The most frequent diseases of those who work at the computer


  • When the computer is too much
  • When you forget about your eyes
  • When back pain
  • When the nerves to hell

  • When the computer is too much

    The most frequent diseases of those who work at the computerThe most common of all diseases, whose workone way or another connected with the computer, refer, first of all, overwork. Because a person is resting, which is only four hours of processing photos in the image editor? That's right - Open your favorite social network, monitors the news and reads the status updates. After half an hour he has to come back again to your photos. Hello, chronic fatigue syndrome!

    Recipe: to common diseases computerWorkers have bypassed party, put the alarm clock every hour. Every hour leave the room with the computer, it is advisable to fresh air. Go over the yard. Jump up ten times. Sit down. Dance to the music, in the end! Do anything for a few minutes to escape from work at the computer.

    When you forget about your eyes

    The vision of those who sit at the computer, usuallyIt leaves much to be desired. Programmers - bespectacled, designers and editors - too. Myopia and hyperopia - the most frequent diseases of the eyes of those who forget that the eyes as the ears - one. New in the shop, you do not buy.

    Recipe: Set a program to enforceIt will be every hour for five minutes to block the computer. No action on his unlocking will not help. At this time, take a look out the window, zazhmurte repeatedly blink, wash with cool water, rotate the scary eyes, like those of a dog, "Flint." The eyes will thank you.

    When back pain

    Among the common diseases of computerworkers - slouching, low back pain and other unnamed disease back. As you sit at your computer? Do you remember about the relaxed straight back? Do you love your chair?

    Recipe: if you work in an office, let the employerwill provide you with good tools, including a comfortable chair - first in importance. If you work at home, invest in a chair on which you are ready to not only sit, and sleep every night. You will spend on it a hundred times less money than later - for the treatment of back.

    When the nerves to hell

    Work at the computer: common diseasesDepression? Insomnia? Irritability and social phobia?
    This is not about you? Excellent! Because all of the above - a very common mental disorders. The man who went to virtuality, - himself an evil enemy.

    Not if the only way you canearn a living, connected to a computer, can not be helped. But at least take away to watch tapes of friends and other debris ten minutes a day. In the morning over a cup of coffee. It is desirable to exactly ten minutes before the time when you will be required to urgently start work. This is a guarantee that you are not addicted scrolling news, which do not leave in the soul of even the faintest trace and do not give you anything to feel happy.

    Recipe: Go into the forest. Buy meat, slice it, and marinate in social networks throw cry with the slogan "All the kebabs on!" And do not forget to ask everyone to bring along a sports equipment (except for checkers and chess): badminton, ball, rope, rope on Social Network ... departure - the only means of combating any discouragement. And as you sleep after! ..

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