The tool, which eliminates the sweat up to 7 days


Soon the summer, and note how many peoplein dark clothes around you. Probably at work, among friends, and there is such a person. Do you think it's just a style? May be! But, as a rule, this "outfit" is hiding something more serious, namely, physiological problems. Usually this mask wet circles under his arms: a black, they are less visible than on the things of a different color. This problem is known as excessive sweating or, in scientific terms, hyperhidrosis.

The problem is constantly wet armpits, wet handsor wet a significant number of people concerned about the legs. Psychological discomfort from appearing wet spots on the visible areas of blouses or shirts can develop into a serious psychological problems. Not only is that excessive sweating causes us to wear a perpetual mourning, so we still have to constantly worry about the smell. And it no matter how hard you try, no, even the most vigorous flavors, not perebesh!

But, as we know, no hopeless situations.

"Scandi Line" The company has found a solution to this problem: a remedy for excessive sweating «DRY DRY» (For sensitive skin «DRY DRY Sensitive») from the Swedish manufacturer LEXIMA AB.

The tool, which eliminates the sweat up to 7 days

In Sweden, more than 30 years ago, we learnedcope with hyperhidrosis using a variety of effective means of sweat. These cosmetic products to help sufferers reduce the activity of the sweat glands. As a result - the field for which applied agent remain dry for several days.

Already after the first application you will start DRY DRYnotice significant changes. One procedure will relieve you of all the problems for 3-5 days. Then use the tool DRY DRY enough 1-2 times a week. DRY DRY is suitable for both men and women and can be used wherever it is needed - in the armpits, palms and soles. The savings are obvious: one vial will last for a few months!

In 2011 the company "Scandi Line" conducted clinical studies DRY DRY. The result - a positive opinion on the non-toxic, safe and effective for 5-7 days.

And one more plus! DRY DRY leaves no residue on clothing. With DRY DRY, your wardrobe will become more diverse and your life brighter!

If you have any questions, they can askconsultants "Scandia Line" LLC. This is an exclusive supplier of the Swedish manufacturer of cosmetics in Russia. Hotline: +7 (495) 512-55-55.

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