients with psoriasis and their relatives so far­calls against the disease
    There is genetic, or on­Investigation, predisposition, but
    This does not mean that all people who inherited certain genes or
    having pain­psoriasis brothers and sisters, will certainly get sick (see.
    in­millet 25). As far as is known today, most­GUSTs
    genes associated with the development of psoriasis is responsible for expressing­Botka Belkov
    Immune system. Separate genes and groups­new meet in patients
    psoriasis more often than the rest of the population.

    However, most people,
    possessing these ge­We, psoriasis, do not hurt, and in many patients,
    On the contrary, these genes are not. Therefore, at present, genetic analysis
    It is carried out only for research purposes. He does not give Nick­Koya
    Useful information for the diagnosis and treatment of Psoria­For, as well as
    To compile forecasts about the course of the disease.

    studies of the reasons for psoriasis showed that in its occurrence
    Participate certain genes. OS­taking the next step —
    use this information­to develop new treatments, and
    Such work is now being conducted.

    Psoriasis contagious?

    Currently, the infectious theory of the occurrence of psoriasis is completely rejected. Proved that >Psoriasis are not contagious.

    There is a misconception that psoriasis is inflated.
    Uncertainty and fear experienced by people when they first see,
    how are you­Looking psoriasis, for the most part is generated by the fear of Zara­zya.
    However, psoriasis is not infected. Nor touch­feminine skin nor
    Care for the sick, nor use of common objects (cups, towels
    and etc.) cannot lead to psoriasis infection. Psoriasis — Not infection.
    It is not caused by pathogenic microorganisms, but leukocytes
    pain­it is why this disease is not transmitted to others.

    People do not see the difference between contagious and independent­Skin diseases.
    They can take psoriasis for mushroom­futility (dermatophyte, or
    mycosis), impetigo (hundred­Philococcus or streptococcal skin infection),
    virus­infection flowing with rash or scabies. Therefore, some kind of
    Patients with psoriasis consider it necessary in two words to explain new
    familiar what is psoriasis and why it is not infected.Psoriasis in matters and answers

    One person in the family fell ill with psoriasis, and then this is the disease
    diagnosed in the rest, then the reason lies in the general hereditary
    predisposition, and not at all­zeal contact with patients. For
    Most people, country­Physical contacts with psoriasis, physical contacts with relatives
    And close­mi are very important, and others do not follow them.

    about contractions of psoriasis is very common and can deliver a lot
    troubles like sore and those who surround them. Reliable I
    Correctly filed information­sable dispel at least part of false
    fears who are in conscious­people related to this disease.

    contemporary knowledge (for example,­Tav recommendations national
    Foundation Psoriasis or other organizations), people suffering from psoriasis,
    will be able to clearly explain that this disease is not no. This is the first, with
    what is worth starting the conversation about her.

    Although psoriasis is ne
    contagious, it can spread through the body and capture different sections
    Skin. The first hearth may arose­All-place, however, most often
    This happens on­Not specific sites. And although every case
    Individual­Flax, most patients psoriasis proceeds more or less
    it seems. The most common form of illness — Normal psoriasis —
    strikes elbows, knees, scalp and torso (rice. 2; color.
    rice. B and E).

    If a patient detected one hearth
    psoriasis, doctor usually examines typical places checking if there is no
    Other foci. Plaques may appear on any plot where the skin was
    NS­Gda is damaged, for example, on the site of an old scar or­Just
    scratches (see. question 30). In most cases, plaques are located on
    the body is symmetrically, although some patients are affected by everything
    one or two.

    There are other forms
    psoriasis, but significantly re­Same. For example, the disease may hit
    Mortifying hollow­We (CV. rice. 3) and groin. This form of illness is called
    Psoriasis of skin folds, or psoriasis with perverted localization
    rash. In addition, palm-sole psoriasis may occur,
    Doodle psoriasis, Pustulatory Psoriasis and Psoriatic erythrodermia.
    As a rule, each patient has only one species psoriasis, although not excluded, and the imposition of several species.

    severe cases of rash can cover the whole body. Redness over 90
    % of the body surface is called psoriatic erythrodermia. This is very
    serious condition, sometimes yes­Dangerous for life. Defeat all
    Surface surfaces v­Fake the body's ability to deal with infections
    and save moisture, increases the risk of infections. Depending on the severity
    PSO­Riaza and the general condition of the patient may need
    state­Talization for more close observation and treatment.

