Types of urethritis


  • Ureretrite, types of urethritis
  • Complications and Digosis of Uretrit
  • How to treat urethritis

  • Many familiar symptoms like burning, itching and
    Surability at urination. More often such phenomena are in men and always
    The question arises why the disease began. However, some try
    cope with the disease independently without referring to the doctor. And in vain,
    After all, incorrectly treated disease can always go into chronic

    Ureretrite, types of urethritis

    Urethritis is inflammatory
    Process in the wall of the urethra. Sick urethritis more often men, as they have a longer and
    Narrow urethra. Infection almost always happens when sex contact with a sore partner. Everything
    Ureterites are divided into gonorrheal and non-core. Honory urethritis are called
    Gonococcus, and non-core urethritis in turn are divided into infectious and
    non-infectious. Infectious non-radical urethriters may be caused
    infection, which enters the body by sexual path (for example, trichomonadad,
    chlamydidia) or with blood flow from other foci of infection (staphylococcal,
    Viral and T.D.).

    Noncommunicable urethriters may result from injury
    Ureyeing Canal. This happens usually as a result of diagnostic and
    therapeutic procedures or in the form of an allergic reaction to food or
    Medical allergens. At the same time, almost always in the urethra
    Conditional pathogenic microorganisms are activated (for example, staphylococci), which
    Support inflammatory process.

    Acute norienry urethritis

    Types of urethritis
    The incubation period of the gonorrhea (time from the moment of infection to the first signs of the disease) lasts from one day to 2-3 weeks, usually 3-5
    Days. Then cutting pain appear when
    urination, urges for frequent urination, abundant purulent discharge from
    Ureyeing Canal. If this urethritis does not treat, then approximately
    After a week, all the symptoms weaken and
    Gonorrhea gradually goes into
    Chronic flow. Chronic
    Honory urethritis most often flows asymptomatic.

    Acute neonorem urethritis

    Acute non-negone urethritis caused by various
    reasons proceeding with the same
    Symptoms, distinguishing only the severity of inflammation. Appear
    Pain, burning or itching at the beginning of urination, separation from the outer opening
    Ureye channel, redness and swelling in this area. IN
    Further, all these signs decrease, the separated becomes insignificant
    or stops. Usually men due to the fact that they have a longer and narrow
    Urethra, earlier and more acutely felt the appearance of symptoms of urethritis. In women,
    The symptoms of urethrites are less pronounced and can remain unnoticed.

    With prolonged urethritis, the inflammatory process can
    spread to the whole urethra and even on the bladder neck.

    Chronic urethritis

    Chronic urethritis occurs with incorrect or
    insufficient treatment of acute urethritis. At the same time in 2-3 weeks from the beginning
    Diseases of the extraction of urethra become scarce or there are no, pain and itching also decrease. Flow
    Diseases are sluggish, with periodic exacerbations that arise on the background
    provoking factors (alcohol, sexual excitation, supercooling, etc.).
    At this time, various complications are more often disturbed by various complications.

    Complications and Digosis of Uretrit

    With uretrite, complications are possible from the urogenital
    Systems and from other organs and systems. Complications from side
    GOOD SYSTEM - Prostatitis (inflammation of prostate gland), epididimitis
    (inflammation of the appendages of the testicles), persistent narrowing (stricture) of urethra. From side
    Other organs and systems are possible lesions of the skin, mucous membranes, eyes,
    Joints and T.D.

    First of all, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the disease, then
    there is something called. For this, laboratory diagnostics are carried out - apply
    microscopic examination of the selection (the pathogen of the disease is detected and
    His sensitivity to antibiotics). Sometimes urestroscopy is carried out to clarify the diagnosis
    - The urethra is considered using a special device -

    How to treat urethritis

    Uretritis is treated only after examination, establishment
    The causative agent of the disease and its sensitivity to antibacterial
    Medicinal preparations. All types of independent treatments must be
    Fully excluded.

    Patients are assigned abundant drink, which contributes
    Wash out infection from the body, diet with the exception of sharp and salty dishes.

    Based on laboratory studies with a patient urethritis
    prescribe antibacterial therapy, with the choice of the drug, its dose and
    The duration of treatment depends on gravity
    Diseases and its stage.

    Chronic urethritis
    It is difficult to treat. Therefore, such
    The patient is prescribed by a conjunction (strengthening immunity) treatment and
    Local procedures in the form of washing with solutions of antiseptics and
    (infusion) in the urethra of drugs. If
    developed a resistant narrowing
    (Stricks), then conduct its gradual expansion with
    Special Buzhi.

    To avoid the disease, it is necessary to avoid
    indiscriminate sex contacts and comply with personal hygiene rules.

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