The narrowing of the urethra: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment


  • What causes narrowing of the urethra
  • How to recognize a narrowing of the urethra
  • How to get rid of the narrowing of the urethra

  • What causes narrowing of the urethra

    The narrowing of the urethra: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatmentDepending on the degree of narrowing may be moreor less severe difficulty urinating, and in extreme cases - urinary retention. Along with the changes in the bladder, can also later kidney damage.

    There are congenital and acquired narrowingurethra. With a fairly rare congenital narrowing of the urethra, the question is, as a rule, on the valves and narrowing in the distal urethra, but may be affected and the external opening of the urethra.

    Prior to the use of antibiotics in the treatmentgonorrhea (gonorrhea), about 70% of all acquired strictures are complications of this disease. Today, this form of the disease is less common in older men sometimes after local treatment of inflammation or after inadequate treatment of gonorrhea.
    Acquired strictures may also occurdue to deterioration of the urethra, such as hitting a bicycle frame, resulting instrumental investigations urethra, prolonged use of catheters or chronic inflammation.

    How to recognize a narrowing of the urethra

    In the process of scarring gradually jeturine becomes thinner, changing (rotating), and in the final stage - Threaded or goes for a drop. In the end, it might happen complete urinary retention - is an extreme situation in urology, requiring immediate intervention.

    First presumptive diagnosis is made onTypical symptoms and observation jet of urine. On the subsequent urofluometrii (measurement of urine flow) revealed the typical shape of the curve - the plateau, a long time urination. Finally, x-ray to determine the location, length and degree of narrowing. Instrumental studies have not been conducted for diagnosis.

    How to get rid of the narrowing of the urethra

    Selection of surgical treatment depends on the length of the narrowing and, in some cases, from the preceding treatment.
    In short strictures and without priortreating the most effective method is the so-called urethrotomy intern (internal section of the urethra) under direct vision. Staying in the hospital - about 5 days. When lengthened and recurrent narrowing required open surgery.
    Well established such surgicalmethods as plastic closure via the penis skin or foreskin, as well as parts of the mucosa. Depending of the applied method of hospital stay lasts 12 to 18 days.
    Also, depending on the method of operation,within a few days is necessary removal of urine through the catheter in the urethra or through tsistostomu. In the case of acute urinary retention, as a means of emergency aid - the imposition of cystostomy.

    New restriction (relapse) occurs in 50% of cases. Therefore, particularly during the first twelve months after the surgery, it is important to observe the changes in urine stream.

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