    At what age most often the first signs of the disease appear?

    usually begins in a relatively young age, but may arise
    in any, from the first year of life to old age when his manifestations often
    There are uncharacteristic. In some patients, psoriasis occurs after
    Influenza or angina. This is not surprising - any infection weakens

    Psoriasis is most often ill in
    age from twenty to thirty years. In children it is not found
    Often, and in the elderly — even less often, therefore, the correct diagnosis in these
    Cases sometimes manage not immediately.

    Who is sick psoriasis?

    Psoriasis can each, regardless of gender, Nazio­Nality or availability
    other skin ailments. Most often he arises from the age of
    adolescent to thirty years. Sometimes psoriasis is diagnosed even
    children, but they can careYou need a baby car seat 0+. Zadeshevo or task. Very necessaryI­kid otherwise than in adults.

    Some people have a risk of falling psoriasis. In particular, this
    concerns those who have sick or hurt anyone­Be from the nearest
    relatives (parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, native brothers and sisters).
    Other risk factors include psoriasis in more distant relatives
    (Uncle and to the Tort, cousins ​​and secondary brothers and sisters), psoriatic
    Artite for someone at seven, the presence in the family history of autoimmune
    Diseases. Polls of patients with psoriasis­Wear that 40—65% of them
    Anyone from family members of the country­gives or suffering from this disease.

    It was
    A lot of studies of hereditary pre­Location K
    Psoriaza. It turned out that among the genes, from­Web for the production of proteins
    immune system, there are those­some are often found in patients
    Psoriasis and less often — in healthy­out of people.

    In the future, this information can
    It is cluttered­Noah for therapeutic purposes, however
    Day of the test system to determine the genotype of people suffering from psoriasis,
    On an industrial scale are not produced and practical­Ticker role in the assessment
    forecast and choosing treatment do not play.

    Risk was evaluated in a number of research with the participation of the nearest relatives
    (native brothers and sisters, twins, children and parents). If one is
    Gemini suffers psoriasis, then the probability of the second get sick — 58%
    (The conclusion is made by the result­Tatam surveys 141 pairs of twins).

    Psoriasis Bo­Leares just a native brother or sister, the risk to get sick below
    — eye­Lo 6%. If one of the parents is sick with psoriasis, then for a child
    The probability of getting lower than 20%, however, if both are born­La, then she
    increases to 65%. The severity of the disease and localization of the lesion from different
    family members may vary.

    Psoriasis is a rare disease?

    consider psoriasis rare, almost an exotic disease. IN
    reality, according to the most modest counting, even in the most
    Reaching countries and regions psoriasis suffers from at least 4%
    Population. And in Scandinavia - up to 8% of citizens. Statistics are given
    Different, but, estimated, psoriasis suffers from 2% to 3% of the US population,
    that is, about 4.5 million people. Every year diagnose approximately
    200,000 new cases.

    The prevalence of psoriasis is different in different
    ethnic groups. Among whites it is higher than among black, la
    Tino-American, Asians, Indians and Eskimos. Causes of­Good
    unevenness are unknown, but it is believed that it is connected­for us
    hereditary predisposition (see. Question 25).

    Common, or blushing, psori­az — This form meets
    85% of patients (col. rice. G). Other forms of psoriasis combined,
    account for about 15% of cases, although the same person has
    At the same time can obey­Several variations of the disease.
    Doodle psoriasis often occurs in children recently undergoing
    infection­, such as angina. Sometimes he passes quite quickly. Everything
    Rare forms of psoriasis externally are so much similar to the usual psoriasis,
    that sometimes they are not possible for quite a long time­Agnosty or put
    erroneous diagnosis.

    The incidence of psoriasis
    hesitates from country to country, reflecting differences in ethnic
    population and the number of sunlight. Above all (4—5%) she in
    Northern Europe, but below — In some countries of South America and on
    OIST­Rov Samoa, where no case of Psoria was found­per. W
    men and women he meets equally often.

    10—30% of Psoriasis patients may develop psoriats­Sky Arthritis. W
    most it appears after 5—10 years after the start of the disease, however
    occasionally happens and its first symptom.

    Whether psoriasis is dangerous?

