Types of facial aging and effective ways to combat skin withering


Types of facial aging and effective ways to combat skin witheringYou probably noticed that equally comelyin young women grow old in different ways: in one face is covered with fine wrinkles, but at the same time retains a clear outline, and the other, if the dough, guttering down, but remains smooth. It turns out that the aging of the face - the process of individual and depends on the skin type, thickness of subcutaneous fat and the severity of the muscular layer.

Cosmetologists are 4 types of facial aging:

  • "tired",
  • melkomorschinisty,
  • deformation,
  • muscular.

Let us examine what features are inherent in these basic types of aging, and what antieydzh - procedures will be effective in each case.

"Tired" type of facial aging

Changes inherent in this type of face of withering,also known as the initial signs of aging. In the morning, after sleeping face looks rested and fresh, smooth and fit. By evening, the skin turgor is reduced, there are signs of fatigue, circles and bags under the eyes, upper eyelids hang, deepens the nasolacrimal groove, lip corners are lowered and nasolabial folds are incised. A person gets tired appearance, but its oval remains clear.

Such aging affects women with oval ordiamond-shaped face, normal or lean physique. normal type of skin in his youth with age becomes dry and sensitive, it acquires a grayish hue and requires intensive care.

What to do? Since wilting tissues accompanied by a decrease in muscle tone, violation of lymph and blood circulation deterioration, slow down aging of the skin cosmetic procedures will help to improve the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. Showing toning creams, masks, serums, tonics, classic manual massage, darsonvalization, micro-currents and other hardware procedures useful injection of vitamin cocktails based on hyaluronic acid.

"Melkomorschinisty" type of aging

Aging skin: how to stay young?This type of withering skin peculiar to womendry skin with a thin face, a poorly developed subcutaneous fat and muscles. In these women, you will not see the chubby cheeks and seductive lips, as a rule, high cheekbones face with small features, pronounced chin, well-defined nose, thin lips, and sparse facial expressions, which are found among Europeans. Usually, at the age of 20 years girls look older than their peers, but with age benefit in appearance.

Melkomorschinistomu type of facial aging characteristic"Withering" of the skin, reducing the appearance of its turgor and fine mesh of fine wrinkles-webs. Main witness age - crow's feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds drawn by thin, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip, with a clear oval face and the absence of a second chin.

When melkomorschinistom type of aging to the foreperforms dehydration of the skin, weakening its collagen framework and reduction of muscle tone. This skin must be protected from wind, frost and UV light, intensely moisturize, nourish and tone. Of intense beauty treatments will be most suitable botulinum toxin injections and vitamin cocktails, as well as manual massage treatments and hardware, activating blood circulation and metabolism in the skin.

"Deformation" type of facial aging

In this type of facial aging obese women,owners round faces with large features, full lips and cheeks. The skin has a pronounced subcutaneous fat layer, which is losing collagen with age durable frame, guttering down. Heavy upper eyelids hang cheeks fall and delineate the deep nasolabial furrow. At the corners of the lips drawn so-called "comedians wrinkles." The contours of the face become fuzzy, and appear shaved chin. This type of aging is characteristic of women of Slavic appearance.

Since the deformation type of tissue agingface lowered, a radical method to eliminate defects will be lifting. Initially, enough feysbildinga, massage, toning and modeling treatments later have to resort to injections of botulinum toxin and fillers, further to the means of plastic surgery.

"Muscular" type of aging

This type of facial aging is more common inrepresentatives of the Asian race, residents of China, Japan and the Far East. For such individuals is characteristic powerful muscular layer, expressed vivid facial expressions, already in youth they are drawn facial wrinkles. Skin elastic, does not shift with age and does not fall, the person does not get old for a long time, but then, just a year or two, the muscles weaken, sag, wrinkles become deep and rough. The person "dries out", his features sharpened, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, at the corners of the eyes and lips, in the nasolabial triangle there are deep wrinkles, fine lines and wrinkles but no, oval face is not changed.

Because most cosmetic procedureseffective will be those that are aimed at strengthening Collagen - skin elastin skeleton, maintenance of tone and stimulation of facial muscles. To combat wrinkles using botulinum toxin and fillers, and with pronounced changes have resorted to a surgical facelift.

How sad to think about aging, you need to know about it. After timely treatments can slow down the process of decay, preserve youth and beauty for years to come.

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