From what foods smell bad breath and how to solve this problem?


Bad breath, or halitosis -extremely common nuisance, which sooner or later faces every man. Bad breath can be a symptom of diseases of the oral cavity and internal organs, but often the cause is eating certain foods.

Location smell?

From what foods smell bad breath and how to solve this problem?Bad breath - a consequencevital microorganisms living in the digestive tract. Cavity human mouth populated variety of microbes in it live "good" aerobic bacteria such as E. coli, some streptococci involved in the formation of local immunity and restrain the growth of pathogens, and "harmful" anaerobic microorganisms, which, in fact, spoil exhaled air.

A breeding ground for anaerobic bacteriaa white coating that accumulates on the tongue, gums, teeth and buccal mucosa. The expansion of the raid to methyl mercaptan leads to a smell of rotten cabbage, if the result is a allilmerkaptan, there is the smell of garlic. For the rotten egg smell hydrogen sulfide is responsible for the sharp odors - propyl mercaptan, dimethyl disulfide, karbondisulfid. Cadaverine provides persistent smell of urine out of his mouth, and indole skotol - the smell of feces. Putresktsin smells like rotting meat, trimethylamine and dimethylamine - like stale fish and izovlerianovaya acid - like spoiled cheese. In fact, the appearance of a breath depends on what the initial substance was prepared bacteria, that is, from the fact that a person eats or drinks.

Drying agents

The advent of breath often coexists withdry mouth and provoked by foods that cause thirst. Most often it is oily, sharp, spicy, sweet or salty foods and alcohol, ie alcohol. As the smell from the mouth at the man on the eve drink alcohol, know everything, but we will touch on other aspects of the question.

Alcohols are often contained in the "old-fashioned" liquidsmouthwash, they are designed to kill the pathogenic flora and to save people from halitosis, in fact the problem is only getting worse. Alcohol dries the mucous membrane of the mouth, and a lack of saliva, which normally inhibit the growth of bacteria, leading to their rapid reproduction and release foul-smelling substances.

protein foods

The fact that foods rich in protein, withdecomposition emit extremely unpleasant smell, everyone knows. To refresh your memory, enough to remember the smell of the meat to lie down. It was the smell from the mouth of those who love dairy products, meat, beans, but it ignores the rules of hygiene and not brushing his teeth after a meal.

Particles dairy or meat becomea breeding ground for anaerobic bacteria and turn them into volatile and odorous sulfur compounds, which give a unique aroma exhaled air of rotten eggs.

Sweets and pastry

What an injustice: you ate a piece of chocolate and two cookies, but instead a pleasant vanilla flavor comes from the mouth stench. Why? Part of the problem is that an excess of sweet and starchy foods contribute to tooth decay, halitosis but mainly due to the fact that simple sugars are easy prey for anaerobes and spent them on the formation of sulfur compounds. Given the fact that candy, cookies, cakes are sticky products, their stocks accumulating in the interdental spaces and tooth surfaces okolodesnevyh, is enough to ensure you have proof "flavor" for the day.

Some manufacturers of sweet candiesThey argue that their products provide you with a pleasant breath smell identical chocolates. So then believe advertising! You will not be able to feel your own breathing, and therefore are 100% sure of its freshness, and your partner during this time is choking the flow of sulfur compounds and dreams of an early termination of the call.

Acidic foods

These include primarily coffee, tomato,pineapple and citrus juices. These foods change the acidity of the mouth than weaken the protective properties of saliva and untie the hands of anaerobic microbes released in the course of its life activity foul-smelling fragrances. At the coffee lovers who do not have the habit to rinse your mouth with water after one cup of espresso, bad breath is always poor.

Onion and garlic

From what foods smell bad breath and how to solve this problem?Halitosis that give the onions and garlic, known to everyone, the cause - volatile volatile, which long time remain in the oral cavity.

How to enjoy your meal and do not suffer halitosis?

  • Regularly after meals for two minutes to brush your teeth.
  • Use in hygienic oral care dental floss and brush to clean the tongue.
  • Avoid snacking after every cup of coffee do not forget to rinse the mouth with water.
  • Try to drink water frequently. Put on the table a glass and drink every half hour for three sips.
  • Use sugarless gum, they stimulate the production of saliva and prevent halitosis.
  • Before an important meeting abstain from meat, cheese, garlic, onions, red wine and coffee. This will help you maintain fresh breath.

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