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  • There are two forms of this disease. One (postenterokolicheskaya) occurs after a person has suffered enterocolitis - an inflammation of the intestine. But more often encountered with sporadic (or venereal) form of the disease, it is associated with chlamydia. It is the bane of young, strong, able-bodied men and women who are not even aware that you can get sick.

    This disease is also caused by chlamydia. Half of the patients the causative agent is released from the urethra, the conjunctival sac of the affected joints and eyes. Fortunately, it does not develop in all patients chlamydia, but only 70-90% of those in the blood which is present as a histocompatibility antigen called labeled HLA. B27, which is inherited. The role of this antigen in the body is not solved until the end, but found that his risk of developing media seronegative arthritis, which include and Reiter's disease, 40 times higher than that of other people.

    What is Reiter's disease

    This is a composite disease characterized by the fact that a person has at the same time there are arthritis, conjunctivitis and urethritis. Sometimes they are joined and even inflammation of the skin and other mucous membranes.

    How does it manifest itself? First, there is diarrhea (loose stools), later odnudve weeks developing urethritis weak its manifestations, then, after a couple of weeks, a process to increase dramatically, the temperature rises to 33 ° C (held a few months!) And begin joint pain, especially in the joints toes (they are like sausages), kneeling in ankle and small joints. The skin over the affected joint becomes red, sealed, limited joint mobility.

    Very quickly the disease involved and joints,located next to the radial or spiral-bottom-up approach. At least it manifested conjunctivitis. Sometimes (in almost half of cases the disease Reiter) that the disease involved and the rest of the body: affects the nails, the skin on the soles of the feet (keratoderma) appear painless sores on the oral mucosa, affected the foreskin in men (balanitis or balanoposthitis) suffering myocardium, kidney, may develop meningoencephalitis and meningitis, and pneumonia. Patients begin to actively develop osteoporosis (weakening of bones due to increased porosity). May suffer and the spine, and the more likely the longer the disease. To find out, it is necessary to do an x-ray of the pelvis. Sometimes developed and such dangerous eye disease, like uveitis and iridocyclitis, which can lead to blindness. In general, can affect all organs and tissues.

    How is the treatment of Reiter's disease

    Reiter's disease treatment
    Not to say that Reiter's disease requirestreatment - to be treated, and, moreover, very carefully, should both partners, with the same methods and the same doctor. When razvivshemsya arthritis elimination of chlamydia - it is very difficult, because the process in this case is already generalized, it has spread to almost the entire body: the joints, lymph nodes and other organs. Therefore, prescribe antibiotics, especially tetracycline, macrolides, at least - fluoroquinolones, and no less than a month! On the immune system act immunomodulators. Of course, apply and painkillers. Hormonal medications, corticosteroids as tablets, which help in rheumatoid arthritis, is ineffective, but good help local ointment and injections.

    After the first month course of antibioticsIt cures only about half of patients. Why? The fact that chlamydia in the body's ability to move in a particular persifitsiruyuschuyu form. They are inside the cells, but do not develop into mature forms, as stored in the bank. In this state, antibiotics do not work on them, and the result of analysis for chlamydia will be negative, although the originators have not gone away. "Awake" they are about a month - it is necessary to hand over the repeated analysis at this time. No chlamydia? Then we have to wait another month to give injections immunomodulator. And only if the third analysis (one month later) is negative, it can be assumed that the disease is defeated.

    However, about a quarter of the patients did not manage to get rid of chlamydia, and Reiter's disease become chronic they. Such patients have a lifetime to be observed at the rheumatologist.

    Remember! At first the problems with urination run to the urologist or dermatologist. At this stage, it is still possible to stop the disease and does not allow to develop inflammation of the joints. But if life lost - not in a hurry to the urologist, and a rheumatologist, then it can only help.

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