10 ways to get rid of PMS


10 ways to get rid of PMSNo woman from 85% suffering from PMS do not like this stuff. But we know as much as ten techniques that can and should try to say goodbye to the hated symptoms.

A lot of luck that PMS is not given to girlsbeginning of menstruation. However, when interviewed thirty women, it turns out that at least 85% of their monthly cycle before experiencing at least one adverse symptoms.

Alas, the official treatment of PMS is not there, andsome only a contemptuous snort, hearing a complaint against premenstrual syndrome. However, PMS - it is a reality, not only poisons the life of the woman herself, but also to all those around her. Let us gather together all the simple ways to get rid of mood swings, nausea, dizziness, and about one hundred and fifty other symptoms of PMS.

1. Adjust the power

Special diet for a period of PMS and never will be. But there are types of food that contribute to common symptoms latest ten days before the beginning of the cycle. For example, a salt-free diet easily cause flatulence, excess caffeine - irritability and anxiety. Alcohol can increase the feeling of meaninglessness of life, and sugar, biscuits and sweets - to increase the lability of the nervous system and cause unpredictable and frequent changes of mood.

For a week and a half before menstruation eat more fruits and vegetables, cereals and other whole grains.

But, by the way, it's not just what you eat,important - how. During the period of the alleged beginning of the PMS must clearly follow the short breaks between meals (not more than two hours), there are small portions and do not rush while chewing food.

2. Exercise!

Sport, even lightweight, easy to handle andphysical and emotional symptoms of PMS. It is particularly important to engage in sports for women who say that they had before the menstrual period there are no forces. Physical activity improves endurance, and accept any ailment becomes much easier.

If you exercise rarely, from time totime, start to do any cardio every day. Let this be a rope, twisting ellipse, stepper, exercise bike or just brisk walking. Later add the power load. To cope with PMS, a week is needed: Intermediate Level 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise, 1 hour and 15 minutes - a very intense cardio (such as jogging or bicycle exercise interval) and twice in 40 minutes - exercises to strengthen the muscles.

3. Try to drink vitamins

In getting rid of nasty PMS symptoms mayVitamins help. Emphasize - not guaranteed to help, but only with some pretty high probability. We are not talking about all the vitamins again, but first and foremost on the B6 and E. Absolutely convincing scientific evidence that these vitamins help but feel the upcoming start of a cycle, not yet. But there is the experience of leading US hospitals, where gynecologists observed for many years in the women taking the E and B6, are no longer suffer from PMS. Here are the approximate daily dose of certain substances that are linked to the state of relief for seven to ten days before the beginning of the menstrual cycle:

  • calcium: 1,200 mg
  • magnesium: 400 mg
  • Vitamin B6: from 50 to 100 mg,
  • vitamin E: 400 IU.

4. Try different herbs

As well as vitamins, herbs and other plantsunderexplored. However, some pharmacies fees monotravy and other flora can greatly facilitate for PMS, in particular, to remove the painful sentiment jumps and stomach cramps.

Try to make and every day twicedrink: racemosa black cohosh, raspberry leaf, ginger, evening primrose oil and dandelion. Also, check with your gynecologist or physician that you can try to calm during PMS.

5. Note the stress

10 ways to get rid of PMSTo the ICP does not become a monster devours youinside and outside, you need to rest as much as possible. Do not plan on ten days before the beginning of the cycle are no deadlines and delivery of the project: it is better to tighten before the critical period, than to be in the helplessness of their own physiology during strenuous work.
Sleep at least eight, and preferably nine hours. Consider that during PMS - is a mini-illness when you can do what you want, but with twice the care of yourself. Lack of sleep exacerbates almost all of the negative symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, so do not provoke.

And pamper yourself. Shopping and massage, a lot of sex and reading, love music and creativity, pool and sauna, spa and a walk in the parks and in the countryside, yoga and horseback riding, trips to the guests and entertainment - everything you can think of to relax and completely forget work credits, and any problems that you have in your life.

Be attentive to him. If you know exactly what to meditate or to practice singing during PMS you do not go out, do not force yourself - you will be returned to their practices through the week and a half.

6. Do not despise painkillers

PMS - is not only nausea and irritability. It is a headache, cramps in the abdomen and chest, muscle aches and other not less "pleasant" satellites. Do not neglect the symptomatic treatment! Drink painkillers and antispasmodics such as ibuprofen and shpy. And if you do not appoint a medication themselves, and in collaboration with the therapist and / or a gynecologist, the effect will be noticeable.

7. Think about the pill

Do you remember that oral contraceptivesprescribed not only for protection from pregnancy? In particular, there are cases when the gynecologist prescribes birth control, to facilitate women during PMS or reduce extreme pain in the first days of the cycle. The content of active substances oral contraceptive may be minimal, perhaps not enough for you personally to not get pregnant. But if you protect barrier, if you do not need chemical protection against pregnancy, you just become much easier to carry all the conditions associated with the menstrual cycle. As a nice side effect - Clean and posvezheet skin of the whole body.

8. Do not be afraid of antidepressants

Of course, we do not advise (and your doctorstoo) take antidepressants just to stop being nervous during the ten days prior to menstruation. However, the use of antidepressants in the household name not only strong substances that are assigned to people in critical condition, but also quite easy drugs - adaptogens that help alleviate the mental burden.

We intentionally do not talk about what happenantidepressants, because this point relates only to those who really suffers during PMS, who appears not once but a hundred and one symptom. If you know you have tried everything possible and nothing helps, contact a psychologist, who will tell you whether you need to look to a psychiatrist and get a prescription for antidepressants.

9. Write down your symptoms

To understand what fight, you need to have beforeeyes of my enemies - symptoms that you associate with PMS. Conduct an experiment: for two or three months every day, fix a few basic emotions and states that you particularly struck by. Do not make any conclusions yet - just write. When the experiment will expire, you will be able to review their records and see whether the associated extremely strong or unusual sensations coming from the menstrual cycle. As a result it will be possible to go to the doctor and take action.

10. Do not expect magic

And finally. Whatever you tried to relieve PMS symptoms, do not expect immediate results. No grass, no sports, no change in diet will not work on the second day after the start. Give yourself time, patience, and in any case, do not throw started. The magic is not in the fact that there was a means to accelerate the therapy, and to step-by-step look for something that helps you.

Light your PMS!

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