The system of combating acne number 1 in the world Proactiv® Solution


  • Product Overview

  • The system of combating acne number 1 in the world Proactiv® Solution Finally in Russia!In June, 2011. American company Guthy Renker, successfully operating in 65 countries, takes on the Russian market the legendary cosmetic product Proactiv® Solution. This series of tools recommended for the treatment of problem skin.

    The revolutionary three-step system Proactiv® Solution - antibacterial program,aimed at cleansing the skin, fight pimples and blackheads. Ease of use combined with minimal time spent on daily care - for 2 minutes in the morning and in the evening - to quickly and easily become a habit and will allow Russian men get rid of the discomfort associated with skin problems.

    It should be noted that most commercially available anti-acne cosmetic aimed at narrowing of the pores, despite the fact that the large pores - a consequence, not the cause of problem skin. Proactiv® Solution works with the source of the problem: destroys bacteria P. acnes, prints them out and "closes" the pores, thereby providing a smooth and clean skin.

    Over the past few years, Proactiv has become part of life for millions of people around the world, which evaluated the efficacy, ease of use and quality of the product. The patented composition of Proactiv® Solution, development and testing whichwere more than 5 years, it includes the best innovative achievements in the field of medicinal cosmetics. The product is recommended by leading dermatologists worldwide and is part of an international program to support people with problem skin.

    Among ordinary consumers and admirers of the product Proactiv® Solution a lot of celebrities - Jennifer Love Hewitt, Avril Lavigne, Katy Perry, singer Justin Bieber and many others.

    Singer Katy Perry"After trying various treatments, facial cleansing andall kinds of tools that could find, I finally decided to try Proactiv. I had nothing to lose, except for acne, and I definitely did not mind parting with them! Since then, with my face and my confidence has undergone great changes. "

    Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt"My relationship with Proactiv longest of all that I have ever had. With Proactiv® I feel beautiful. Wherever I went - he is always with me. He is my constant companion. So I with him a true romance. "

    Singer Justin Bieber"I am, in fact, belong to those who are plagued by acne. I - a teenager! ... So I use Proactiv®And my face is now no acne. Proactiv® - A great thing! "

    The system of combating acne number 1 in the world Proactiv® Solution Finally in Russia!The mission of the creators of Proactiv® is a professional advice on the care of problem skin. That is why the company provides
    everyone the opportunity to communicate with around the clock professional advisers on the choice of proper care for problem skin.

    Product Overview

    In 1995, two dermatologist Katie Rodan and Casey Fields developed what they considered a medical breakthrough in the fight against acne (acne). They named the product Proactiv® Solution - «proactive» (from the English. active), thanks to its formula it can treat existing skin rashes, and actively prevent the formation of new ones. Mission doctors Katie Rodan and Fields Casey - to help millions of people to leave the acne in the past. Currently Proactiv® Solution is the number one drug against acne worldwide.

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