    Psoriasis does not affect overall health.
    If he extensively spread, it may, of course, cause
    discomfort, unpleasant feelings on the skin and difficulty emotional
    plan, can affect work and leisure. Fortunately, most people,
    patients with psoriasis, has small skin-affected skin that, though
    This is unpleasant, does not change their lifestyle.

    Approximately 10%
    Cases in people patients with psoriasis can develop form arthritis,
    called psoriatic arthritis. Need appropriate
    Medical examination to confirm this diagnosis. Although ne
    always, psoriatic arthritis is more often seen in people with extensive
    common psoriasis, and not with local distribution.
    Psoriatic arthritis can affect people of all ages.

    Is it possible to cure psoriasis?

    There are funds for complete treatment of psoriasis, but there are many
    drugs and methods of treatment that can reduce and control
    PSYou need a baby car seat 0+. Zadeshevo or task. Very necessaryOriaz, often for rather long periods of time. Psoriasis
    By itself, it can appear and disappear, often with long periods

    In most cases, however, psoriasis is constant. He can
    appear and go without any obvious reason. Psoriasis is not necessary
    worsening with age. Psoriasis may occur at any age from
    Infancy to old age. Often psoriasis remains in small
    limited areas and never applies.

    On the
    Today, it is impossible to finally recover from psoriasis. Like I
    Many autoimmune diseases are treated­MI overwhelming immune
    System. Unfortunately, none of the modern methods of treatment can
    lower asset­immune cells forever. Current means
    remove the symptoms of psoriasis, but they are not able to influence its deep
    Cause: An attack of the immune system on the skin.

    most patients psoriasis is exacerbated, it subsides. In many
    There are periods when it completely disappears. But, as a rule, illness
    All the same returns. Since im­The muggy system is already aimed at
    skin attack, then it is from time to time and happens.

    Mass media something and business advertise­Sia Regular
    «miraculous» Funds from psoriasis. One­ko, since psoriasis
    has a complex and ambiguous­clan, and the immune system is difficult
    «Move», Most patients need constant treatment.
    Therefore, although many­GIE Methods are cleaned for some time symptoms
    Psoria­For, any messages about full healing should be carefully

    The most real purpose for most
    Patients — It is to find an acceptable balance between the control of your condition
    And by­honorable time, strength and money that they are willing to spend on
    treatment. Since all drugs are unsafe, you should always evaluate
    The ratio between their medicinal action and the side­Effects.

    There is
    Hope that in the future healing means is still singing­Firm. Immunologists
    And dermatologists continuously continue research, formacetic
    Companies and large medical centers are also engaged in this problem.
    Psoriasis remains on the crest of scientific interest; Constantly reported O
    new achievements and discoveries in this area.

    What worsens the course of psoriasis?

    Some reasons that may worsen psoriasis. Them
    good to know. But remember, psoriasis can flash and without any
    Apparent reason. Below are some of the factors that worsen
    The flow of psoriasis (at least it is sophistication to most people):

    Damage to the skin and comb

    scratches and tan - all this can activate psoriasis. You must
    try to stop the mechanical irritation of your psoriasis if
    This is possible. Psoriasis can develop for the first time on skin sites,
    damaged from scratches, burns or infectious diseases.

    Sun rays

    most people with psoriasis, moderate sunbathing is very
    useful, but the tan can make psoriasis flashep again. Small
    The number of people (about 10%) believe that their psoriasis worsen from
    Sun in any of its number. If you have white skin, perhaps you
    You will need sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.


    The relationship between the diet and psoriasis was not found; However, there are
    Some important guidelines that need to follow.
    Healthy Balanced Diet is important for good health. Some
    People find that their psoriasis deteriorates with excess weight - so
    Weight loss is useful for psoriasis regulation. Some people treat
    Attention that alcohol of any type activates their psoriasis


    Patients notice that stress exacerbates the course of their psoriasis. If this
    It is worth trying to find ways to avoid stressful situations.


    Some medicines,
    accepted for other reasons deteriorate the course of psoriasis, but of course,
    not in each case. These medicines include in their composition: gold,
    Lithium, beta-blockers type inderal used in hypertension. You
    must tell your dermatologist what medicines you take. If
    You have questions about this, be sure to ask them.


    Diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract - especially streptococcal
    infections, may worsen your psoriasis. It is more often manifested in children and

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