Blood from nose. Why is blood from the nose


  • Blood from nose. Causes and first aid
  • What diseases may cause nasal bleeding? Why there is blood from the nose in the absence of injury?
  • When the appearance of blood from the nose can be dangerous to humans?
  • First aid when blood appears from the nose

  • Under the bleeding, it is customary to understand blood flow outside the vascular bed. If the blood flows into the external environment, the bleeding is called outer, but if the tissues impresses, is poured into the body cavity, it is called internal. Despite the fact that the most life-threatening, due to the difficulty of detection, the internal bleeding is considered, outdoor, even such as the outflow of blood from the nose, can also pose a threat to human health.

    Blood from nose. Causes and first aid

    With the advent of blood from the nose, we often face in everyday life, and, often, do not give this sympathet. And in vain, because the causes of nasal bleeding are very diverse and not always harmless. Why is blood from the nose, and what health consequences can have?

    The blood yield outside the blood vessels is possible in two cases:

    • When breaking or destroying (arrosion) of the vascular wall as a result of a disease or injury;
    • When the blood pressure (diapection) of blood through intact vessels, which may be associated either with an increased permeability of vascular walls, or with changes in the composition of the blood itself.

    Blood from the nose. Why is blood from the nose The most common reason for the appearance of blood from the nose is to damage the vessels of the forefront of the nasal partition (the place of Kiselbach), the densely permeated network of small arteriols and capillaries. Violation of the integrity of blood vessels occurs when injury, Often, for Inactive removal of dry crusts, rough blowing and scratching Nose. Such bleeding, as a rule, does not pose a threat to human health. Blood from the nose follows the drops or a thin flowing and, with normal coagulation, quickly stops independently.

    Worse is the case when the vessels of the upper and rear sections of the nasal cavity are damaged. The arteries are much larger here than in the forefront, and therefore bleeding is abundant, it can cause serious harm to health and even lead to the death of a patient. Blood from the nose in this case follows the bright red not a foam jet, can be shown from the mouth, and almost does not stop independently. Another manifestation of such bleeding can be bloody vomiting – Consequence of swallowing in the throat of blood from the nose. The causes of bleeding from the rear sections of the nose are severe injuries of the facial skeleton, nose and skull, as well as diseases of the nasal cavity, leading to the destruction of the vascular wall.

    What diseases may cause nasal bleeding? Why there is blood from the nose in the absence of injury?

    Nasal bleeding can be as a symptom of common diseases of the body and the result of pathology that has arisen in the nose cavity.

    The most common general reason for the appearance of blood from the nose is Elevated blood pressure, For example, with hypertension, kidney diseases and heart defects. In this case, bleeding is usually preceded by headache, noise in ears and dizziness.

    Increased bleeding of the mucous can be a symptom of diseases accompanied by Blood coagulation disorder (blood diseases, spleen, liver), or manifestation of pathology, in which dystrophic changes in the vascular wall are observed, its Increased permeability and vulnerability, For example, atherosclerosis, avitaminosis and other. Many infectious diseases, such as influenza, are accompanied by the appearance of blood from the nose. The reason for this is damage to the vessels of viruses toxins.

    Well, and of course, the destruction of blood vessels may be a consequence Tumor processes in the nasal cavity. During the examination of patients about nasal bleeding, benign (polyp, angioma, papilloma) and malignant (cancer and sarcoma) of the neoplasm. At the same time, people celebrate that blood from their nose has already been repeatedly repeatedly.

    Diseases that can cause blood release from the nose quite a lot. But sometimes the cause of bleeding becomes quite harmless everyday situations, such as, Lowering atmospheric pressure, hike in bath, finding under the outdoor, large physical tension, pregnancy and others. Most often, blood from the nose in this case appears spontaneously, from one half, quickly stops and does not represent any danger to humans.

    Blood from the nose in the child more often appears as a result of injury of blood vessels when the nose is impaired or inaccurate. The cause of bleeding can become bad habit picking your finger in the nose, the small children can damage the mucous membrane, sticking into the nose toys and other foreign objects. Often, mom is frightened when during flu, rubella, measles, cough and even ORVI at her chad without visible causes blood from the nose. The child of the vessels are much more sensitive to the action of microbial poisons, rather than in an adult, and this explains the increased bleeding of the mucous membrane during infection. Nasal bleeding in children can serve as a heavier blood, vessels, lungs or hearts. So if the blood is from the nose in a child – The usual phenomenon is to be alerted and be sure to consult with the doctor.

    When the appearance of blood from the nose can be dangerous to humans?

    Naturally, the election of blood from the nose of a strong jet or a long time becomes dangerous. In this case, the patient begins to suffer from acute blood loss. Dizziness appears, flies in front of the eyes, the pallor of the skin and mucous membranes, cold sweat. The pulse becomes weak and frequent, the loss of consciousness is possible. This situation requires immediate medical care, but in the case of less severe bleeding, it is also not worth sitting «Holding hands», need to take all measures to stop the blood loss faster.

    First aid when blood appears from the nose

    • Blood from the nose. Why is blood from the noseThe patient shows the absolute peace, in the half-sidewal position with moderately trapped back. Strongly tilting the head of the posture should not be avoided to avoid the flow of blood from the nose into the nasopharynk and its subsequent swallowing. The tilt of the head is as bad, since it increases blood flow to the nose, and it becomes the cause of bleeding. Blood, who still fell into the throat, should be sure to spit.
    • If the patient who has blood from the nose, is unconscious, it is placed on the back, turning his head on the side, and immediately transport to the hospital.
    • The patient is prohibited to blow the nore, as it interferes with the formation of a blood clot, blocking a vessel defect, and hence the cessation of bleeding.
    • On the brine area put a bubble with ice or a napkin moistened with cold water.
    • If the bleeding is not human, the wings of the nose are tightly pressed to the middle partition and hold down the blood stop.
    • If the blood from the nose is sufficiently strong, deep into the nasal turn is administered to Turund from a wool moistened with a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide or hemostatic sponge (you can buy in a pharmacy) and deliver a patient to the doctor.

    Blood from nose – not such a harmless symptom. And therefore it is important to realize that if bleeding does not stop, despite the measures taken by you, or if the blood from the nose is distinguished by a strong jet, and the patient begins to feel bad, you need to immediately seek medical attention. Qualified treatment and detailed examination requires a situation when nasal bleeding appear with enviable constancy.

    Treat carefully to your health, learn how to understand the signals of your body, and then he will not give you once an unpleasant surprise in the form of a spontaneous appearance of blood from the nose!

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