Chronic deep caries: causes and course of the disease


Chronic deep caries: causes and course of the diseaseTendency to frequent consumption of carbohydrates andinadequate oral care, in which cariogenic bacteria form plaque in large numbers, are most often the cause of chronic deep caries. food debris in the mouth are subjected to fermentation and decay, which is caused by insufficient or no prophylaxis at all, while a number of reasons promotes the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, including:

  • anatomy of the dental system;
  • food preferences and diet;
  • composition of saliva;
  • oral hygiene;
  • seals and the presence of dentures in the oral cavity.

Soft plaque has a sponge-like structure,which enters saliva and microbial waste products, the porosity under the influence of mineral salts disappears - form dental plaque, which, if untreated, and under the influence of organic acid: lactic acid, formic acid and oil will inevitably lead to the emergence of chronic protracted deep caries.

Theories of caries

Understanding the importance and significance of the problemIt defines the study of etiology and pathogenesis, which makes deep caries multifactorial disease. To date, more than 400 stands of different theories to explain the occurrence of caries. The basic, fundamental considered Miller's system, founded in 1884, according to which the carious process is:

  • Inorganic tooth demineralization step portion under the influence of lactic acid;
  • stage of destruction of the organic part of the dental micro-organisms.

In addition this system is released in dentistryhypothesis Schatz Martin as lokalistichesky option, and the other kind of teaching is concentrated in Eggers-Lyura theory. With the establishment of many doctrines and systems, made possible an understanding of the standards of treatment of the disease. Attempts were made to identify the reasons since ancient times, but they have not been brought into a single system, as is done by modern scientists.

The symbol of the modern approach to the emergence and diagnosis of caries is "shamrock the Case", which is schematically represented by the possibility of developing the disease in coincidence of three conditions:

  1. cariogenic flora;
  2. easily digestible carbohydrates;
  3. low resistance of enamel.

Apparatus for diagnosing fissure caries: a laser at the service of health

Fissure lesion is localized in dental tissuesnatural depressions, pits and grooves on the tooth surface. Most of these defects are focused on the chewing surfaces of the molars and can be open or closed.

  • Open defeat - is deepening, the bottom of which can be seen well in the visual examination by a dentist.
  • Closed - shaped like a bottle with a narrow neck, and the expansion of the bottom, which is very difficult to diagnose.

Apparatus for diagnosing fissure caries: a laser at the service of healthCauses of fissure lesionis a food being excellent breeding ground, is delayed in the pits and grooves, therefore, talking about the reasons why stop at one and the most important - the lack of oral hygiene.

Visual inspection can detect tooth decay infissure open-pits, but in the case of a closed type is unlikely to do without auxiliary methods: X-ray apparatus or for the diagnosis of caries Fissure "Diagnodent". If the X-ray examination may reveal carious lesions in the later stages of the disease, you can use the device for efficient diagnosis of caries fissures, the disease can be seen in the early stages. It is simply an indispensable tool for children and adults, when the pathological process develops in natural pits and grooves, and the affected area is cleared bad even with the most careful oral hygiene, and dream interpretation does not point to the teeth with caries, a hope for traditional medicine.

Dream Interpretation: teeth with caries - a bad omen

There does not have to mind is a bad omen,which suggests that a doctor should be sent immediately, rather than relying on the prophetic dreams. Driven by the dream book, tooth decay teeth dream of a sharp deterioration in health, and all because not enough attention is paid to prevention and oral hygiene. Snam is not necessary to attach mystical significance, one has only to visit the dentist twice a year and teeth with caries will remain only a dream.

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