Folk remedies against tartar can strip the teeth!


Folk remedies against tartar can strip the teeth!Why is formed tartar? It is no secret that it is possible to detect 80% of people. Scientists say that the cause of its formation are most often defects in oral hygiene and factors that alter the protective properties and composition of saliva.

As tartar is formed and what it harm?

Formation of tartar begins with depositssoft plaque on the tooth necks. He eventually hardens soaking salts of calcium and phosphorus contained in saliva. Formed resistant plaque hinders cleaning of the teeth, tartar gradually increase in size, it covers the thick tooth coupling neck extends deeper in the gingival region, causes gingivitis and periodontitis results in periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Why plaque is deposited on the front teeth?

Most often, the solid deposits of plaquesuffer front teeth. They are less than others involved in the act of chewing, and therefore, the mechanical processes of natural purification here are much worse, causing over time and forms tartar. In addition to the sublingual area of ​​the base of the front teeth ducts open submandibular salivary glands, and contained in the saliva calcium and phosphorus, first contact is with the front teeth.

Why is acid dissolves tartar and how dangerous is it?

Ironically, despite the high levelof Dentistry, our people do not hurry to the doctor, and try to manually remove the tartar, for some reason, not thinking that can harm their health.

The structure consists of tartar food residue,desquamated epithelium, microorganisms, inorganic substances such as calcium salts and phosphoric acid. Folk remedies against tartar is mainly based on the chemical dissolution of the solids contained in the solid coating.

Here, for example, one very common inPeople's Network recipe from tartar. Ingredients: juice of black radish and lemon. Elixir is recommended to drink before going to bed, to the acid contained in its composition, dissolved tartar, and the morning brushing your teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste completes the job.

The use of acids as a means aimedanti-tartar, it was widespread in traditional dentistry in the old days, before the invention of the ultrasound equipment. Thus plaque softening, and then removed manually. Now from this method abandoned. Why? Tartar, of course, dissolve, but with it acid eroded minerals, forming the basis of the tooth enamel. As a result, the teeth become brittle, sensitive to thermal, chemical and mechanical exposure.

Regardless of the size-tartar, whetherthe thin coating or extensive deposits, traditional methods of cleansing organic acids teeth are ineffective, but the harm from them is quite noticeable. Besides the negative impact on teeth jeopardized the health of the digestive system, in particular the use of black radish juice and lemon on an empty stomach at night may well be the cause of gastritis and gastric ulcer.

Another popular remedy against tartar

Folk remedies against tartar can strip the teeth!"If the amount of plaque is small, you can helpnutty broth. Take 35 g of young walnut bark, pour a glass of water and simmer for 20 minutes. The resulting broth brush your teeth 4-5 times a day "- says a popular recipe.

After studying the chemical composition of walnut broth, chemistsWe came to the conclusion that any substances that affect the plaque, it does not contain, and therefore, even if the amount of tartar processed them very small, do not look for its dissolution. decoction effect will be similar to cleaning the teeth with plain water. But the replacement of toothpaste on a dubious cleaner immediately affect the quality of oral hygiene. Soft plaque will accumulate, which will appear on the plaque, even in areas where it had never been.

Finding one should not trust doubtfulpseudo-scientific recommendations, which is full of internet, it is better to remove tartar at the dentist. Hygiene teeth cleaning twice a year to prevent the formation of solid plaque.

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