7 reasons to call a child «Emergency»


7 reasons to call a child & laquo; essential & raquo;Your child has a stomach, suddenly the temperature rose or vomiting.... What to do? Try to cope with the situation yourself or still dial «03» And call the brigade «Ambulance»?

Cases of in vain concerns of parents are not as rarely found in the practice of doctors «Ambulance», and often the problem can be solved without a call «Emergencies». But, as they say, the eyes of the eyes are great, and the parent fear — They are just huge. When a small child is sick, mothers and dads, and even more graders and grandfathers are difficult to think soberly.

On the other hand, there are situations where the life of the child actually depends on the speed of the reaction of parents. When the minutes of delay can be destructive, and only professional medical care is able to prevent the development of severe complications, and sometimes the death of the kid. When the need to call «Emergencies» should not be in doubt among parents? So, the most frequent disturbing symptoms.

one. Acute abdominal pain

Strong abdominal pain, forcing the child to cry, dear, take a forced pose with the legs, the poverty of the skin and lips, the appearance of vomiting and / or diarrhea, possibly with blood admissions — this is a reason for immediate call «Emergencies».

Probable causes of these symptoms: Internal injuries and diseases of internal organs, for example, acute appendicitis, peritonitis, pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction, acute poisoning or intestinal infections.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Put the baby in bed, attach a bubble with ice or cold water bubble to the stomach.

It is forbidden rinse the stomach, put the enema, give painkillers, apply warming compresses — This will increase the risk of complications and makes it difficult to diagnose.

2. Strong vomit

An indispensable vomiting with diarrhea or without, accompanying abdominal pain or high temperature, or arising insulated, may be a sign of many dangerous diseases. A particularly alarm of parents should cause vomit mass containing blood, a large amount of mucus having a rotten smell and green.

Probable causes of symptoms: Intestinal infections and acute poisoning, including drugs or products with botulinum toxin, acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, including appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, diseases of the central nervous system, brain injury.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Put the baby on the side, slightly raising the head end of the bed, it will prevent the cast of vomit in the respiratory tract.

It is forbidden Put and feed a child, give him antiemetic anesthetics.

3. Heat

Call brigade «Ambulance» It is necessary if the child has a temperature above 39 0C and it does not give in to the treatment of antipyretic drugs. If the temperature holds on high numbers for more than 2 days — This is a reason for concern.

Children easily carry high temperatures, but fever above 39 0With the development of convulsive syndrome. Breast «Ambulance» Recommend to call at a temperature of 38-38.5 0WITH.

Probable causes of fever: Acute respiratory infections, thermal blow, acute poisoning toxic substances, acute inflammatory diseases of internal organs.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Abundant drink, cold compresses on the head, wiping with a towel, moistened in cool water, cool baths, antipyretic preparations based on paracetamol.

It is forbidden to cover the baby with a blanket, even if it is illuminated, drink it with hot drinks, wipe with alcohol or vodka.

4. Black chair or blend of blood in feces

Cal child acquires black due to oxidized hemoglobin, such a symptom — Sign of gastrointestinal bleeding. Remember whether you were given to the child beets, activated carbon, bismuth or iron preparations, delicacy with a large content of food dyes. If not — Call «Ambulance».

Probable causes of symptoms: ulcerative bleeding, dysentery, damage disease.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Create a child rest by putting it in bed.

It is forbidden put the enema, feed, give medicine.

five. Lack of urine, lip dryness and language

These symptoms, like the thirst, the ware of the eyes and the springs, crying «without tears» are signs of severe dehydration, life-threatening child, since accompanied by the body poisoning toxic products of metabolism, changes in the internal organs.

Probable reasons: Insufficient fluid flow into the body, for example, refusal to drink with sore throats or loss of fluid as a result of the incessant vomiting and frequent liquid stool.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

It is necessary to eat a child with clean water or a special solution prepared at the calculation of half a teaspoon of cook salt, 1 teaspoon of drinking soda and 5-8 teaspoons of sugar. Fluid to give 1 teaspoon every 2-3 minutes so as not to provoke vomit. To replenish the loss of fluid to the kid to two years, it is enough 50-100 ml of water after each intestinal emptying, a older child — 150-200 ml of water.

6. Lubricated hoarse breath

7 reasons to call a child & laquo; essential & raquo;If the child breathes hard, he has a shortness of breath and shine lips, you need to call a brigade «Ambulance».

Probable reasons: False croup, diphteria, asthmatic attack, lung inflammation, swelling quinque.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Give your baby to breathe warm steam by opening a hot water faucet in the bathroom. Troubles the child is convenient, giving an elevated position, open the windows and provide the influx of fresh air. To drink with warm tea, subject to the absence of a foreign body in the larynx.

7. Strange behavior

Dusty aggression, drowsiness, inhibition, confusion of consciousness, the appearance of convulsion should be a reason for the call «Emergencies». Strange, the unusual behavior of the child should alert parents, but if the child went to bed and it is impossible to wake up — This is a special reason for concern.

Probable reasons: Head and brain injuries, psychotropic poisoning, encephalitis, meningitis, coma.

First aid before the doctor's arrival

Do not feed and not to eat a child, put in bed and ensure full peace.

We hope our advice will help you in a critical situation.

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