Stockings, and then cystitis!


  • What lies behind the word "cystitis"
  • The manifestations of cystitis
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  • What lies behind the word "cystitis"

    Stockings, and then cystitis!Cystitis predominantly affects women, andregardless of age. This is due to the structural features of the female urogenital system. Acute cystitis occurs under the influence of hypothermia or due to the presence of the infection in the body under reduced immunity, or subject to difficulties urinary outflow (eg, sedentary lifestyle) or for any other reason. Moreover, if the acute cystitis has not been properly disinfected, it becomes chronic and acute during each "transition" season.

    The manifestations of cystitis

    Symptoms of cystitis - is primarily a frequent andpainful urination, burning sensation in the area of ​​the external urinary organs, pain and cramps in the lower abdomen, urine in small portions. Also cystitis is characterized by muddy color and odor of urine and sometimes blood in the urine at the end of urination. It is also possible increase in body temperature.

    Diagnosis and treatment of cystitis should conductqualified specialist. Before treatment, the doctor will prescribe you a full inspection, with the obligatory inclusion of a general analysis of urine, and bacteriological urine culture to identify infectious agent.

    Complex for cystitis treatment measures

    Once you diagnosed cystitis,you must perform a number of common objectives in this case, the recommendations: to comply with bed rest, in any case, not supercool, a special diet (with the exception of fatty and spicy foods, the prevalence in the diet of fresh vegetables and drinking plenty of fluids), and the implementation of doctor's appointments for medical treatment of disease.


    Stockings, and then cystitis!As the treatment of cystitis doctor prescribes a courseantibiotic in combination with herbal remedies, able to increase the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy and to accelerate recovery. Currently, in medical practice is well established on the level of its efficacy and good tolerability Kanefron H company "Bionorica". The drug has existed since 1934 and has proven efficacy and safety.

    Such therapy can as soon as possible to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms and feel healthy again.

    Kanefron N - natural plantdrug consisting of three plant extracts: centaury, lovage and rosemary. Kanefron H - a modern drug that is produced by the technology using a unique phytoneering concept. Kanefron H has a complex pharmacological effects, meeting all the requirements for pathogenetic therapy cystitis, ie anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, antispasmodic.

    In combination with antibiotics in the acute phasedisease Kanefron H enhances the effectiveness of antibiotic therapy and accelerate patient recovery, and long-term follow-H reception kanefron after removal of acute symptoms, reduces the risk of recurrent symptoms of cystitis.

    Take care of your health!

    Take care of your immunity, notsupercool. With sedentary lifestyle, try each hour to warm up at least 5-10 minutes. Attend regular toilet at the slightest wish, even if you can be patient, stagnation of urine is extremely undesirable.

    Kanefron H can be used for prophylaxiscystitis disease, reducing the risk of recurrent acute cystitis. Prophylactic administration in the autumn and winter periods will significantly reduce the risk of exacerbations of the disease (cystitis).

    The product is very easy to use: it comes in two forms - pills and solution. Standard dosage for adults - 2 tablets or 50 drops three times a day. school-age children is recommended by 25 drops or 1 tablet 3 times a day; preschool children from 1 year to 5 years - 15 drops 3 times a day; infants - 10 drops 3 times a day.

    Kanefron N released from pharmacies without a prescription, but do not forget that before receiving the drug you should consult with your doctor and read the instructions.

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