What is a dental stone


  • Toothstone and its reasons
  • Diagnosis of dental stone

    Toothstone and its reasons

    Toothstone - lime deposits on teeth. Despite
    That, it would seem, the lime has white color, dental stone
    Dark green enough. And all because in its composition, except for calcium salts,
    Food residues, dead cells, bacteria, phosphorus and iron salts
    and T.NS.

    Toothstone may appear if a person:

    • Does not clean my teeth at all, forgets them regularly (in the morning and in the evening) or cleans them incorrectly;
    • uses low-quality toothpastes and brushes;
    • used to eat only soft food;
    • He chews only one side of the jaw (right or left);
    • suffers from impaired metabolism, primarily saline.
    • Same
      The reason for the deposition of the dental stone may not be enough smooth
      Surface (rough) teeth and improper position.

      Plaque (tooth
      The plaque) begins to form in 1-2 hours after cleaning the teeth.
      Already in the first phase of the development of a dental plaque, or rather after 12 hours
      Microorganisms begin their own «Work», forming the reason for the unpleasant smell of mouth. They form a solid frame
      from carbohydrates firmly attached to the surface of the tooth. Forms
      relatively resistant dental plaque. Under the action of bacteria (Cockkops
      and lactobacilli) begins to form acid,
      contributing to the development of caries of teeth. Bacteria multiply, and tooth
      Plaside grows and lowers all lower in the gum groove.

      What is a dental stone
      All sealing toothache acquires a yellowish color. As
      Seals and promotion of dental plaques deeper into the gum groove
      Accessing oxygen inside this substance is terminated, which leads
      To the larger development of forms of anaerobic bacteria. Toothfasch moves
      in the second and third phase of its development. At this stage most often already
      There is inflammation of the gum.

      The dental flare is formed at all
      teeth, but most often his more persistent forms it acquires
      large salivary glands (the pagan surface of the central group of the lower
      teeth). Saliva, which, due to the mineral
      Substances usually have a favorable effect on the tooth, in this
      case without reaching the tooth, affects. As a result of deposits
      The saliva minerals are gradually dark and compacted, turning into a dented stone against which the toothbrush is powerless.

      More often
      the whole stone arises next to the gums at the neck of the tooth and in the notorious
      «hard to reach areas», Where to get a toothbrush.

      The stone is located between the edge of the gums and the surface of the tooth. Constantly
      New raid is postponed. Populated with a lot of dental microorganisms
      Flip provokes an inflammatory process in adjacent gantry
      Plots. Gingivitis develops, inflamed gum begins to bleed when easy touch.

      Because of
      Increasing saliva generation arise further dental deposits
      Stone. So the stone begins to grow and deepen further
      under the gum. In places where the root surface is covered with hardened
      deposits, the fibers of the teeth supporting apparatus die. Bone of jaws,
      who has become non-functional in these places is destruction,
      forming pathological periodontal pockets. Damage develops
      All tissues surrounding the tooth - periodontitis. Over time, periodontitis progresses and acquires more serious forms.

      Few people think of which harm can bring dental deposits
      with billions of pathogenic bacteria present in them. Although
      It is no secret that frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract, infection
      gastrointestinal tract, different blood disease directly
      related to prolonged inflammatory processes in the oral cavity
      (Gingivitis, periodontitis).

      Diagnosis of dental stone

      Located above the gum, visible with the naked eye. A rock,
      formed inside the gum can only see the dental doctor when
      help of special dental instruments.

      There was no doubt about the fact that you have problems with teeth,
      Spend a little experiment. Take a cotton swab, moisten it
      in iodine solution and wipe all your teeth (closer to the gums). Available
      Toothflight along with the dentities after this procedure will manifest
      as a picture on the photo paper.

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