The kidneys keep the punch


  • Types, Causes and Symptoms of kidney injury
  • Diagnosis and treatment of renal injury
  • Open kidney injury, "hesitates is lost"

  • Types, Causes and Symptoms of kidney injury

    The kidneys keep the punch Among all the organs of the urogenital system moreoften damaged by trauma is kidney. The anatomical structure suggests that the kidney - a slider, not firmly fixed in the space of the body. Exposure to external force can cause kidney closed (subcutaneous) or open lesions.

    Closed kidney injury a person can get in road accidents in the street, a fall from a height, at home, during sports.

    The cause of injury can also be a body concussion in the fall or a blow to the abdomen or lower back. At the moment of impact the kidney is injured ribs or spine.

    Closed injuries are of varying severity. The most common injuries that make up 80% of all renal injuries. Injuries occur in small hemorrhages in the kidney tissue hematoma without rupture and kidney tissue. But we should not overestimate minor damage. Having a kidney injury, do not delay your visit to the doctor. Remember that even the most minor bump or bruise can cause serious organ damage.

    Bleeding in the kidney tissue can be accompanied by the formation of a hematoma in the kidney, the kidney nicked.

    If you fall from a great height high probability of kidney rupture. The fact that the kidney - a body composed of cavities containing liquid. Strong shaking fluid in the kidney it breaks.

    Separation of kidneys from the renal pedicle is highlybleeding, and may result in death of the victim. Severe kidney damage is usually accompanied by damage to abdominal organs. In such cases, you should immediately call "ambulance."

    Closed renal injury may also result from kidney disorders or abnormalities of development:
    • hydronephrosis
    • fused kidney
    • pelvic dystopia
    • kidney tumor.

    Minor kidney injury appear the following symptoms:

    • backache
    • kidney swelling
    • blood in urine.

    The children at the closed trauma of kidney, regardless of the severity of the injury appears:

    • nausea or vomiting
    • abdominal distention
    • micturition disorders
    • increased body temperature.

    When a deep injury patient is in serious condition, as evidenced by:

    • pain in the spread of injury in the abdomen
    • decreased blood pressure
    • thready pulse
    • cold sweat.
    In this state, the victim should immediately call "ambulance."

    Diagnosis and treatment of renal injury

    In other cases, in order to verify the presence of kidney injury, the doctor examines the patient, carrying out:
    • X-ray examination;
    • ultrasound;
    • renal scintigraphy.
    If a suspected kidney injury justified the doctor hospitalizes patient.
    With the examination the doctor can assessthe condition of the damaged kidneys and determine how to treat the injury. In severe kidney trauma doctor combines a survey of patient resuscitation or deducing it from shock. If the patient's condition is getting worse, and the nature and extent of kidney damage have not been established, the victim needed emergency surgery, which aims - to save the damaged organ.

    When bruised kidney, when the statethe patient has stabilized, there is no internal bleeding and bruises, the doctor prescribes a course of painkillers and hemostatic agents, antibacterial therapy. Treatment of the patient in the hospital takes place within 10-15 days subject to the bed rest.

    Open kidney injury, "hesitates is lost"

    Open kidney injury are formed aftergunshot or stab wounds. Such damage can be combined with the wounds of the abdominal cavity, chest and spine. The situation is complicated by the victim that through an open injury to the kidney infection penetrate, causing festering.

    The injured person usually is in serious condition. Open injury manifested by symptoms such as:
    • blood in urine
    • the presence of urine in the wound.

    If any open injury should immediatelycall "ambulance." The victim required emergency surgery to save the damaged kidneys. If, however, there are numerous gaps kidney tissue indicate frailty of the body, the kidney is removed.

    Open kidney injury can cause the development of diseases such as chronic pyelonephritis, kidney stones, hydronephrosis.

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